Amita Ka Amit 4th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 4th February 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 4th February 2013 Written Update

episode starts with amita’s bapuji questioning amita about the marriage proposal of amit.then amita says that he will definitely choose a good person for her but she was not ready to meet any one. she says that there is a great gadbad in every relatioship,and every match he had sent had rejected her.she says that saree shop lakda named jayesh who is fatty but his mother rejected her saying that she is moti.and any match was also rejected that she is fatty.she is emotionally going to say about suraj but stopped by his father.she says that every time she was unable to listen such comments on her and feeling very bad for being rejected.she asks him that she will not meet any matches(boys)for some days.and says that she will meet after some days.bapuji says ok then

present the album of photo of ladka after his death.any he was left with angry.then amita’s father consoles her saying that she didn’t say any thing wrong and it was not her mistake.and he continues saying that bapuji’s anger is only for some time and he will be ok after some time.and he says that to keep faith i him.amita is shown crying.amita is shown crying.amita was lying on the bed and she was thinking and uable to sleep the she takes a gift(dancing couple) form the cupboard and was seen smiling looking at morning all were set at at the dining table for having breakfast except bapuji then amita was thinking that it was all her mistake and because of her bapuji doesnot came to have breakfast.her grandma says that his will arrive now wait and see.they use to act that breakfast is very tasty and they were trying to tempt him then bapuji comes out of the room and sits on the dining table and he was eating kamandh dokla.then amita’s father asks bapuji whether he had said to shashikala maasi that they were not going to meet them.then bapuji said that he kow what to do and there is no need to interfere.amita says sorry to bapuji.then he says his wife to bring his medicines to his room and he leaves.then amita’s father consoles amita.

amita ad her three friends come to meet her friend.and all are happy.her friend’s mother in law calls amita is anita mistakingly later she covers her mistake.all the friends are set to have their dinner.then preeti says amita that why you are thinking that the match bought by bapuji will be boring.then amita says that she khnow that bapuji choose a ladka of nice job,joint family,single, he doest see whether he is smart or not,how he will behave with children,whether he watches movies or not,whether he travels or not etc,
peethi says that bapuji doesnot met there is a chance that he would have all the characters you are willing to have.then amita also listen to her and says may be he may be perfect.all of her friends say that it is not bad to check him once.amita was shown smiling.and preeti said that both of your names are matching amit aur amita.they amita agrees to meet him.

bapuji and all the other family members were searching for clips of clothes which were blown off because of wind.then amita gives him the four clips which were blown off and she asks that it was the time for his yoga but bapuji says that not to interfere.her mother asks amita that she had searches her room but she didnot find any clip there.then amita sais that she had bought them from shop.during night amita and her grandmaa were eating moongdal sweet and were discussing about it.then amita asks series of questions and asks about amit’s age,office,etc..then her grand ma asks her that why are you asking me this you dont want to meet anyone na?then amita says that she was just checking her memory.then her grand says that she know and she will ask bapuji and says to her. amita and grandma were shown smiling.bapuji was stitching some clothes and grandma asks that she will do that and starts questioning about amit and bapuji says that his family was very big,his office was nearer to his house.then bapuji asks that whether amita asked her ask him all this questions then grandma says yes..then he starts saying about amit and what she had to say to amita about amit.the screen freezes on both their faces.

amit takes off chocolate from a boy and asks him why he took them without his permissio.amita looking at him says that how bad he is..

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