Amita Ka Amit 7th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Amita Ka Amit 7th October 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 7th October 2013 Written Update

Fallu is reading Amu’s letter. Everyone is gathered in the living room. She wonders where Amu has gone at this hour. Kirath asks Amit if he tried her number. You cannot give up. Amit agrees with his dad. I will just go to find her. Rohan stops him. Do you even know where you will go to find her at this hour? Call at her parents’ house or her friends’ first. You might get to know something from there? Amit nods. Varsha picks the phone at Patel House. Amit apologizes for calling so late. Actually Amu left for someplace late at night. She says she knows as Amu is here only…with us. Amit is relived and he tells it to everyone else as well. Fallu wants to talk. Did Amu tell you why she left home at midnight without telling anyone? Do you even know how worried we were? Even Varsha is

clueless. We tried asking but she isn’t saying a thing. Fallu says forgive me, but when she wakes up tomorrow try to make her understand that she isn’t a kid anymore to act kidding. Varsha nods. Something happened? Fallu too doesn’t know. If there was indeed something then what is this that the daughter-in-law can walk out of the house at any hour of the night she feels like? Varsha agrees with her. I am ashamed for whatever Amu has done. I will surely talk to her. fallu disconnects the call. Amit asks his mom why she talked to his MIL like this. She too was worried. Fallu tells him to keep his questions for Amu who left without saying anything to anyone. Amit goes speechless.

Varsha and Hemant are sitting with Amu trying to know what has happened. She shares Fallu’s concerns and how angry she was with her. Hemant tells her to calm down. There must be something. He asks Amu nicely. Amu replies I wont go back to that house. Varsha is all the more pissed off. She is stuck on one thing only. Tell me why not. Hemant tries to talk it out. Amu shouts the problem is they are extra good. I am getting upset thinking I couldn’t even give them a small happiness….one baby! Do you know how happy they were thinking about the baby? They had woven so many dreams for the baby but everything ended because of me. Their dream shattered because of me. I feel like I am the biggest inauspicious thing for them. I feel like everything is happening because of me. They have got happiness after a long time…that too because of Riya. I don’t want to be a thorn in their happiness. I wont go back in that house. Varsha asks her if she doesn’t think she is thinking about herself only. How will Amit live without you? Have you thought about him? She tells her not to worry about Amit. He is perfectly fine. Varsha sternly tells her to stop it. A married woman has her place in her in-laws house after wedding. Amu repeats she wont go there. If you have so many problems with me staying here then I would leave but I wont go there too. Amu’s parents are shocked. Her mom tells her she will have to listen to her. I am calling Amit here. You will have to go with him. Amu is adamant. Amu heads for her room as soon as she sees Varsha trying to ring up Amit.

Varsha is not liking whatever’s happening. If the distances grow then don’t know what will happen. Only Amit can help her come out of this situation. I will call him.

Amit is not eating / drinking anything even as Fallu tries. He gets a call from Varsha who tells him Amu is still stuck over her trauma. We feel it is only you who can make her come out of this. He agrees with her….but for that I will have to be with her. She tells him to come and take Amu with him. He nods. Amu has heard the entire convo and is pissed off. Amit tells his mom he is going to get Amu. Nani wishes everything becomes like it was before. I cannot see our kids in that situation.

Amit reaches Patel House. Hemant apologizes to him on behalf of Amu. Amit tells him not to. People do something which they aren’t supposed to do in tough situations. But whatever happens, happens for good. And I too haven’t seen Amu’s feelings somewhere. Hemant and Varsha are happy with what they hear. He assures them he would help her come out of it. Varsha trusts him. Before he himself goes to get Amu I should. He is trying to find her everywhere. Amit feels shy. Varsha goes to get Amu. Hemant tells Amit they are very lucky that Amu got a husband like him. Amit says instead he considers himself lucky that he got a wife like Amu. Varsha tells them Amu isn’t home and neither is her luggage. Amit and Hemant are shocked. She tries calling Amu but the phone is off. Hemant suggests she might have gone back to Shah House for we tried to talk sense to her. amit thinks it might be a possibility so he rings at home. Fallu picks up the call. She doesn’t let him say anything but is really worried for Amu. Bring my DIL home. She has scared me like anything. Amit doesn’t tell her anything. He tells Amu’s parents Amu isn’t there.


Amu is sitting on the somewhere all alone looking all lost. She recalls Amit doubting her that she isn’t happy with Riya’s pregnancy. On the other hand, Amit and Amu’s parents are searching for Amu. Amu is walking around holding her bag aimlessly. Amu’s phone is unreachable. They all are frantically searching for Amu at every possible place. No one is able to find Amu. Varsha gets a call from Amu. Amu tells her not to try finding her. You wont find me. varsha asks her if she has lost her mind. Amu tells her to apologize to Amit on her behalf. Tell him I don’t have any complaints with him but I wont return home. I am going away from him, you, everyone and even myself. I am trying to understand whatever’s happening in my life. Varsha starts crying and tells her to come back home. Amu stays put. Don’t worry your daughter has grown up. She can take care of herself. You wont be able to contact me. Amit and Hemant are going crazy thinking why Varsha is crying. Hemant takes the phone but by then Amu has disconnected the phone.

Much to the shock of both, Varsha tells them Amu left. All 3 of them are heartbroken.


Amit gets a message from Amu. You told me I should move ahead in life….forget the past. I am doing that only. I am going away from you, mom and dad and everyone. Don’t try to find me. You wont be able to call me even. I am going far somewhere. He tries to call her but in vain. He is very sad and broken.

At Shah House, everyone is anxiously waiting for AA to return. Just then Amit walks inside. Fallu rushes to him. Where’s Amu? Amit is unable to answer anything. Everyone starts asking him the same thing. Kirath says I will call Hemant bhai now and tell him we are coming to take Amu right away. Amit declines. There is no point going there as Amu has left us and has gone some to some other place. Everyone is shocked especially Fallu. How can she just go? She must be having her phone. I will talk to her. She wont disagree to talk to me ever. I will make her understand. Amit tells her it is no use as her phone is off. She left me and all of us for forever. Maybe she will never come back. He leaves from there. Everyone is heartbroken.

Amu is in a taxi. She is having all the flashbacks of AA’s happy moments; everyone’s excitement over her baby and how they all took care of her when she was preggy; moments with her own family; Amit’s telling her their baby is no more and Tina’s worry over the fact that Amu can be a bad influence for Riya’s baby and how Amit agreed with Tina kaki. Amit’s advice that she should stay away from Riya for a few days. Amu is tearful.

Precap: Amu is walking on a road and a car is coming. She sits in an auto whereas the car stops next to it. Amit is trying to have a look at the passenger sitting inside the auto.

Update Credit to: pooja

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