Amita Ka Amit 31st May 2013 Written Episode Update


Amita Ka Amit 31st May 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 31st May 2013 Written Update

The tyre of the bicycle gets punctured. Ammu teases him asking which tyre got burst. You only said that I weigh more then why dint the front tyre got burst? He doesn’t understand her jokes as the whole day has gone to waste. Nothing went as per the plan. I wanted to visit the sunset point then head to some place (missed the name, sorry) and then sleep after listening to the news at 9. Ammu makes faces. She turns only to find the sunset. She looks at it mesmerised. She calls out to Amit to look at it too. He does finally after a lot of looking around (lol). He too watches it happily and Ammu too becomes happy to see him thus. She comments maybe this place isn’t as beautiful as the sunset point but the sunset is beautiful anyways. This is our sunset point.
He nods in agreement and notices

a happy Ammu and keeps looking at her. She asks him what he is thinking. I know you are thinking something so say it. He comments you are sometimes weird and somewhat different….nothing bothers you? She replies some things do. He asks like. She goes quiet. He patiently waits but she doesn’t answer. Ammu jokes you gave up so easily? He nods back in disagreement. Because whenever you want to say something you will say it somehow. Should we go now? ammu gets surprised by his answer. She thinks don’t know when I will be able to say it.

Fallu is making pasta. Tina comes asking is she making it by reading the recipe book. We are working together in the kitchen after so many years. Fallu agrees saying after the kids grew up they dint get time enough to work together.
Tina pointedly speaks in favour of Rohan taking care if the business now that Amit has gone for his honeymoon. Fallu gives her a befitting reply. Just like when Rohan and Ria went for a month long trip when Amit was handling the responsibilities so well. We should think of sending them again on a trip when Amit & Amita come back. Tina retorts now Rohan is handling everything. Its good as Amit will be going to the US so he should become habitual to working long. Fallu replies Amit is just going for a few weeks not for forever. And I have full faith in Amita that she will somehow stop Amit from going to US altogether. Then we can send them for a vacation and Amit can handle his business on his own. Tina nods in agreement though slyly thinks I wish you knew the trip that he has gone to would cost him so much.

Back in the car (finally) Amit wishes that they can continue the rest of their trip as per his plan. Ammu nods. I know your list got disturbed a little but I had fun. What about you? He says yes but he is feeling body ache because of the cycling and weightlifting. Ammu gapes upset. Weight lifting? Just because you were cycling with me on board? He says he was kidding. You only had told me that you don’t mind me joking about your weight. She retorts I said and you believed it? Amit gets confused. She explains the girl’s psychology to him. Listen very carefully ok. Never tell any girl that she weighs more. She can get hurt or upset. And I too am a girl so I too might get hurt. What if it hurts me?
He tells her to calm down assuring her that he would listen to everything that she says in future.

They reach the resort. Ammu finds the place very beautiful as it is well lit and beautifully decorated. Amit gets surprised to know that the whole villa has been booked especially for the 2 of them. He confirms with the manager if any place listed in the notepad would be open by now? The manager replies in negative. He suggests them to have open air dinner along with the band playing outside.
Ammu gets excited but Amit tells that they would have the dinner in the room only. I want to watch the news at 9. Ammu sends him off.

Amit again speaks of watching the news while Ammu romantically suggests having open air dinner under the beautiful sky. Amit adds along with the mosquitos. Ammu relents. He notices her upset. Mummy ji has booked the whole villa. Whatever we could use now we wont be able to use it. She must have spent a lot. Everything would go waste. News is more important or else the reporter would feel bad.
He understands her tactics and agrees to have open air dinner. Ammu gets excited but hides her excitement. I will go and change. He questions what’s wrong in this dress. She replies this isn’t that dress and leaves in a hurry. He thinks no one can understand girls especially not me.

Ammu comes wearing that same peach coloured suit which Amit had complimented her for. The band singer starts singing hulchul hui. They find the place very beautiful.
The waiter comes with food ordered by Amita. You wanted to sleep early that’s why I ordered it. He says there isn’t such hurry. They should sit and enjoy as the place is nice. Ammu smiles and the song come to an end.

Amita asks him if he remembers their first date. He coughs in answer. When did we go on a date? She corrects herself. I mean their first meeting. He smiles yes I do. You took half an hour to decide on one thing. ammu sweetly replies. Back then I couldn’t but now I can. She thinks again saying maybe not. he breaks into a smile.

The girl singer comes asking Amit to suggest one song that he wants her to sing. Amit declines saying I know none. You should ask her. ammu thinks and suggest Thoda Sa Pyaar Hua Hai, (looking at Amit) Thoda Hai Baaki. He gets a little uncomfy.

The girl agrees to sing insisting they dance along. Ammu senses his discomfort. She dismisses it saying he doesn’t like dancing. The girl nods and goes away.
Amit notices her sad mood and goes to the singer. She wonders what he is discussing. Amit comes back and says they will but for a short period of time only. He offers his hand to her. She happily takes it and they get on the floor.
Ammu dreams off them dancing romantically on that song. Both are humming the lyrics and sharing their lovely moments. They are lost in each other all the while.

The song ends and Amit snaps her out of her dream. He asks her where she was lost. She answers nothing. He gets a call as they come back to their table. He tells her it’s urgent and goes to talk. She sits back smiling. He doesn’t come back for a long time and she wonders about the same. Almost everyone leaves as he continues speaking on the phone.

Ammu comes angrily looking for him. He sees her thus and disconnects the call. We came together Amit then why did you leave me along? I have been waiting since so long. He reminds her that he got a call. She thinks it is from her home. Is it mummy ji? I too want to thank her for all the arrangements. Give me the phone please.
He says he can get other people’s call too. She asks him who. He tells her that Sanjay called. He tells her something which puts her off (sorry missed what he said, anyone who knows is welcome to help ).

Precap: Amit is sneezing. Who got the roses in our room? She makes an innocent face. I dint. Please don’t get angry on me. He angrily tells her he would sleep here only on the floor. He is sleeping at night when Amita adjusts the pillow under his neck and looks at him lovingly.

Update Credit to: pooja

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