Amita Ka Amit 3rd July 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 3rd July 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 3rd July 2013 Written Update

She picks up his dirty clothes while he tells her to let them be. He picks up the pillow sadly. Ammu notices something and smells the shirt. Ladies perfume? She imagines Ammu and Amit hugging each other happily. she puts the clothes aside and takes refuge in the cupboard to hide her tears. Amit wonders what has happened to her. Why is she so cranky these days? He recalls Sanjay and Amit’s words. Girls don’t tell anything easily or else their game would be over. He recalls Batuk’s suggestion – if words don’t work then you should try a hug. It always works. He smiles to himself and approaches her from behind. Amit tries to put his hands across her waist when she jumps in shock. She falls in his arms and looks at him with teary eyes. Amit smiles at her.
She instantly withdraws herself.

What were you doing? Are you in your senses? He reminds her that they are husband and wife. You are behaving so weirdly since last few days not me. ammu gets irritated. Husband and wife? We are living a relation of compromise not of husband and wife. He asks her if she is alright. What are you saying? Ammu rues that she was not in her senses earlier thinking about their relation. He is devastated…compromise? She kind of snaps at him. rather than a compromise it should be called a game which we started together but you played it much better than me. but not anymore….I have had enough of it. I am tired not. I cannot live this false relation. We are a husband and wife for the whole world but in our room we are nothing but a stranger. I cant live this life anymore. He nods his head hurt.

Fallu calls for them. Ammu opens the door for her. She instructs them to clean their temple (the one in the house) and the idol. They will be having a ramayan paath (recitation) at home. Baa wants to keep it for their family’s happiness and Amit’s success. Amit doesn’t buy her point. At this hour? This all happen in the morning only. Fallu says that now that Baa has decided so it will happen anyhow. Amit nods and his mother leaves.

Ammu asks Amita now who is doing drama in front of the family members. You were tired of it then why don’t you tell them the truth. Go ahead and tell all. Ammu nods….that time will come very soon.

They come dressed for the puja. Amit says, I am not done with it yet. She denies. There is nothing left to be said. He is confused. What have I done that you are reacting this way? Ammu tells him how she tried to make this relation work but he made a joke of it. Fallu interrupts asking what they are talking about. They deny any of it. Fallu tells them about the preps to be made for the puja. She leaves to do some other work.
Amit comments that she is overreacting. She tells him that one hand cannot be responsible for a clap. He doesn’t understand any of it. How come this fits in this scenario? I have been trying to ask you since so long but you are adamant on not telling it. It seems like when you wake up in the morning you decide to fight with me the whole day. Why are you pointing fingers at me for no reason? ammu asks who else should she blame then? My smile, peace, sleep has gone all because of you. I know I was a little late but now I have understood all of it. Fallu again comes asking what she understood. Before Ammu can say anything Amit interrupts. I want to talk with you Amita. She tries to deny but he stays put so has no option but to go with him confusing Fallu all the more.

Back in their room, he tells her to speak clearly whatever is in her mind. She again charges at him. We try to explain to people who wish to understand something but you don’t want to so no point telling. You don’t even listen to what I say forget about understanding. You decide before listening to anything. We cannot live together as this relation is not working out as… are going to US (stops herself from speaking about the divorce). Have you ever thought about me – what I would want or what I would be thinking / feeling? No! A relation works when 2 people come together to make things work. In our relation it was only me who tried to make it a success. I would have continued doing it but I got to know the truth. He asks which truth she is talking about. She again tries to speak up but stops herself. There is no point talking about it. You can live your life the way you want – you in US and I here at Patel House. Please don’t make it tougher for me. It has been very tough for me to come to terms with it. I have prepared myself to live alone without you. I cannot fall weak anymore. She leaves from there. He apologizes to her in his mind. I know I am stupid to realize things a little late but now I can feel what you are going through. Now that I am going far from you I realise how tough it would be for you to see me going far from you. You are my life. If you leave me then life would be meaningless.

