Amita Ka Amit 9th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 9th July 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 9th July 2013 Written Update

She takes Antara’s name. He wonders when she dint ask him anything then why was the need to think all this. And if I had told you then you would have thought that relations don’t matter to me that is why I was helping her for divorce. Ammu shouts back asking what it matters to you. He says because we are married. I don’t want to lose you. She asks why. He shouts back – BECAUSE I LOVE YOU!! He looks around at all the people who have gathered and tells them to go away. She is my wife! Ammu asks if he couldn’t tell earlier. He reminds her that she dint give him any chance to do so. She also tells him that she was angry with him. He asks for reason. She too shouts back BECAUSE I LOVE YOU TOO (finally our wait is over…the lovebirds have confessed it ). Everyone around them claps while

they get in to an eye lock smiling at each other happily. ammu too looks around at everyone a bit pissed off. He is my husband! She turns to speak to him now. I love you but you are very bad. My mummy papa dint gave me the values to openly acknowledge my love (lol who does that btw? :O ). Do you even realise what I would have felt when you used to keep on talking about going to US? Whenever you used to look at me or touch me, the world used to stop then and there for me itself. And you are mad enough not to understand any of it. Batuk Sanjay and Jigna too reach there and watch them from above happily. amit tries to speak but she cuts him off. Have you ever thought what I would be feeling? Did you ever ask me once – Amita, will you come along with me? (well…he wanted to but then you dint give him a chance….we, the audience are a witness to your wifey tantrums!) And now when I was returning home I was seeing you everywhere. Now I am unable to fathom where this is a dream or reality. I just cannot make out the difference.

