Amita Ka Amit 8th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 8th July 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 8th July 2013 Written Update

Atul’s car gets punctured. Ammu is super worried. She starts stopping random cars for lift. Atul speaks against it saying its not safe. She cannot think of anything as reaching airport on time is very important.

A flight is shown taking off from the airport (a random flight). Amit is just entering the airport. He keeps looking back for Amita (such an expressions I tell you 🙁 ).

Antara is also trying to stop some taxi to reach the airport. She finally stops one by standing in front of it.

Ammu finds all the autos empty. She wonders how come all are minus their drivers all of a sudden.

Sanjay’s car is stopped by the traffic policeman. They entered in one way road. They ask the traffic guy to let them off but in vain.

Antara looks at a pic of Amit and

Amita together (of their sangeet I guess). She reads something which is written behind it and is troubled. She notices Ammu standing on the road, cross checks with the pic and tells the taxi driver to stop in front of that girl. Ammu sits in the front without noticing Antara who greets her. ammu is taken aback but soon her expressions turn to anger.

Amit is sadly sitting at the airport. An airhostess comes telling him the gate no. from which his flight will be boarding. He thanks her.

Ammu gets down from the taxi angrily while Antara follows her. Listen to me once. Ammu shouts back. You ruined my life now what is left to listen? Antara begs for her 5 minutes. ammu is pissed off. What do you want now? antara shouts – there is nothing between me and Amit. Ammu is surprised but doesn’t believe her. You are joking right. Aren’t you ashamed? What do you, a girl who has come from America; think that about an Indian girl that she is too naive to understand any of your tricks? Do you think that you will snatch my hubby from me and I will know nothing about it? I know everything. I know all your lies, the calls that you two used to exchange at nights, everything. Would be singing brother-sister songs at night? (lol….sorry for laughing at such a serious point but the dialogue is simply too good to resist a smile 😛 ). I have also seen you both going to the divorce attorney’s office.
Antara cannot take it anymore. It is true that we went to the divorce office but it was about me and Sanjay. Amit only helped me! ammu is shocked (yo yo…its wrong to have a one-sided opinion). Antara tells her everything. Sanjay and I entered into a contract marriage in US to obtain the green card. Our relation was only based on paper. Amit only helped us in getting divorce. He is a very nice guy and a good friend. It is very tough to find such people. We hid this only because you are a very good friend of Preeti. ammu is taken aback. Say that you are lying. Antara denies lying. If I would then why would Amit give this to me? She shows the very same pic to Ammu. Ammu looks at it tearfully and reads – Enjoy India – From Amit & Amita. antara is confused. If he loves you so much then why is he going to US leaving you behind? I got to know your misunderstanding today after getting a call from Preeti. just then Sanjay calls Antara. She hands over the phone to Ammu.

Sanjay tells her to stop Amit from going to US anyhow. Ammu tries to control her tears. I made a very big mistake. He tells her to rectify it by stopping him somehow.

She asks Antara if she can take the taxi. Antara nods back. Ammu goes to the taxi but comes back to Antara. She apologizes to her by hugging her. antara wishes her luck. Ammu comments that US girls aren’t that bad. They both smile and Ammu rushes off.

Amit notices a couple sitting next to him. He looks around and finds all the more couples happy being together. He gets sad. He sees himself and Ammu in the couple next seated to him. They (that couple) both get into an argument about so carrying so much luggage. Ammu comments that there are so many places to see in US and she must look beautiful. He replies that it is equal to my weight. Plus you need not look beautiful; your smile is more than enough. Amit smiles at the couple. The guy asks him what he is looking at. Amit looks away sadly.
Amit’s flight has been announced. He gets up to go reluctantly.

Ammu is on her way. She recalls various incidents where she had hurt him because of her misunderstanding. How he had tried to tell her indirectly that he wishes to stay back and why isn’t she stopping him; his new changed look for him; how he had set the terrace romantically for their dinner; he trying to back hug her and how she had asked to be free from this relation. She is crying silently thinking how much she hurt him. She tells the driver to drive fast. They get stuck into traffic while Amit is shown heading towards the boarding. He smiles at the small kids while going.

