Amita Ka Amit 8th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Amita Ka Amit 8th May 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 8th May 2013 Written Update

Amit rings up at Patel House. Jigna picks it up. He asks for Amita. She teases him initially but she becomes serious when she finds him tensed. She asks him the reason. He shares that he forgot his bag carrying the visa related documents there. If I don’t get the file then I wont be able to appear for the interview. I wont be able to go to the US then. He asks for Amita. She asks him to wait and tells Preeti to check too. Meanwhile the officer asks him to hurry up. Amit asks for some time.
Jigna and Preeti return empty handed. They weren’t able to find Ammu. Preeti picks up the phone this time whereas Amit again asks for Ammu. She shares with him that maybe Ammu has gone to some neighbour’s place. The phone line gets disturbed. Preeti is unable to hear him. He too goes in a corner to

be able to talk to them.
In the background, Jigna becomes excited. If he doesn’t find the bag, then he wont get the file. His interview will get cancelled thereafter. This means that he will not be able to go to America. Both friends are happy but Amit listens to their convo and becomes angry. Jigna says lets share this news with Ammu. After all her Kanha has heard her. Amit becomes angry at Ammu for doing this knowingly. The officer tells him to hurry up. He asks for some time but the officer denies. Amit becomes upset at Amita for doing this.

Someone pats him from behind. He turns and finds Ammu. He is shocked and completely frustrated. He straight away starts scolding her. You did it intentionally right. I cannot believe you can do this. I told you that we both cannot stay together. What are you trying to prove by doing this? You dint do the right thing. Ammu who was happy to come here to help him turns sad. She looks around.
Amit says if not this then I will find some other way to go. Ammu calls out to him. He angrily asks her what. She says your bag. Saying so, she brings the bag forward. Amit is taken aback by this gesture of hers. She tells him that she saw the bag at home and thought to get it for him. Amit goes speechless and the sad tone starts playing in the background. She hands the bag to him. Ammu leaves and he stands there dumbfounded.

Ammu comes back to her home. Preeti and Jigna ask her where she was. Jigna tells her how Amit forgot to take his bag. Now he wont be able to go to America.
Ammu tells them that he got it. I had gone to give that only. Both friends are taken aback and say that she herself has invited troubles for herself. Ammu tells she too wants him to stay back but I wont stop him. Till when can I hold him back by force? You only tell me will he be happy if I stop him unwillingly. Both friends wonder. She continues will he accept me? I don’t want to keep him by force. Yes we did marry but no relation can go ahead without mutual consent. If this excuse doesn’t work out then he will find some other way to go far from me. He doesn’t want to live with me and this is the reality.

At the visa office, Amit thanks the officer. He accepted his papers even though he was late. Would this create any problem in getting visa? The officer assures him that it wont and Amit thanks him. He leaves.
Amit recalls his harsh words to Amita. He feels guilty. You did it intentionally right. I cannot believe you can do this. I told you that we both cannot stay together. How she had handed over the phone to her and he becomes sad. He takes out his phone.

Ammu too is looking at her phone. Kajal, Preeti and Jigna are busy in sangeet preps. Kajal finds Ammu lost and tells her to focus on the sangeet first and Amit later. Ammu nods in agreement. Just then her phone rings. Kajal reluctantly lets her talk to him.
Amit asks her if she reached home. She replies hmmm. He says what I am asking. You must have reached by now. She makes a straight face.
He tells her that his interview went well. She is sad but fakes happiness as everyone is behind her. Wow really, it is great news. The sad tune starts playing in the background. She half heartedly asks him he must be happy now. He replies in affirmative and she becomes quiet / sad. He says I am coming to pick you up. She denies but he insists so she has no choice left. She disconnects the call sadly.

Tina and Ria are pacing in their room anxiously. Rohan enters and tells them the good news that Amit’s interview went well. He would leave for America very soon. All 3 become excited and hug each other out of happiness. Tina tells RR once he leaves for US then she will take care that he never comes back. Rohan compliments his mom for having such nice ideas. Ria says now I want to see that AMita’s expressions when Amit will leave for America. Then I will ask her if I should pack the trophy in AMit’s luggage or she will be taking it to her dad’s house. All 3 give laugh wickedly.


Kajal has called Atul from the shop so that they can practice the dance steps together. They both fight cutely over practising the steps together. Everyone smile hearing them bicker but as the fight progresses Jigna tells Ammu to sort the matters between them.
She was sitting lost but then agrees to do so. She tells Atul to go to the shop. Kajal will be ahead than you after practising. They both again get into some banter but Ammu manages to send him off. Before going Atul sweetly tells Kajal that he is going but he is leaving his heart here only. She smiles and everyone else smiles too. He leaves. Ammu, Kajal, Preeti and Jigna start practising the steps on Gal Mitthi Mitthi Bol. Just then Amit enters and watches her dancing happily. He stops right there and continues watching her. He too has a slight smile on his face and sweet whistle background music plays in.

Varsha interrupts his thoughts and asks him to come inside. Ammu stops dancing hearing his name. Kajal is happy he came. Now he and Ammu can practice the steps together. Before Amit can say anything Ammu replies that he doesn’t like dancing. Kajal insists that she has set so easy steps he can very easily learn them. Amit says of course, shall we start now?
Kajal becomes happy but Ammu denies. I am tired. We will practice when we come next time. Kajal becomes sad and Amit is taken aback with Ammu’s reaction too. Varsha agrees with Ammu. She invites everyone to have lunch together. Amit agrees. Ammu leaves followed by Varsha.

Ammu is serving food to everyone and has straight / blank expressions on her face all the while. Amit notices her mood. Amit asks her to sit, they will serve on their own. She stares at him but then looks away and continues with serving food. Dada ji insists so she sits next to Amit. Amit doesn’t like her expressions but she continues giving him silesnt treatment. (He will now understand what it is to trouble a woman )


Both take everyone’s blessings. Varsha asks Amit to come over fast so that they can help them in the wedding preps. Ammu looks at Amit. She says Amit wont be able to stay for long. He has to go preps for leaving to the US as well. I will come don’t worry.
Amit says no ma, everything is sorted almost. I too will come with her for a longer period of time.

In the car, Amit looks at Amita who is looking out of the window sitting all lost. He tries to say something to her but stops himself. Ammu too turns to look at him but then turns her face. Amit asks her if she would like to hear a song. Ammu is not interested. She tells him if he wants to he can. He asks her what he wants to hear. She still replies the same.
He tries to manage the situation. We both are in the car you don’t need to worry you can tell me the song of your liking. Amita snaps at him. I cannot understand what you want. You don’t like the songs of Wake Up Sid and rest you feel like killing the singer itself. The songs of my liking make your head ache. I’m telling you to tune your favourite song but you have problem in this too. If not this not that then what do I do? Amit is at a loss of words and looks at her startled by her reaction / outburst.


Update Credit to: pooja

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