Amita Ka Amit 3rd October 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 3rd October 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 3rd October 2013 Written Update

Amit is searching for his wallet. It’s in front of Amita, but she doesn’t say a word. Amit finally finds it and then leaves for the work.

Amita talks with her mum on the phone. She explains to Amita and tells her that Amit was also very upset when she was in hospital. Amita then realizes her mistake and feels she shouldn’t have got angry at Amit.

Amit gets surprised knowing his lunch box came from his house. He opens it and finds a note by Amita. He’s happy now. At home, Amita calls someone and sets her appointment somewhere. She then receives a call from Amit. After saying hello, both don’t say a word. Amit then finally asks if she is still on the line. Amita replies, how can I disconnect while you’re on the line. They continue talking

and Amit suggests to go out for lunch. As Amita has to go elsewhere, she says she doesn’t feel like leaving home right now and says they will go for dinner instead. Amit agrees as he also has some work to do.

At night, Amita brings Amit to a chinese restaurant with a blindfold on his eye as it’s a surprise for him. They order the food and then Amit tells her that he also has a surprise for her. He gifts her a necklace. Amita is very happy and she likes it. Amit puts it in Amita’s neck. After that when Amita finds it’s a diamond necklace, she takes it off. Amit asks her if she didn’t like it. She says she liked, but she can’t wear anything with diamonds. Amit asks why is that. Amita tells him that she went to an astrologer who told her that she will become mother faster if she doesn’t wear anything of diamond. Amit finds all that rubbish and they start arguing there. Amita tells him that she can’t be practical like him. She is an emotional person and will do everything to get a child. Both continue arguing. Amita then gets up and leaves from there.

They come home and again patch up and hug each other.

Next morning, Tina calls out everyone and gives a good news to everyone that Riya is pregnant. Everyone is very happy for them and starts taking care of Riya and gives advices to her. Tina comes to the kitchen to get milk for Riya. She talks with her friend who advices her to keep Amita away from Riya as after the incident with Amita, it can have bad effect on Riya’s child if Amita stays around. Tina rubbishes that saying Amita was very happy with this news.

Everyone is at the dining table and making Riya eat. Amita is serving daal to Riya and is lost in some thoughts. She by mistake drops it on Riya’s hand. Tina remembers her friend’s words, and when Amita offers a help to Riya, Tina says she will do it herself. Dadi asks Tina what’s wrong whether she does or Amita. Amit interrupts and says that Amita is not fully recovered yet so let Tina do it. Amita feels bad.

Later in the day, everyone is leaving for a puja. Tina doesn’t feel like taking Amita with them. Tina and Amit’s mum are arguing what’s wrong in taking Amita with them. Tina first gives excuse that Amita needs rest, but then says after the incident with her, it would be better if she stays away from Riya and her baby for a while. Amit tells everyone to go and he will stay with Amita at home. Amita feels bad yet again. She has tears in her eyes and runs to her room.

She cries after coming to her room. Amit comes and asks why she is crying now. Amita says, that also I tell you? First you hurt, then ask what happened. Amit says he did all that just to maintain peace in the house. They fight again. Amita says you thought about that, but didn’t think by all that your wife will get insulted. For me, your respect is above everything, but for you, there is no respect for me at all. Amit now says that Tina was right that instead being happy, Amita is bothered and upset by the news that Riya is pregnant. He tells her it’s better if she stays away from her.

In night, Amit is sleeping. Amita is still remembering what happened earlier. She then writes a letter. Amit wakes up in middle of the night and can’t find Amita beside him. He searches everywhere, but still can’t find. He decides to call her, and right then he finds a letter from Amita. In the letter, Amita says, I got angry when you said that Tina kaki was right, but after thinking, I also feel that I should stay away. It’s difficult for me to forget 9 months memory, and everything around me keeps reminding me of it. Therefore, I have decided to go away which will be better for me, you, and everyone else. Don’t worry about me, and just take care of yourself. Amit is heartbroken.

Precap: Amita’s mum tells her that after marriage, a girl’s house is her husband’s house. Amita gets angry and says she is not going back to that house, and if they have any problem with her staying here, then she will leave from there too.

Update Credit to: dtb

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