Amita Ka Amit 8th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 8th February 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 8th February 2013 Written Update

Before Amita’s parents call to give their answer, they ask Amita if she really likes Amit. Amita asks her parents how did they like Amit. Amita’s mother says that she liked him. Her father tells her not to go on their choice, but ask herself if she liked him. Amita doesn’t say anything. Her father then asks her whether he should say no. Amita still doesn’t answer and hugs her mother. Her parents understand that means no and her father leaves to make a phone call.

After he leaves, Amita tells her mother how Amit had issues with everything.. her phonebills… her talks, her photo. She says, if I found him strange in 30 mins, then how would I live my entire life with him? Her mother tells her, its okay… your father will say no.

Amita’s father’s father tells him

that sometimes parents have to make a decision for their children. He tells his father, I let you take all the decisions for me, but now I feel that if I had taken some decision by myself, then it would had been better. His father tells him, if I didn’t do your admission in commerce, then you would had kept failing in science.. and would have married to that girl Hetal and had gone to live to her house. Amita’s father says, I am not saying that your decisions were wrong.. you did what you thought is good for your child. I am doing what I think is right for my daughter. He leaves.

Amita’s nani is thinking of an excuse to say no for Amita. In that Amit’s mother comes there and asks her, you still haven’t called? Call fast and make sure you don’t give any false hope to them. She assures her that Amita will find a nice guy just like her, but for that they can’t force Amit. Amit’s mother leaves and nani receives call from Hemant (Amita’s father).

Shashikala (Amita’s nani) says, I was about to call you. Before Hemant says anything, nani says, I am sorry.. Amita is a very nice girl, but not like what Amit is searching for. She says, Amita will find a rishta in a very good house… and you know all this in God’s hand. Heman says, I know. Nani says, please apologize to your father on my behalf. She disconnects.

Hemant is in a shock, and his father comes there and asks him, you said no for the rishta right? Weren’t you ashamed of doing this? He leaves in anger. Amita’s mother now asks Hemant what happened. Hemant tells her, before I could say no.. they said no. Amit doesn’t like Amita. They refused. Amita’s parents are in a shock and sad. Varsha (Amita’s mother) says, our Amita didn’t like him either. Hemant urges her not to tell anything to Amita else she would feel bad. They wonder what to do next.

At Amit’s house, everyone’s at dining table and discussing about Amit and Amita’s rishta. They seem to be happy as rishta got cancelled. They say so what.. Amit didn’t like the girl so they said no. Right then, Amit’s nani receives a phone call. After the phone call, Nani tells everyone that one of Amit’s friends is coming from London tomorrow to find a girl for him. Amit’s dadi gets mad and says, Amit is not finding girl for himself and now he will help his friend. Amit leaves telling nani to be ready for tomorrow. Nani then tells Dadi, in doing his friend’s rishta.. they may find girl for Amit. Dadi is happy now.

Amita asks Hemant if he called and said no. She is very worried thinking how bad they must have felt and dadu would be so mad with her. Her dad tells her not to worry and he will find a prince charming for her. They hug.

In Hemant’s room. He’s angry for some reason. Amita’s mother says to her, you’re mad because you hid truth from bapuji right? Let’s go and tell him the truth that Amit refused for the rishta. Hemant says, I am mad for that reason already, but I am not able to figure it out why did Amit say no. What is missing in Amita? Varsha (Amita’s mother) ignores the question. Hemant asks her, do you think Amita is right on her place? Varsha says no. Hemant then asks her, if you think she’s wrong, then tell me what’s going on in your mind? Varsha says, Amita said no for Amit, then what kind of guy she wants? Filmy hero? or guys whose photos are in magazine? or raj kumar of the stories that you’ve been telling to her since childhood? She says, bapuji may be adding extra stuff.. but he’s not wrong. Type of guy that Amita wants and is in her mind.. doesn’t exist in real world.. She puts her hand on Hemant’s shoulder and continues, at least not for our Amita. Hemant takes her hand off and asks, you mean that we should stop dreaming? Varsha says, no.. we should tell her to make her real life beautiful instead of dreaming. Our daughter is world’s most beautiful girl. But for others, she’s just a normal girl. Just like how she wants Raj Kumar (kings).. Raj kumars also wants queens for them. And our Amita is not like that.. we have to lower our expectations. Hemant says, even I know there’s a big gap in reality and dreams, but that doesn’t mean that we fix our Amita’s rishta with any random guy/family. There’s a path between dream and reality.. and we will do Amita’s rishta with the guy that she likes.

Amita’s brother is talking with Kajal and he tells her, I don’t know why Amita said no for Amit. Amita comes there and hears the conversation. Seeing her, Amit disconnects the phone and asks Amita, why are you up so late? And tell me what’s the matter.. tell me what you want. Amita asks him, how do you know? He says, it’s been a minute since you came to my room and haven’t started fight yet. Amita says, yesterday I slept in baa’s room and my pillow left there.. so can you please go and bring it? I can’t sleep without my pillow. Her brother laughs and asks, are you a kid that you can’t sleep without pillow? Amita says, yes.. I am. He says, go and get yourself. Amita says, but bapuji will be there too. (By the way, tone wasn’t serious here.. it was friendly chat).

Her brother makes her sit and says, I will bring it. While he’s leaving, Amita asks him, whatever I did was right, right? Atul (her brother) says, you did what felt is correct.. meaning you did right thing. Amita thanks him. Atul goes to get her pillow.

Photographers have came to take photographs of Preeti (I guess she’s Amita’s friend). Preeti’s friend comes there and sees photographs of guys. Preeti tells her, mum is searching for a guy. Preeti’s friend says, we always used to talk about Amita’s rishta.. never realized our Preeti’s age is of getting married. Preeti says, mum has been asking me about searching for guys since so long, then I said fine as well. But there’s so much tension going on with Amita and that’s why I didn’t get chance to tell you. They blame themselves for everything.. they say we took photograph of wrong guy. Preeti’s friend says, but we didn’t know all this would happen. Right then Amita comes there. Preeti and her friend get surprised and hide guys photos below a pillow there.

Episode ends.

Next episode: Amita is still at Preeti’s house. She’s holding the phone and Preeti’s mum is talking to someone. The person congratulates and says that he found a perfect guy for Preeti. Preeti’s mother asks for his name? That person says, Amit Shah. Amita is shocked.

Update Credit to: Bhumi

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