Amita Ka Amit 3rd May 2013 Written Episode Update


Amita Ka Amit 3rd May 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 3rd May 2013 Written Update

Amit comes to the club wearing suit. He meets his friends. Sanjay asks how come he is early. He replies I was to come late but Amita told me that you and Preeti are coming too so I came early. Everyone asks for Ammu and tease him saying he has become an obedient hubby already.
He tells them that she is on her way. They again tease him saying today Amita will be in the limelight. She must look like a fairy that’s why Amit has married her. Amit is speechless.

Ammu reaches the venue. She comes to the gate and is taken aback to see everyone in western outfit. She recalls Ria’s words. Maybe you’re confused. The theme isn’t Western but Indian. She turns back towards the car. Then stops it was my fault only that I listened to Ria. I should go home.
She stops recalling Fallu’s

words. This is your golden chance to prove yourself in front of everyone. If they appreciate you then Amit would look at you with the same appreciation. She stops and decides to go back inside to take part in the competition.

The guard asks her for the invite. She checks her purse but doesn’t find it. Other people keep walking in and look at her weirdly. She tells her husband is inside. He has the card. He says he cannot permit her to enter without the invitation.

The guy who had passed by Ammu outside comes to Amit while Sanjay and the rest of people were still asking Amit about Amita. He tells them that there is one girl outside who has come in this Club event wearing a traditional outfit. Everyone laughs at her except Amit. They keep mocking her saying even the guard dint let her in without an invite while the rest entered without any problem.
Amit defends that girl saying she must be wearing what she likes. I too dint want to wear this suit but Ammu said that is why I wore it. The guy suggests to send that girl to Amita so that she too becomes modern like Ammu.

Amit gets a call and excuses himself. Fallu is upset with Ammu. She asks him why he dint pick the call earlier. He explains there are too many noises here so her dint hear it earlier.
She tells him that Amita has gone to the Club wearing Indian dress. Amit is taken aback. How is that possible? She starts blaming Amita again. He tells her to wait as her is getting another call. He finds that it is Amita’s and disconnects Fallu’s call.

She tells him that the guard isn’t letting her in. He tells her to wait there. He goes out and sees Ammu in suit. Amit tells the guard that she is with him. The guard apologizes and lets her go. She walks in holding Amit’s hand. They start walking toward place where Amit was standing with his friends earlier.
They look at Amit’s direction and are startled to see Amit walking with the same girl (behenji). Preeti looks their way. She tells them it is Amita, Amit’s wife. They both come there. Everyone looks at them awkwardly. Amit introduces Amita to everyone. Ammu smiles at them. He feels uncomfortable looking at everyone’s reaction and slowly takes his hand away. Ammu is hurt but doesn’t show.

Fallu questions Nani. Why did you let Ammu go like this? You know Tina and Ria keep looking for chances to make me feel low. Now everything is ruined. I went out for some time and see how things turned ugly. Nani says she was looking beautiful in that dress. One should wear what suits on them. Tina is listening to their convo happily.
Fallu is in no mood to listen to anything. We have to stay in this society only. How will I face Tina now? Tina smirks outside. Fallu continues her ranting. Amit will be feeling so ashamed in front of his friends. All this is because of that Amita’s foolishness. Tina smiles.

Ria speaks with Tina. She is happy to know that Kaki is super angry with Amita. She shares this with Rohan. They both are looking forward to see the drama that will be happening at the Club. Ria says she wants to see how Amit would be hiding his embarrassment.
A girl accidentally drops cold drink on Ammu’s dress. She apologizes to her. Ammu says it is ok. Amit looks at them. Sanjay says you knew what to wear and what not to. You could have told Amita.
Amit gets angry and asks aloud what is wrong with this dress? Sanjay tells him to speak a bit low. Amit continues in the same tone. I only told her to wear it. You know why? I think we all should wear what suits us best. Preeti smiles listening to him. Look around, the people who are here are wearing weird dresses, high heels, look at the length of their dresses. This all looks good abroad not here. Amita is looking beautiful in this dress. Both look at each other and smile. Ammu smiles happily as a sweet music starts playing in the background. All clap for them. They share a long eye lock as the song continues playing.

Ria enters the Club with Rohan. They immediately start looking around for Amit and Amita. Ria spots Amita enjoying happily with her new friends and Preeti. Rohan notices Amit enjoying too. Both are taken aback. They wonder why they are so happy. Someone calls Rohan and he goes to meet them.
Ammu spots Ria. She straight away goes to meet her. She hugs her hi-fi style. Ria wonders. Ammu compliments her that she is looking stunning.
Ria fumbles. I got to know at the last minute that the dress code has changed. I wanted to inform you but you had already left. Ammu tells her not to worry. Amit has complimented her already. All thanks to you. Ria is taken aback really? She manages saying you always look beautiful. Amit comes and says hi to Ria. He asks Ammu should they go now. She happily nods yes and they both excuse themselves.

Amit and Amita sit at a table. Amit asks Preeti and Sanjay to join them. But Snajay declines. They too should get some time to spend together. Both feel awkward.
Ammu breaks the silence by thanking him. He says what else he could do. What you are wearing is good for you but is not according to the theme of the party. What if the suit I am wearing I wear to a yoga class? We have to wear things according to the place and reason. Ammu tries to say something but Amit’s friends come and join them.
The girl asks Ammu what she does. She replies I am a housewife. The girl smiles. Amit indirectly tells them that he is going to America alone. He is going on the basis of work visa. Ammu cannot go. He says it while looking at Amita. She looks sad and hurt.


The anchor announces the competition. There are only 4 shortlisted couples. Rohan & Ria, Sanjay & Preeti, Chirag & Chaitali and Amit & Amita. The question for round one is – what does your wife do when your wife is angry or upset?

Chirag replies wrongly. Rohan too answers hugging Ria that she doesn’t get angry ever. Ria moves his hand away. The answer is wrong. The correct answer is by going to the gym. He speaks under his breath you never told me. She replies you never asked so.
Next comes Amit and Amita’s turn. He takes the mike, looks at Amita and gets thinking.


Amit answers whenever Amita is angry / upset, she eats ice cream. Amita looks at him happily. The answer is right. Rohan and Ria are not pleased with this. All clap for them. Amit and Amita share a sweet smiling glance with each other. The anchor congratulates them. Ammu thanks Amit.

When it comes to Sanjay, he tells that she takes his credit card and goes shopping. All laugh. The answer is correct. The emcee announces that the next round would be a dance round. Rohan and Ria are very confident of this round while Amit and Amita have flashback of their sangeet time.
How Amit had straight away denied that he cant dance. Ammu suggests him lets go home. He is tensed thinking of the round but says we cant back out in front of everyone. We can at least try. Ammu smiles and looks at him with pride.


Update Credit to: Pooja

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