Amita Ka Amit 7th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Amita Ka Amit 7th May 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 7th May 2013 Written Update

Amit and Amita enter Shah House. Amit is hiding the trophy behind him. Fallu comes and starts scolding Amita right away. Were you in such a hurry that you couldn’t wait for me. You left wearing this only? Amit tries to interrupt but Fallu cuts him off. She continues you knew Amita I had so much expectations from you. Just then Amit’s dad comes congratulating them. They have done a good job.

Fallu is taken aback. She asks him what for. For looking the most weird couple out of everyone?
He cuts her off. He negates not for that but because Amit and Amita have won the best couple award. Tina enters at that moment and goes in shock after hearing it. Even Fallu is unable to understand any of it. Both Amit and Amita smile. Fallu asks Amit to show what he is hiding in his hand. Amit finally

shows her the trophy. She smiles happily and asks so you won. Amit nods in a yes. Ammu very sweetly says yes as she had blessed them so how could they not.
Amit’s dad shares how Mr. Mehta himself called them to tell them about the good news. He was all praise for Amita and he told me that everyone present there was praising her too.
Ammu gives the credit of her win to Fallu. It wouldn’t have been possible if mummy ji wouldn’t have supported. The trophy rightly belongs to her. Fallu is all smiles.

Tina congratulates Ammu. I am very happy for both you, just like last year when RR had won. Ammu smartly says this year too her daughter-in-law has won only. Tina manages a yes while Ammu smiles happily. Fallu immediately takes out her own bangles and makes Ammu wear them. She is super happy and takes her blessings. They share a sweet hug. Fallu looks proudly towards Tina who looks lost and hurt. Ammu smiles at Amit.
Fallu tells Ammu, you must remember this is just a small step. You have much more to do. Ammu nods in agreement. She looks at Amit and both smile at each other.

Tina says it is in fact good in a way that Amit and Amita have won. I mean he would be leaving for America soon. He will have some good memories with him. Amit, do one thing take this trophy with you to the US so that you will remember you have a wife too. Everyone goes quiet hearing this. Amit replies kaki I don’t have to remind myself about my wife by looking at something. Tina is taken aback while Fallu is surprisingly happy at his reaction. Ammu looks at him with surprise. They smile at each other. Tina replies of course. Fallu is super happy and tells them that she will make mohanthaal to celebrate their win. Tina is completely pissed off to see them so happy and RR losing out.

Hemant is speaking to Amita on phone. He becomes extremely happy and excited to hear the news. He goes outside to share it with everyone. He calls out to everyone one by one and tells them that Amit and Amita have won the best couple award. Everyone becomes happy.
Atul takes the phone. Ammu, did you get the trophy from the market? She replies yes and I took money for that from your pocket only. He smiles. He tells her to congratulate Amit too from hhis behalf. His dada ji tells him not to call his jijaji by name. Atul corrects himself – give our hearty best wishes to your beloved husband. All smiles.
Next Varsha takes the phone to wish Ammu. Everyone in Shah House must be very happy. Ammu agrees with her. Varsha asks her if she can come over tomorrow as we have to do sangeet preps. Ammu replies that she will for sure. Varsha hands over the phone to Hemant.
He asks her if Amit Kumar has dropped his plan to go to America now. She tells no this means that the hope has increased. Hope that I will stop him. He smiles. Ammu says he will agree for sure (to stay back). Amit was at the doorstep and heard their convo. Ammu realises and tells Hemant that she will speak to him later. They disconnect the call and both look at each other awkwardly.

Amit comes to Ammu. He is smiling at her. She too smiles back. Amit says I could never do what you did today. She says she dint do it on her own rather they did it together.
He says we dint. You did. I dint knew when the sugar level goes low / reduces; they need to have sweet asap. Should I tell you one truth? When you were feeding her gulabjamun I thought that you will kill her by making her eat sweets. Ammu starts laughing hearing him. Amit too smiles and the happy sweet background music starts playing again in the background. Both stop smiling and then stop and then go their separate ways.

Ammu starts arranging the bed. Amit asks her if he should help her. She nods in a yes. He tells her to hold the one end of the bed sheet and you hold the other end. She nods and the sweet music again starts playing. Both look at each other while arranging it and exchange sweet smiles. They both reach the middle of the bed sheet and bump into each other. They both look the other way. Ammu thanks him for helping her. He says they should sleep now for he needs to go to visa office tomorrow. Ammu’s smile disappears. Both wish each other goodnight and Amit leaves. Ammu thinks confidently. I wont give up Amit. I will try till the very last day.

