Amita Ka Amit 6th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 6th February 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 6th February 2013 Written Update

– amit’s mom tells him to get ready and asks him if something is happening in his heart ? he says no there is nothing and i’ll analyze the girl first and then think if shes perfect for me and not.

-amit is really nervous and getting ready. her friends are giving tips abt what not to tell amit. she notices her dress is ruined by foundation.

-amita’s grandpa is getting mad as they are getting late and amita is taking forever. preeti dries her dress and come out.

-amit is leaving with his family and doesnt wanna take 2 cars as it will save petrol and less traffic. rohan insists on driving and tells amit to sit in the back.

-when amita is abt to sit in the car, she remembers she forgot her purse…she goes and get it. grandpa ask her if shes sure they

should leave now,amita says yes. again when she’s about to sit in the car she remembers she forgot her mobils. Aarti tells him to let her take as they need update too.finally they leave.

-amit is stuck in traffic and arguing with rohan why he took this route. nani stops them.

-amita’s dad don;t know the way and he gets down the car to ask someone, amita tries to ask her grandpa what did the boy said when he saw her picture. he says i didn;t ask.

-grandpa calls nani and ask her the way and gives their location. she says we are somewhere there near you too. he looks out the car and amit’s car stops beside amita;s car. Nani tells them to follow us. rohan is trying to see amita and smiling. amita see him and just smiles. amita in the back tries to catch a glimpse of amita but couldn’t really and they leave.

-in the car, amit’s nani is teasing him. and they reach the club where amit’s parents are waiting for them. Amita’s reaches there with her family. amita goes to fix her makeup.

-amita’s family arrives at the table where amit and his family is talking abt the business. they greet and introduces each other. they ask abt amita and she comes, first amit smiles looking at her but when he looks at her head to toe, his face falls. and remembers wen his nani shows her picture. amita greets everyone while amit is looking at her weirdly.

-when they all sit down, and suddenly amita’s phone starts ringing. everyone is looking at her. finally amit;s mom ask her to answer, amit looks annoyed. Its preeti who asks her how did she like him? she says nice and hangs up saying she’ll call later. amit’s nani is asking him how did he like her ? he says she’s fine. nani says so he didnt like her tht much ? amit says she was looking different in the picture and now her face looks different. his nani says yeah she’s lil different, amit says what if they photoshop the picture and showed it to us.

-both dads are talking abt each other’s business and praising. amita shyly looks at rohan and smiles thinking its amit. rohan tells amit, ur alliance getting fixed and i’m smiling. amit says if u like her that much then u can get married to her. rohan says girl is nice so whats the problem.

-rohan starts talking to amita and nani starts telling abt amit while amit is sitting quietly and looking down. amita’s mom tells her not to be scared and talk. everyone finds it awkward and trying to make a conversation talking abt laddos, weather, cricket etc etc. finally grandpa stops them and tells them to let amita and amit talk. amita’s dad tells her to go and talk. amit is still looking down and jst sitting there. amita is looking at rohan who is sitting next to amit and smiling. episode ends

precap:- amita is standing and waiting for amit to get up. amit;s dad tells him to go but he’s not getting up. so he tries to cough, rohan gets up to give him a tissue ,amita is smiling and sits down. finally amit gets up and amita gets the shock of her life.

Update Credit to: mehak30

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