Amita Ka Amit 8th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Amita Ka Amit 8th October 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 8th October 2013 Written Update

Batuk and his wife come to Amit’s house with their baby. Amit’s mother tells them that Amit is in his room. Batuk and his wife come to Amit’s room, and it’s all very dark there. Amit is sleeping on a chair, keeping his head on a table. Batuk opens the curtains and Amit wakes up as sunshine comes on his face. Batuk asks him, what is all this? and why are you not picking up my calls? Amit says, I told you na.. I am busy with office work.. yesterday I had too much work and got tired, so slept on desk. Amit sees their baby and he sees Amita playing with the kids. Batuk’s baby drops Amit and Amita’s photo and Amit gets angry. He tells Batuk that he hates kids, kids are problem for everything. Batuk apologizes, but Amit tells him it’s not his fault, it’s

his baby’s fault, and asks him not to bring his baby to this home again. Batuk leaves.

Amita is shown playing and taking care of the kids at an orphanage. Father is all praising Amita. Amita then calls her house and talks with her mum. Amita’s mum is worried and angry as Amita called after too many days. Amita tells her not to worry about as she is fine. Amita’s mum says nothing is fine.. her father has stopped talking to everyone after Amita left, and her mum has stopped cooking all dishes that Amita used to like.

Amit is angry at an employee for coming late over and over. The employee says there was parents meeting at his son’s school. Amit says, if you can’t handle your kids, then drop them at a boarding school. The employee then tells Amit about a deal. Amit is not interested, but the employee has already fixed a meeting, so Amit has no choice.

At Amita’s house, Amita’s parents pray to bring Amit and Amita together again. Amita’s mother asks the God to show some miracle, so the love that used to between Amit and Amita return somehow. She says, until that doesn’t happen, she won’t eat anything. Amita’s father is shocked.

In meeting, at first, Amit doesn’t show the interest, but his partner says that this is a rare opportunity to buy such a good land for a low price. Amit eventually finalizes the deal, but there is a problem which is the orphanage where Amita is right now.

As Amita goes to sleep, she looks at her and Amit’s photo. Other hand, Amit is also remembering Amita. Next morning, Amita is busy playing and taking care of the kids. Amit is angry at his staff. Amita feeds all the kids, and Amit is eating a vada pau in his lunch. Amita checks drawings of all the kids and she is impressed. She is now going to market to buy color pencils for the kids. She goes to Father and asks him if he wants anything. Father looks upset. Amita asks him what happened. He tells her that she should go back to her house. Amita says, for her, this orphanage is her today and tomorrow as well. She asks Father if she made any mistake or any complain about her. Father says no and in fact this orphanage made a lot of progress after Amita joined. He then tells her to go the market and return before it gets dark. Amita leaves.

Amit is heading towards the orphanage. His driver asks for the direction. Amit says he doesn’t know. His driver asks him if he came here for the first time. Amit says, no. He remembers close moments that him and Amita had here before. He then tells his drive that he came for the first time. He asks his driver to ask some auto driver. Amit’s car stops beside the auto in which Amita is, but they fail to see each other.

Amit meets Father and tells him that he is new owner of this land now and this orphanage’s lease is over. He offers Father help to move everything elsewhere, but Father refuses for it. Amit says it’s better if they make decision, else he will have to get his company’s lawyer involved in this matter. He gives him his card and asks him to call him when something is decided. He also says that he is going to stay in the guesthouse here for few days. Father doesn’t take the card. Amit puts it on his desk and leaves.

Amita returns and Father tells her about all this. Amita says she will talk to the owner.

Precap: Amita and Amit come face to face.

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