Amita Ka Amit 5th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 5th July 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 5th July 2013 Written Update

Amit comes out of the washroom calling for Ammu. He doesn’t find her anywhere so goes outside in the living area. All the ladies are sitting there upset. Amit asks about Amita. tina tells him that she left. Amit is taken aback. Left? I was about to drop her I told her to wait. Tina comments that who waits for whom these days (witch). Ria says she might be highly upset so left. Tina asks him if she will come back. Fallu tells her not to speak rubbish. She will be back in 2-3 days. Tina shares how she noticed that Ammu was angry. It doesn’t look like she would come back. Fallu stays firm with her point. She was only worried. You can ask ma too she was here only. The ladies get into confirming each other’s statement while Amit is sad. You are this much angry with me then ok. If you don’t

need me then I too don’t need you.

Preeti sees Sanjay’s divorce papers and is very much disturbed. What’s all this….wedding and divorce? When were you married and when did you have divorce? She throws the papers at him angrily. Sanjay tells her to at least listen to him once then decide.

Ammu is with Atul. Why did you call me here? What is this burka [a loose garment (usually with veiled holes for the eyes) worn by Muslim women especially in India and Pakistan] for? I couldn’t even say bye to Amit before going to US. Tell me
fast. Atul says something about Rohan. I called you here for Rohan. I sent one of my friends to Wise Investment’s office faking him as a prospective client to strike a deal with Rohan and Bansal. Atul and Ammu will together find out the truth about this Rohan. Ammu shares how she had seen Rohan and Tina hiding a bag full of money all the while talking about Wise Investment’s. I would have easily uncovered their truth yesterday itself. He asks her if she doesn’t remember how much Amit had to bear because of WI. Ammu starts walking off from there. This doesn’t matter to him anymore as he is going very far from here. You don’t want a lot many things. Atul shouts asking her what all she had to face because of that Rohan. Ammu stops and has flashback of Tina and Kirath taunting her about creating rift in familial relations. Atul again prods her to recall how much Amit had been insulted because of that Rohan. She remembers how Kirath told Amit about switching the signing authority from him to Rohan. Atul tells her that it is the time to tell the truth…for your family…..for yourself and for Amit.

Ammu is sitting in the car wearing a burka. Rohan comes in his car. He takes out the briefcase from his car and heads inside Wise Investment’s office. Ammu goes behind him. atul wishes her luck.
Sanjay shares how Amit took over the divorce matter in his hands. He helped Antara a lot as well. I am sorry for hiding all this but I was scared to lose you. She is hurt. You have hurt me a lot. They share an emotional hug. She asks him to promise her that he wont hide anything from her. He obliges. I made a promise to Amit too… Preeti asks about it. Was Amit lying to Ammu for all this? He dint reach to his birthday party as he was with Antara? Sanjay nods back. He dint tell Ammu for she would have told you. He gave his best shot to save my wedding and today his wedding is in danger. She realises everything. You made a very big mistake by involving him in all this. I must call Ammu right away. sanjay wants to know what she means but she agrees to tell later. I must talk to Ammu asap. Ammu doesn’t pick her calls making her all the more worried.
Amit comes out with his luggage. Everyone has sad faces. Baa asks if he kept everything. Amit nods assuring them he had. I am not a kid. He notices all ladies staring at him. He runs back inside his room. Baa comments how he just said he wasn’t a kid.

In his room, Amit looks around for their Lonavala pic. He looks around but doesn’t find it. He opens his cupboard and takes out his wedding album. He browses through the photos and recalls the moments. He smiles. He takes out 2 pics – wedding pic and another of them smiling together happily. He keeps them safely in his bag.

Sanjay is shocked. Ammu had doubt on Amit? Why did you not tell me? She shares how Ammu had made her swear not to tell anything to you. She dint want anyone to think wrongly of Amit. Sanjay rues if they both get separate then we would be the ones responsible for it. You – for hiding things and I – for all this issue. Amit is going as he feels that Ammu doesn’t love him. preeti too shares how Ammu feels Amit doesn’t love him. she thinks that Antara is his life.