Ammu reaches the airport (finally yayy yayy…jumping with excitement 🙂 ). The police inspector tries to stop him. She tries to reason with him. The ticket is with my husband. She then shouts back that I don’t have any ticket. She runs inside breaking the security. The inspector finally catches her. She tries to resist but the lady constable brings her to the airport incharge.

She tells him that she wants to stop someone. The guy turns out to be a Gujarati. No one can cheat Hemal or Hemant Patel (dint get the name and even Shakespeare said…what’s there in a name 😉 ). She too speaks to him in Gujarati. It is very important for me to stop my hubby. His name is Amit Shah. I have to give him a very important thing without which he cannot go. Please let me go. We both are Gujarati’s. He tells her to give it to him for he cannot send her inside like this. She gets tearful. It isn’t a thing. It is me who he is leaving behind (awww <3). Please let me go sir. She looks at him pleadingly. If he goes then…. The incharge gets up and announces on the speaker – Mr. Amit Shah who is going to board a flight to US we have a message for you. -Break- Ammu says amit, Amita here – your Amita; your stupid, naive Ammu who couldn’t understand that you don't want to go leaving me behind. I know I am bad, I trouble you and fight with you a lot. I also speak bitterly with you but wont trouble you anymore I promise. I will become a good girl now. I wont trouble you or change tv channel while you are watching sports or news (how adorable <3). I wont even force you to listen to DDLJ songs anymore but please don't go….for me! Please! She cries while all the audience (mostly couples) who is listening embrace each other lovingly. The incharge is overwhelmed too. Who wouldn’t want to go after listening to this? Wait right here. His landline phone rings. He shares with Ammu how there were 2 flights to head to US. Amit was in the one which left sometime back. Ammu is hearbroken. She is coming out from the airport tearfully. She looks around and dreams of seeing Amit everywhere. She wonders what has happened to her. You have lost your mind! -Break- AWWW…..TOO GOOD SCENE…MUST WATCH FOR ALL AKA LOVERS 🙂 Ammu sees Amit again and he too notices her. She still thinks that she is dreaming and gets up on the escalator while Amit keeps calling to her. She reprimands herself you have definitely lost your mind. Earlier you just used to see him now you can even hear him. amit tries to stop her. If you wanted to ignore me only then why you made that announcement (rofl…poor Amit). Ammu cannot believe it. You are here? (And Amit answered just what I would 😛 ). He comments you are weird. You made that announcement and I got off that flight wasting all the money of the ticket (Amit Shah he is B) ) and now you are not even recognising me (m running short of words 😀 ). Ammu replies (from upstairs :O ). Don't worry about the money I have got an FD and mutual fund (seriously??). amit nods his head unbelievably. She realises and stops…why should I? The flight took off before the announcement then (she smiles) you dint board it? Amit looks away. I did but then I got down. She asks him why he did all this drama if he dint want to go. He retorts. You made that filmy announcement what could I do? There was a small kid sitting next to me whose name was Amit too. He was crying while his mother comforted him saying, don't worry son that announcement wasn’t for you. It was good that no one knew that it was for me, Amit Shah (as if the audience around you doesn't know now 😛 ). She stands in front of him now. If you are so embarrassed of me then why did you stop? He comments that as I have got habitual to getting embarrassed because of you. You are troubling me since days. She rues what could she do. You buy clothes for a girl, pay bills for her and go with her to the attorney’s office too. He realises….were you spying on me? She says she has every right to do so being his wife. He asks her if she doesn't trust him. she goes quiet. I thought that I am not good enough for you (eye lock). He wonders when she dint ask him anything then why was the need to think all this. She takes Antara’s name. And what does it matter to you? He says because we are married. I don't want to lose you. She asks why. He shouts back (hold your breath) – BECAUSE I LOVE YOU!! Precap: Ammu asks if he couldn’t tall earlier. He reminds her that she dint give him any chance to do so. She also tells him that she was angry with him. he asks for reason. she too shouts back 0 BECAUSE I LOVE YOU TOO (finally our wait is over…the lovebirds have confessed it 🙂 ). Everyone around them claps while they get in to an eye lock smiling at each other happily.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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