Ammu comes back to the puja room. Fallu notices something wrong and asks about Amit’s packing. What do you think about his going to US? Would he go for sure? I have noticed something different in him since last few days. It doesn’t look like he is interested in going to US. He has started caring for us a lot more. Don’t you think so? Ammu denies. I have stopped feeling anything. Fallu is upset. I don’t know what’s brewing between you two but your behaviour isn’t right to make your relation work.

Amit is speaking to Sanjay on phone. She is so angry how can I tell her anything in this condition. Sanjay suggests taking her along to US. They will be all alone there and can share what’s in their hearts with each other. Amit worries about the visa. Sanjay tells him about his agent who can get it done but will take extra money. Amit tells him not to worry about money. At least I will get to stay with her (ammu listens and mistakes the “her” as Antara). Sanjay reminds him about his divorce papers which he forgot at Shah House. Amit nods. Have worked so hard to get these papers and my life’s most precious thing.


Sanjay tells him to gather himself and say it today anyhow. Amit agrees. He turns and notices Ammu so disconnects the call.

He smiles at her. you have only 2 options – one, to stand their thinking how to apologize and two, to come inside and say it. She walks up to him saying she has another option too. It is the option which you chose yet dint tell me. He is surprised. I hid it then how do you know? She tells him that there is no point hiding anything anymore. He shares how he was scared of her mood swings these days so dint tell it. I was waiting to tell you this since so long. Now that I am going to US, I will be there while you will be here. Even after being a husband wife we would be living far from each other. So, I was thinking that you and I….I and you…. Before he can complete it she interrupts him, if you are feeling difficulty in saying then should I? He nods. She says, I want freedom from this relation. He is shocked and hurt. She explains that if he would have told earlier than she would have prepared herself in advance. I had thought that we will bind our family with each other’s support but dint knew that our lives would go separate ways so soon. Amit tries to say something but she cuts him off. Let me say it maybe I wouldn’t be able to gather this much courage again. You will start your new life while I will go back to my old life. I just want to request you not to tell about this (divorce) at home. I wouldn’t be able to face mummy ji and Nani. You will go there and I will stay back here. There wont be any more fights or tears now. This divorce would happen very easily.

He asks her if this is her last decision. She looks at him in the eye and nods in a no. this would be our last decision. They share an eye lock after which Amit nods, ok. He leaves from there. Ammu’s eyes are brimmed with tears.

Amit is driving and recalling how he changed himself for Amita yet she dint respond in the right manner. People don’t change with their clothes. His asking her about pillow and her throwing it away in anger not wanting it near her in any way. How she had told him that their relation isn’t of a husband wife but its a compromise. I am tired of it but now no more. You can live your life the way you want from now on. You will head to US and I will go to Patel House.
He is sitting in an ice-cream parlour eating a giant cup of ice cream (OMG dint he used to do something else when he got angry? And look at the bowl :O ).

Everyone has gathered for the puja. Fallu asks for Amit. Ammu tells him that he has gone out maybe he had some important work to attend to. Fallu is angry with him while Ammu takes his side. Nani comes telling them to start the puja. He will come soon.
Baa starts with the ramayan story. The story is about the hardships faced by Shri Ram and Sita. It explains a husband wife relation like no other. Even when Ram ji had to go on exile, Sita ji never thought once about leaving him alone. She gave up all the luxuries to stand by her husband’s side in his tough times.
Ammu has flashback of seeing Amit and Antara together and also of Amit going to the Divorce Attorney’s office. She is very sad and crying silently. My husband is going alone on exile. I cannot even stop him however much I want and with what right should I stop him.

Precap: Amit comes back. Ammu rushes to him trying to discuss something important with him. He tells her that she has told him the most important thing she wanted to already. She tries to tell him but he cuts her off this time. I got to know today how tough it is for you to live with me but don’t worry you will be free very soon. Do you know why? Because I am going to US tomorrow! He leaves for his room while she stands distraught.

Update Credit to: pooja

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