Amita Ka Amit 4th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 4th July 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 4th July 2013 Written Update

Ammu is going to get ghee to light the lamp when she notices Tina sleeping on the couch in the living area. Tina wakes up with a start. She taunts her if she is waiting for Amit to return home. Which day is it today? Ammu replies Friday. That weirdo (Tina ) taunts her again. There is only one day left for him to go. You will get used to not waiting for him soon. They bid each other good night and Ammu starts to go towards the temple to light the lamp.

Tina wonders where Rohan is….he was supposed to come by now. Rohan comes in holding a briefcase. Tina reprimands him for being late. Rohan accidentally drops the bag thereby dropping the money on floor. She again scolds him. you should have kept it in Wise Investments’ office only. He shares how he is worried about someone (sorry

missed the name it was a lady though…guess Ammu but not sure). I don’t want her to know. They put the cash back in the briefcase and run off to their room. Ammu is shown listening to their convo hiding behind the wall. She recalls noticing a visiting card belonging to someone from Wise Investments office with Rohan and how he quickly took it hiding it away from her.

Amit comes back. Ammu rushes to him trying to discuss something important with him. He tells her that she has told him the most important thing she wanted to already. She tries to tell him but he cuts her off this time. I went to meet my travel agent to prepone my flight from Sunday to tomorrow itself. I got to know today how tough it is for you to live with me but don’t worry you will be free very soon. I have reduced a day’s troubles for you. Do you know why? Because I am going to US tomorrow! He leaves for his room while she stands distraught.
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Next morning, everyone has gathered in the hall. Fallu is crying while everyone else is upset too (well Tina and family are faking it anyways). How can you go one day before all of a sudden? Baa comments that he has grown up now. kirath too is upset. You should have told us beforehand. Tina too mutters something. Amit tells him not to make a big issue out of this. It is just one day early nothing else. Fallu is inconsolable. It is for me as I am your mother. The moment you decided to go to US do you even realise how tough this has been for me. It doesn’t matter to you right? Baa tells him that she isn’t talking to him. amit asks for Nani’s help to make everyone understand it. Nani tells him that they all love him a lot so that is why they have every right to be upset with him. We cannot explain love. No one is wrong neither you nor them.
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Fallu shouts on Ammu. Do something to stop him. Why aint you saying anything? Ammu is tearful…I tried. Amit speaks up for her. We have spoken about this at length. I got a guest house so leaving a day earlier. This decision is mine Amita has nothing to do with it. It is just a matter of one day. Fallu cries. They both try to console her. amit tells her not to cry. I have thought well in advance. I am going for everyone’s well being (looking at Ammu, she too looks at him).

Ammu disconnects her call with Preeti and turns to notice Amit. They look at each other awkwardly. He tells them how Batuk and Sanjay wish to give farewell to him but he wont go for he isn’t feeling like it. She stops him by holding his hand. The happy moments that we have spent together will always remain as memories with me. They share a small eye lock. He looks at her hand. She instantly withdraws it. I only want you to spend some good times with your friends before you go to US. There is no point going upset. Amit feels sad to hear her words.
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Amit’s and Amita’s friends come over to meet them. Batuk and Sanjay ask him if his love story began yet or not. He smilingly tells nothing (how hard it is to smile when in pain ). Ammu kind of collides with him as he turns suddenly. They formally thank each other. Amit’s friends notice this and question him about the same. Ammu tells them all to come for food. They again act formal.
Amit tries to go get the divorce papers. But Sanjay and Batuk wants to know what has happened. You were about to propose her 2 days ago and all of a sudden you are acting like strangers. Something’s up for sure. Amit says he got late….in realising the truth. Whatever was there, is over now. she told me that she wants to go separate ways.
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In kitchen, Ammu rues that I knew that you too would come. Jigna calls Amit jijz which doesn’t go well with Preeti. jigna still wonders why Amit is going a day before. Ammu tells her that it maybe because of her as she said some bitter things to him. preeti supports her. He deserves it. Jigna shoots her an angry look. I still feel something’s up. Preeti speaks angrily of Amit. Ammu tells her not to say anything wrong about Amit. I don’t like it.

At dining table Amit tells Preeti that though he is going to US but she should forget calling him in the wedding. She taunts him (very badly). I don’t break relations with people I get to know once. Amit stops in his tracks hurt (poor poor soul). Ammu reprimands her. She invites Batuk bhai to have food. He denies. I am not hungry.


Amit asks Batuk to join them for food calling him fatty. In the kitchen, Ammu reprimands Preeti for talking to her husband like this. Preeti replies that she isn’t as great as Ammu to forgive Amit easily for going to US leaving her alone. Ammu repeats whatever be the reason I wouldn’t tolerate it.
Batuk denies having kadhi rice made by the girl who is about to leave his friend. Amit tells him angrily that he wont tolerate anyone insulting his wife in his own home (correction should have said anywhere dude). Batuk joins reluctantly.

In their room, both are packing their bags – Amit for US and Ammu for Patel House. Both look at each other but look away when the other notices. He asks her if she told at her home about her coming over. She denies. Will tell as late as possible…maybe after I get the divorce papers. That will be good. When will you tell? read full update with pics only at He replies that everything has a right time. He will only tell when the right time comes. She thinks of something. Amit, if I go to Patel House then what will mummy ji say? Wont Baa and nani feel weird? He says they wont feel anything weird. Tell them that you were missing me by staying in this room so going to your home for some days. Both are trying hard to hide their emotions.


Amit goes to get something from the cupboard. Ammu too gets up. He hands her 2 tubes if she gets sprain again (aww so sweet….such small things matter so much to a woman). We both will go together. Eye lock. I will first drop you at your home then I will head for the airport. Ammu tries to refuse him but he insists. I can at least drop you the last time. Let us not argue over it. He leaves from there.
She looks at the tubes in her hands. What was the need for this? Why do you want to show off that I matter to you? I feel like stopping you but….I know I have lost this right. The song Lehrein begins. She looks at her and Amit’s Lonavala’s pic, picks it and caresses it. She hugs it sadly and keeps inside her bag.

Her phone rings. Its Atul. He tells her to meet asap as he needs to tell something very important with her. She tells him that Amit will drop her home only before leaving for US. He tells him not to waste any time and come right away, minus Amit. She is confused but he insists so she has no option but to go.

Outside, Fallu stops her. What’s the hurry to go to your house? Amit said that he will drop you on his way. Nani listens to them worriedly while praying. Fallu is getting angry by the minute. Your home is here only wont you go to drop him to the airport at least? Ammu denies. I wont be able to see him going. Nani tells Fallu not to stop her. it has not been even 6 months and he is going leaving her alone. Try to understand her feelings. Ammu takes blessings from both but Fallu doesn’t bless her. She looks away angrily. Ammu turns to look at her mummy ji and says, Jai Shri Krishna mummy ji. I wont ever return in this threshold now.

Precap: Ammu is with Atul. I couldn’t even say bye to Amit before going to US. Tell me fast. Atul says something about Rohan. There, Preeti and Sanjay share how both Amit and Amita don’t feel that the other person doesn’t love them. Ammu comments that he is going very far from me. sanjay calls Amit but Tina (dint see her face) stops him from picking it.

Update Credit to: pooja

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