Amita Ka Amit 5th December 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 5th December 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 5th December 2013 Written Update

Everyone asks Kajri how she can read when she’s not educated. Kajri starts walking and goes outside. Amit follows her. Kajri’s is about to fall down from stairs, Amit saves her and brings back. Everyone asks Kajri what has happened to her. Kajri acts as she has illness of walking in sleep and reading would probably be her dream. Tina and Riya say rubbish, she is just fooling everyone. Surprisingly, Amita takes Kajri’s side and says it’s possible. Tina asks Amita what she is saying. They decide to go to Kajri’s room and see if anything is written on her door.

They come to Kajri’s room and nothing is written there. Kajri is shocked. Amita asks what happened? You are right. You said it was your dream so how can anything be written here? Amit’s

mum tells Kajri to lock her door so she doesn’t walk like this in sleep and disturb others sleep. Everyone leaves. Amita stays there and tells Kajri to take care as sometimes dreams can come true. Kajri is completely lost and has no clue what Amita is doing all this.

Later, Amita is sitting alone in front of lord. She talks to herself and asks why she did such a foolish thing. She could prove Kajri’s lie to everyone and throw her out of their home. Amita says she lost all her respect because of Kajri, and she can’t give Kajri such an easy exit. Other Amita says, she can hurt Raunak. Amita says, she won’t hurt him. If she wanted to do that, then she got many chances. She has come to hurt me and I will surely find out what her real intentions are. Other Amita says, good. I came here to remind you of your mission. Whenever I feel that you’re not going towards your mission, I will come and remind you. Other Amita disappears now.

Amita comes to her room and smiles seeing Amit sleeping with Raunak. She then sleeps beside them.

Next day, everyone is in the living room. Amita reminds Amit that they have to go to doctor today. Amit says she doesn’t need to go to doctor for now. Others agree. Riya wonders where Kajri is. Amit’s mum makes fun of Kajri saying she might have run away for real after seeing more dreams. Everyone is laughing. Amit gets happy seeing smile on Amita’s face. He tells her that she looks very good with a smile on her face. Kajri comes down. Amita gives Raunak to her and asks her to do oil massage. She also apologizes to Kajri for whatever misunderstandings Amita had in past. Kajri is all confused. She takes Raunak and leaves.

In her room, Kajri is still wondering about Amita’s behavior. She goes down to get oil where Amit’s mum is looking at Savita’s passbook. When Amit’s mum tells her that it’s some Savita’s passbook, Kajri gets shocked. She was about to give it to Kajri to check, and right then Amita comes there. Amita says she doesn’t even know how to read.. whom you’re giving. They laugh. Amita says there is address, I will go there and give this passbook to her. Kajri is lost in some thoughts. Amit’s mum asks her what has happened to her? and asks her to get back to work.

Amita is in kitchen with Nani. Kajri comes there and offers help to Nani. Amita tells Nani that she should open a bank account as you never know when things get stolen from home. Nani says opening bank account is not her thing. Amita says Kajri knows everything, she will help. Nani laughs and says how she would know it. Kajri seems a bit angry. She then tells Nani she will go and get some groceries. Nani says no need to go, but Kajri still goes. Amita is happy as Kajri is doing everything the way she planned.

Precap: Kajri comes to some baba and says she did everything he said so she can get her son back. Baba tells her she will get her son in 24 hours. Amita hears it and is shocked.

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