Ria is completely shaken and going crazy over losing out to Amita. Tina tries to tell her to control but no use. Ria says I felt so insulted to lose out to that fat Amita. She is crying badly. I should rather die. You know everyone was telling me that they have become fan of Amita. Amita? Someone (couldn’t hear the name) asked me if Amita would like to become the member of the club. My so called friend asked me to dress up like her. I will look good in them. I am going completely crazy.
Tina tells her its ok. Let her be happy over these small small wins. Our biggest trophy will be when Amit will leave for America. You know the lamp wavers the most when it is about to blow off. What best couple they wont remain a couple then what would be left.
Ria says she cant wait for that day. Tina tells her to wait for it will come soon.


Amit’s father is running late. He has some foreign delegates coming over. He will have to arrange meetings with them. I think I should leave. You come in another car.
Nani asks then how would Ammu go to Patel House. Amit’s father suggests Amit tpo drop her on his way to the visa office. Amit denies as he might get late. His father jokes that he would anyhow be reaching 2 hours earlier and he can manage reaching there one hour before the appointed time.
Ammu tells that she will take an auto and go by her own. Amit says he will. But don’t be late. I don’t want to miss my appointment. She nods.

Amit is impatiently looking at his watch and waiting for Ammu outside their home. She comes apologizing for being late. He tells her to sit fast. While fastening the belt, she asks him if he will come inside to meet everyone for some time. He replies that he is already getting late. He would come next time. Is it ok with her? He looks at her but she doesn’t reply anything.

Amita’s dada ji wonders that they should have come by now. Just then Kajal walks in and announces to everyone that they have finally come. Amit and Amita enter and both got to meet & greet everyone.
Dada ji says that he was asking about him only. I was wondering if he would come and drop Ammu downstairs only and leave. Kajal says he was but she took him here forcefully.
Amit interrupts no bapuji this isn’t right. Actually I too wanted to meet you. It has been so long so how could I go without meeting you? Dada ji becomes happy and Ammu too.
Jigna and Preeti enter calling out Ammu. She teases them what are they doing here again. They tells her that they couldn’t resist the yummy food that aunty cooks so came.
Amit tells Kajal to talk now about the preps. She wonders he is asking about sangeet preps. He says is he wrong in asking so? She denies that it felt different to hear it from him so she asked.
He says I cant leave Atul alone amongst all of you women. He hi fives Atul and goes to sit with him. All smile and Ammu too is happy to see him enjoying with her family.


Atul thanks Amit for coming as it is because of him that things have sorted now otherwise the ladies would have continued discussing for long and nothing would have been decided. Dada ji again tells him to address Amit Kumar as jija ji. Atul says he is right in calling him by name as he is his younger sister’s husband. Amit agrees with him. Kajal says now the men have formed one team. Now that everything else has been decided lets final the song list. Varsha asks Amit which song he will dance on. Amit starts coughing hearing this. Atul teases him saying he started coughing just by hearing about the song right. Amit tries to dismiss it. Varsha says I will get water for you. Amit stops her saying Amita will bring it for him. He tells Ammu to go. She goes to get water for him.

Ammu comes in the kitchen and recalls various instances. Amit supporting her at the Club saying one must wear what suits them. Everyone here is wearing high heels and short dresses but Ammu looks beautiful in this suit. Tina’s words to Amit do one thing take this trophy with you to the US so that you will remember you have a wife too. Amit replies kaki I don’t have to remind myself about my wife by looking at something. The sweet background song breaks in as she recalls the previous night scene of them arranging the bed sheet together.
She smiles recalling how Kajal was telling that she has dragged Amit here when he had broken impromptu saying he wanted to meet dada ji so he came. How he had stopped Varsha and told her to bring water for him. She suddenly looks at the watch and realises it is already 11am. Amit is getting late for the visa office. She goes to him and tells him the same. He replies he was leaving for that only. He bids her bye and rushes off. She looks sad.

Kajal asks her why Amit was speaking about going to America. You must stop him somehow. She replies she is trying not to stop him from going but to make him stay back with me. Rest all is in Kanha’s hands. She goes aside and her friends look at her worried for her.

Amit reaches the visa office. He asks one official which number is going on. He is allotted number 24 and then introduces himself. The officer tells him to submit the form and necessary documents right now. He goes to get it but the stops in his tracks. He realises he has left the papers at Ammu’s place. Episode ends on his worried face.

Precap: Amit calls Amita to tell her that his interview went well. She half heartedly asks him he must be happy now. He replies in affirmative and she becomes quiet / sad. Tina tells RR once he leaves for US then she will take care that he never comes back. All 3 give wicked expressions.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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