Amit repeats that he loves her. Before you came in my life there was only profit or loss but after you came I realised that there is someone more important in my life than all that. When I met you that is when I realised how tough it is to stay away from someone you love. I understood what love is after I married you. Today when you made that announcement I wasn’t embarrassed for a second. Instead I was screaming on top of my lungs to everyone that this is my wife…whom I love…a lot (awww….best dialogue till date. He scores all the brownie points for this one <3 ). She asks for real (he he he you need more proof dear that too from Amit Shah? ). Amit nods in a yes. They both smile at each other. They share a long eye lock with everyone around them clapping for them. Batuk teases them from above. Should we call the priest to get you married again? (awww dost ho to aisa ). Ammu gets shy while Amit tells his fatty (friend) to keep quiet. Sanjay sweetly rebukes Batuk to have ruined the fun. The incharge shares his happiness on breaking the rules (anything for love right…this is a decades old tradition ). Batuk tells them to come along. The incharge tells them to leave the luggage for he will deliver it to their home (how sweet…I too want an airport confession ). Ammu and Amit smile at each other basking in their new found love. In the car, Amit and Amita are sitting in the backseat. They come more close because of the potholes. They both keep stealing shy glances at each other. Batuk shares his happiness (at the price of cheese sandwich)….I cannot believe it. (Are best friends always insane or mine is just one out of hundred like him? <3 ). Jigna too is unable to believe it. Now Batuk tells about the mrp of cheese sandwich at the airport. Sanjay teases him again. You are thinking about sandwiches when we should be concentrating on this love story. Batuk explains…he bought the sandwich for celebration purposes only (and eating it all alone right? ). Sanjay gets a call from Preeti. he hands over the phone to Ammu. Preeti shares the good news with her. I and Sanjay are getting married the following week at my maternal grandmother’s home at Nainital. Ammu is elated and shares the news with everyone. Preeti reminds her that she and Amit have to come for sure. Ammu replies all shy. Preeti teases her. Did you hug him? ammu reacts to it which doesn't go unnoticed by Amit. What is Preeti saying? Ammu hands over the phone to Jigna. She doesn't reply to Amit even though he asks again but our shy Ammu keeps fumbling. Amit puts his hand across her shoulder. She looks at him surprised then slowly smiles at him. Fallu is trying Ammu’s number. She is super worried as she is not getting any revert from her. everyone has gathered in the hall. Tina adds fuel to the fire. Times have changed today. Even Rohan’s dad used to be away on business trips too but I never used to go to my home (in hindi there is a saying….kundli maar ke baithna…you are of that kind, how and why will you go ). Ammu left before Amit. Ria speaks up now. I feel there is some problem between them that's why. Tina supports her. A wife comes to her in-laws home only because of her hubby (now when he has left then what's the point staying). fallu tells her to think before speaking something. Tina stays adamant. I too don't want any of it to happen but what if its true? No one knows why she left. Kirath supports Ammu. There must be something for sure otherwise she is a very intelligent girl. tina cuts him off (how rude do you not know when 2 elders are speaking one shouldn’t interfere :/ ). I am sorry but I don't agree to it. If she was intelligent then she would have been here at Shah House right now. Right then (get ready for some action guys), Ria notices Ammu coming. She gasps and everyone else looks at her direction. Tina, Ria and Rohan are shocked while Ammu keeps looking at them confidently (way to go gal its time to give them back rightly). Tina asks her if she forgot anything (she lives in the same house to remind you :X ). Ammu replies (very aptly bravo!) left my family behind. Tina doesn't like her answer. Everyone notices Amit coming back with luggage. Fallu is super elated to see her son while everyone else looks at him with mixed emotions of anger, confusion and wonder. Fallu hugs him happily. rohan asks him if he missed hi flight. You will get the next one day after tomorrow only. Let me speak to my agent (who asked to speak up btw :O ). Amit stops him. I dint miss it. I have decided not to go to US. Kirath reprimands him. You are not a kid anymore that you will keep changing your decisions time and again. Rohan tells him not to be angry on Amit. He has recently married so wouldn’t be feeling like going alone. He is not businesslike like you and me (why you asking for troubles for yourself. Anyways, you deserve it…have fun ). kirath again charges on him. I did ask him everything before going to US. Whether he wishes to take Ammu along or whether he even wants to go or not. amit tries to say something but his dad cuts him off. The world wont move according to you. Meanwhile, Ammu brings the lappy to show them something. Tina asks her about it. She tells them to look at it first. Rohan bhaiya you must sit. Rohan is puzzled. She explains when I will show the video then you wouldn’t be able to stand properly. Its better if you sit. She plays the video recording where Rohan says (to that fake client sent by Atul) that he owns WI. They all look at it in shock as Rohan is peaking against Shah Stocks and Traders and of Amit Shah. Everyone watches it in disbelief. Kirath asks for an explanation. Fallu asks him if he still need any other proof to not trust Ammu. She asks Tina about it. Tina fakes being angry with Rohan and goes to slap him hard. Everyone is taken aback. She reprimands him for doing all this. I am ashamed to even call you my son. Why did I not trust Ammu before? Seek forgiveness from Kirath bhai and go out of this home. Even though you are not worth it but still you must ask for it. Ria looks at Tina questioningly. Tina signals her something. Rohan folds his hands in front of his kaka (crocodile tears huh). I went blind in my quest for money. Please forgive me. kirath isn't able to understand any of it. Why did you do all this? I surely made you CEO in place of Amit but after me only Amit will take over everything. I am not saying this because he is my son but because I can see that he is much better and deserving than you (how come you had a change of heart all of a sudden? :O ). I did get entangled in your scheme for some time. I thought that AMit has become careless but the diamond doesn't lose its quality even after being engulfed in dust. I will hand you over to the police for your crime. He starts to dial but Ammu stops him. Listen to me please don't do it. You only taught me how tough it is to bind a family together. If you send him to jail today then this family will break. Plus he wont be bearing the punishment all alone. His whole family will suffer along with him. He did what he had to but now he has accepted his mistake. Amit looks at her proudly and she smiles back at him. He too supports Ammu. It is my fault maybe I dint give Rohan a chance to advance. We already made one mistake by turning ourselves as strangers to him but shouldn’t commit another by sending him to jail. Don't make him a stranger for real. Fallu looks at him proudly. Rohan comes to him. My brother you proved today how big your heart is. Please forgive me. read full updates with pictures only at They share an emotional hug (well minus the crocodile tears man). Amit wipes his brother’s tears. Tina is upset. Kirath bhai you keep doing favours on everyone then please do one favour to me too. Tell him (Rohan) to go away from her. fallu tells her to calm down. This house has 2 sons. If either leaves, this house will break. Rohan too is like a son to me and a mother forgives all the mistakes committed by her son. Baa and Nani tell Kirath to agree to forgive Rohan. Amit and Amita too insist. He agrees. If you all want this only then I have forgiven Rohan. He thanks him profusely. I will take Shah Stocks and Traders to new heights now. kirath stops him. I haven’t finished yet. You can stay in this home but you wont have any connection with SS&T (wonderful, he doesn't know how to earn using his mind ab tera kya hoga kalia alias Rohan ). Everyone is super shocked with his decision. You will stay away from my company and my business. Amit tries to interfere but Krath stays put. I have taken the decision already. He apologises to Amit for not trusting him. can I tell you one thing? when you were going to US then I was the one who was most hurt with your decision. They share an emotional hug (cute  ). Fallu commends Ammu. I knew there was only one person who can bring my son home. Its my daughter-in-law. Ammu hugs her happily. tina watches pissed off. Baa comments if they are done with all this hugging then should we have food? Amit winks at Ammu (WHAT…LEMME CHECK MY EYES AGAIN <3). Ammu is all shy. They proceed to have food. Precap: Amit is standing behind Fallu and signals to Ammu towards his watch. She openly asks him what happened (omg I fell out of my chair like Amit ). Fallu asks him if he needs anything. He denies. I was only saying….. Amita speaks up. Don’t know mummy ji. He was signalling towards the watch. Is it not working anymore? (wow…amazing precap…poor Amit ).

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