Amita Ka Amit 6th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Amita Ka Amit 6th May 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 6th May 2013 Written Update

The second round – Dance Round – for the competition begins. The first couple to dance are Rohan and Ria. They dance on Tera Hone Laga hoon from Ajab Prem ki Gajab Kahani. Next Sanjay and Preeti dance on some instrumental music. Ammu tells Amit, you just stand there. I will dance and please don’t look at people or you might get nervous. Amit is tensed and nods in a yes.
The third couple – Chirag and Chaitali dance and Chirag falls on floor. Finally Amit and Amit come on stage. They dance on Tu Jaane Na (kind of funny + cute as Amit kept running around  ). Rohan and Ria stay unperturbed due to their over confidence. Sanjay and Preeti smile. Everyone claps as their dance end and both Rohan & Ria notice the audience’s reactions.
The emcee announces. By now you all must

know who the winner will be. There are almost equal shouts for Ria and Amita (Ria is a little ahead in terms of followers). The emcee agrees saying Rohan and Ria (RR if I am going to write about them as a couple again). Both hug happily.
Amita smiles for them. Amit apologizes to her. We lost because of you. Ammu asks him not to say so. Everyone danced for the audience except you and me. We danced for each other. He looks at her sweetly and their sweet number starts playing in the background. She says, I am so happy and here you are apologizing to me. Amit smiles hearing her words and she too smiles back at him sweetly.
The emcee says, this doesn’t mean that RR have won. There is another question left which will credit you with 5 points. And the question is – a successful relation is successful because of what thing / reason?
Chirag replies by maintaining the balance between each other. No fights. To go out for two days in a week…I go out on someday and Chaitali on the other. All laugh. Emcee thanks them.
Rohan replies about perfection and how things must click to work out. Ria smiles. All clap for them.

Next come Amit and Amita’s turn to answer. The emcee hands the mike to Amit. He looks at Amita and tells everyone that Ammu will be able to answer in a much better way than me. RR smile. Ammu is hesitant but Amit lends his supports to her. Ammu finally takes the mike.
She says, I have never tried to understand relations. Amit is taken aback with her words. Ammu continues for there wasn’t any need ever to do so. None of my relation is complicated. (she says while looking at Amit). You have asked me so now I remember one incident. Whenever my mummy papa used to fight, however serious it was, papa always said it should end by the evening. If it is papa’s fault, he would seek forgiveness from mummy. If it is mummy’s fault then he forgives her. He says, the women who take care of us / our home day and night she must not sleep at night angry / sad. It isn’t good that we test each other in such times. Rather we should try to understand each other so that the relation can go ahead a few days more. She looks at Amit while saying this. He too looks at her. Ammu continues, instead of making excuses or trying to save ourselves from each other if we try caring for what we have then maybe the relation can stay for long. Because life takes our test everyday and we try our best to pass in each one of them. It is the same for relations, if we try to understand and know things better (looking at Amit) and ignore the small issues then certainly the relation can sustain. When both decide to work things out then nothing can stop the relation from going further. Amit smiles looking at her. She too smiles back. They share an eye lock.
Everyone claps for them. Amit comes out of his trance. He sees the audience standing and clapping for Ammu. He too joins them. She smiles happily. Rohan is not liking it. The emcee commends she has left him speechless.
He calls for Sanjay and Preeti. She takes the mike and says there is nothing left to say after what Ammu has said. All clap. Amit looks with pride at Amita.
The emcee tells everyone that the results will be announced after dinner break. Ammu is sitting with Preeti while Amit is sitting with Sanjay and Rohan. Ammu and Amit keeps looking at each other in between and smiles.

Ria comes to Ammu with her other girl friends. Ria tells Ammu that her friends have become her fan. She smiles. One of the girl compliments Ria that she is looking very pretty. Ria sees Ammu eating Chinese. She takes the opportunity to taunt Ammu saying she is from a family who owns a sweet shop. She can eat whatever and however much she wants to. Someone must look like a person from healthy family. Amita and Preeti are not liking it. Ria continues with her taunting however fat she is I love her. Ammu manages to smile and hug her.
The girl who was complimenting Ria has a fainting spell and she falls unconscious. All gather around her and try to wake her up. Ammu touches her hand. She calls for Gulabjamun.
Everyone wonder. Ammu rushes to get gulabjamun. Ria apologizes on her behalf saying she belongs to a family who has sweet shop so she keeps thinking about sweets only. Everyone stands clueless as to how to wake the girl.
Ammu comes back with the sweet. She rubs it on her lips n tries to open her mouth so as to make her taste it. Ria asks Amit to stop Ammu from doing this. Amit stands helpless. Ammu next rubs her back. The girl finally coughs. Ammu, Ria and Preeti help her to get up. Everyone is tensed.
The girl asks who made me taste sweet. Ria points out to Ammu saying this stupid girl did. Ammu says she thought that her sugar level must have reduced so made you taste it. Ria shouts are you a doctor? The girls tells Ria to hold on for a minute. She (Ammu) is right. But how did you know?
Ammu replies my papa too has this problem. He too sometimes feels sweat and this kind fainting spell so I thought the same has happened to you. The girl thanks Amita. You have saved my life. Amit smiles while Ria is unhappy but doesn’t show. She hugs Amita happily. Everyone starts clapping for Amita. Amit and Amita exchange smiling glances looking at each other.
The girl tells Ria that she is really lucky to have Amita as her elder sister-in-law. Ria manages with a yes. Chirag tells Amit that he is lucky to have Ammu as his wife. One other guy too tells him to teach something to my wife too. RR look at each other with somewhat sad expressions. Amit and Ammu look at each other happily.

The emcee declares that it is time to announce the winner. He invites RR on stage. They both heave a sigh of relief thinking they are the winners. They get up on the stage. Everyone including Amita and Amit clap for them happily.
The emcee says now I will request RR to give the best couple award to this year’s winner. They are taken aback. Preeti wonders as the emcee hands RR the trophy. He calls for the winners – Amit and Amita. They are not able to believe it at first but then smile happily. Everyone stands up to clap for them. They go on stage. RR hesitantly hand them over the trophy. Everyone is happily clapping for them and Amit and Amita look at each other all smiles. Episode ends on Ammu’s happy face.

Precap: Tina says it is in fact good in a way that Amit and Amita have won. I mean he would be leaving for America soon. He will have some good memories with him. Amit, do one thing take this trophy with you to the US so that you will remember you have a wife too. Amit replies kaki I don’t have to remind myself about my wife by looking at something. Tina is taken aback while Fallu is surprisingly happy at his reaction. Ammu looks at him with surprise.


Update Credit to: pooja

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