Amit has told everyone not to come along to the airport owing to traffic jam. Fallu is in tears because of the same. He hands over his phone to Tina. I have lots of clients’ numbers in this phone. It can be useful for him. sanjay calls Amit but Tina stops him from picking it. She disconnects the call. Amit turns back to have a last look at all of them.
Rohan is inside his cabin with that fake client. Amit Shah is going to US. What is left in Shah Stocks and Traders now join Wise Investments. The guy praises Amit’s market reputation. Rohan speaks ill of Amit. You only think why his own dad would not make him CEO if he was so capable. He is sending him to US for the same reason. That guy asks him about his role in WI. It is a new company anyways. Rohan finally tells him – it is my company. Ammu is shown recording all this in her phone. She has flashback of how Rohan had fakes innocence when Ammu had followed him to WI office. You think I work with them? Do you realize the implications? Rohan continues, I am saying for your benefit. With Shah Stocks and Traders, it will be your loss but with us, it will be your profit only. The guy affirms that he will go with WI. Rohan smiles victoriously (smile as much as you want the time for you to cry is soon to come 3:) ).


They sign the deal. The guy leaves. Rohan’s colleague walks in in his cabin. Rohan is happy about the deal. New clients are coming to WI anyhow we only need to direct the old ones to WI as well. As soon as Amit goes to US I will pull all his SS&T’s clients here. Slowly the company will lock down. But if he would have stayed back then it would not have been possible. That’s why made this plan to send him to US. Ammu records shocked while Rohan smiles wickedly.
At Shah House, everyone comes back inside sad while Ria and Tina are laughing away happily. Sanjay calls on Amit’s phone. She tells him that Amit has already left from home you can only talk to him when he reaches US. Sanjay and Preeti are worried. Preeti suggests heading off to airport to clear all the misunderstandings. They both leave for the airport.

Atul checks the video recording. He tells her to send it to Amit right away. He doesn’t even know that his US trip is also part of his plan. Ammu is worried as they would be too late by the time they reach home he would have left already. Atul wonders what to do now.


Ria compliments Tina on her plan. Her mother-in-law tells her that one step is still left. Rohan still has to direct all the clients to WI – our brand new company. Ria asks how would that happen. Tina shows Amit’s phone. He himself gave it to me which has all his clients’ contact details. He is waiting to get ruined so cannot hurt him. They smile wickedly (witches withces your time’s gonna be over soon…have fun!). amit’s phone rings. Its Ammu. They wonder why she is calling now. Hope she wont be coming back now. tina disconnects the call. When Amit wont pick her phone then…

Scene shifts to Antara. Its Sanjay’s call. Anatara happily calls him ex-husband. Its Preeti on the other end (lol). She introduces herself. Antara realises. Awkward. She clears her stance. There was nothing between her and Sanjay. We just married for getting green card. Preeti interrupts. I know it all. Have called to tell Amit’s problem that has happened because of you. All flashbacks are shown of Ammu noticing Antara with Amit; her bag when she had come from US. She asks about Amit’s alternative contact number. Antara denies. But my hotel is near to airport so will leave asap.

Atul and Ammu are in the car. Atul asks her if she isn’t happy on finding out such a big clue against Rohan. Ammu says because thinking of mummy ji and papa ji all the time. How hurt they would be to know that the Rohan whom they loved and trusted more than Rohan cheated them. Atul says why not going to your home in that case. She comments that she is going to her home only. Atul reminds her of her in-laws place. She tells him that she has done what she could. Now whatever will happen will happen between Rohan and Amit’s family. he asks if she spoke to Amit. That family is yours too. Did you tell him? she declines. He dint pick any of my calls. Atul finds something fishy. Call on landline. Ammu dials at Shah House. Nani picks it up. Ammu asks for Amit. She tells him that he has already left for airport plus he gave his phone to Tina to give to Rohan. She disconnects the call. She tells Atul to take her to the airport for Amit has left his phone behind.

Precap: Ammu is walking. She stops a taxi and sits inside. Antara is sitting in the same taxi. Antara is shown following Ammu trying to talk with her. ammu tells her that she needs to reach somewhere urgently or she should have spoken to her well. Antara tells her that there is nothing between her and Amit but her and Sanjay. Amit only helped me in getting divorce for Sanjay. Ammu is shocked.

Update Credit to: pooja

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