Amita Ka Amit 31st October 2013 Written Episode Update


Amita Ka Amit 31st October 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 31st October 2013 Written Update

Amu is standing behind the pillar smiling sweetly at Amit. He tries to go talk to her but the kids go up to Amu before him. We were playing hide and seek then why are you here? Come let’s play. Amu has no option but to go and play. Amit too leaves.

The whole house is nicely decorated with lights. Amu is keeping the diyas in the rangoli with a “waiting” expression. Fallu and Nani are enjoying it. Fallu asks for a box of sweets whereas Amu absentmindedly hands her the tray full of diyas. They make her realize what’s she has done and she does too. Nani says I will tell Amit that you were so lost in Amit’s dreams that you forgot the difference between sweets and diyas. Amu tries to dismiss it so Fallu too teases her on that note. Amu is going from there smiling to herself

when she meets Amit on the way. They both stop looking at each other. The kids come running to him wanting to know what he has brought for them. The kids are super excited so he tries to calm them down. I actually forgot because of all the work in office. Amu and Fallu charge at him. Amit interrupts. It might be that I would have bought something else for them. He turns to the kids…I have brought a Diwali gift for all of you which is the papers of your ashram. It is all yours now. The kids give him a group hug. Everyone is thrilled with the idea. He explains how he spoke with Mr. Lakhani today. He too realized he doesn’t want to deprive these kids of their home. He too doesn’t want to keep any burden on his heart. That is how I got it. He gives the papers to the kids who are ecstatic.

Anamika, the new care taker of the ashram comes there and Amu welcomes her. She introduces her to everyone. She shares that Amit gave the good news to Father too. They all decide to have lunch. She says till then the packing of the kids will be done. All go sad. Their exams are anyways approaching so the sooner they go the better. Amit too supports the idea as it is good for the kids. Amu gets emotional and hugs the kids.

The kids are packing their stuff. Amu is helping them and reminding them of things they need to do. You all have to take care of yourself. They all tell her about the things which they wouldn’t be able to do without her. Pintu brings in the basket full of crackers. We don’t want this as we would be on our way to ashram tonight on DIwali. Plus without you we wont we able to enjoy this festival so it is of no use to us. All the kids hug her tight with both the parties saying we will miss you a lot.

Baa too will miss the kids as so will all the others. Amu comes there. I was thinking if they could stay with us till Diwali? Fallu supports her. They have done so many preps so it wont be good to send them off like this. Anamika says I don’t want them to disturb you. Amit replies the kids have become a part of our life. It isn’t any trouble. You can take them after Diwali too. She agrees with him. All the kids cheer out loudly. Amit goes to them and they all envelope him in a giant hug. Amu thanks him. He says yes but only thank you wont do this time. They both gesture to each other through eyes. Fallu says why you two don’t go out somewhere. After this Diwali holiday Amit will be back to office like before. You two could spend some time together this way. Amit loves the idea. Amu where should we go? She declines. MIL Diwali is coming. Plus there are so many kids at home. You wont be able to handle them all alone. Amit gets upset with her. What was the point to say this to mom? Before she can answer Fallu gives her a new task to do. Amu smiles at Amit and goes to do what she has been asked to. Poor Amit!

Amu is dusting the house. Amit comes there and picks up the pillows with covers to change. We shouldn’t deny what the family members try to offer us. She is confused. Why did you say no to mom? We were getting time to spend together. She wonders what she can do in the spare time. You can she there is so much to do at home. He says (meaningfully) you very well know what all you can do in your spare time. You, I…you understand right? She feigns ignorance even after understanding it all. She notices that the pillow cover has been put on wrongly. What do you keep thinking all the time? What’s all this? She acts to be upset over it whereas he smiles broadly. I was saying…she says bye to him and gestures at the pillow. He stands there standing speechless holding the pillow in his hands.


Amu is giving gifts to the kids one by one and they in turn give her a kiss. Amit too is sitting in the queue on his knees. When it comes to his turn he is all happy and waiting but she puts the t-shirt over his head and goes from there. The kids have a hearty laugh seeing this.

It is Diwali night. Amu is wearing a saree and decorating the house with diyas. Amit watches her from far. Mujh mein tu plays in the background. AA do the prayers along with all the kids. Amu is sad as she sees the kids bursting crackers with their new caretaker. Amit notices her thus and goes to her. Wiping her tears he gives her a sweet hug.

Everyone is seated at the dining table. Amit tries to tease Amu by touching her feet with his from under the table. She is surprised but then retreats her feet a little. Amit doesn’t know it so he next touches Rohan’s feet by mistake. Rohan loudly tells Amit it’s his feet. Everyone laughs. Amit is superbly embarrassed. Nani gives him a punishment for acting naughty. Go and eat on the sofa. Amu is also enjoying the situation. Poor Amit picks up his plate and heads for the sofa. He joins the kids and looks at Amu angrily and then eats up his food in a huff.


Amu was going quietly to meet Amit when he coincidentally meets her near the stairs and shushes her mouth. They both share an eye lock as Abhi Mujh me kahin plays. He picks her up in his arms and they both come to their room. They come to their room and share some romantic moments with each other.

Next morning, AA wake up in each other’s arms. She suddenly remembers it is 9 am. He is confused. She reminds him that the kids are leaving today. They hurriedly get up.

Amu tells the kids that she has packed everything they like for their journey. Be good and study nicely. They agree for everything. We will call you daily too. We are anyways kids so we will have fun. Amu says I know you will get so busy there in studies I don’t know how my time will pass. Pintu assures her khadus uncle wont let her get bore. AA go quiet. Amit says still khadus uncle? Make all the jokes you want to but I wont let you meet your didi now. They challenge him if he will speak like this then his family members will scold him. Rohan brings in gifts for all the kids. They happily thank Riya. They promise to come see her when her baby will be born. They also make a promise to come see Amu when her baby will be born. Everyone gets serious.

Precap: Amit says (to Amu) you will have to promise me come what may you wont get sad. My happiness is because of you. I will try my best to keep you happy. And till we are together then no sadness or trouble will come in between us. She too smiles back at him.

Update Credit to: pooja

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