Amita Ka Amit 31st July 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 31st July 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 31st July 2013 Written Update
Ammu is counting rice separately. Amit comes there and she forgets the counting. I will have to count them again. Baa had told me to count 50 grains of rice and keep them separately for the puja. I will have to count again. I don’t want to make any mistake. He reminds her how she only found out the error in the accounts in office. She is a true Gujarati after all. She gets serious. I don’t know I will count again. He tells her not to be disheartened over such a small thing. It might hamper your self-confidence. She tells him it wont hamper it for it is already broken now. Everything is going wrong since a last few days that’s why mummy ji is upset with me. Nowadays I am scared all the time what if I make one mistake mummy ji will get all the more upset from me. What did you come to tell

me? He shares how he spoke with Fallu as to why she isn’t letting you do any work. Ammu is taken aback. What….why…who told you to do so? He says, you only told me that mummy is upset with you so I thought to talk to her. She gets hyper thinking what mummy ji will feel. She will think that I complained to you. He questions her if she doesn’t want the solution of the situation. She told me that she isn’t upset with you. She has agreed to let you make Prasad for tomorrow’s puja. He recalls Fallu’s words that she no longer likes the way Ammu works. He gets sombre which doesn’t go unnoticed by Ammu. Did she say anything else? He simply tells her to do the work more carefully and forget everything else. Everything will be fine. She nods.

Amita and Fallu are in the kitchen. Fallu has kept everything (ingredient) ready for Ammu to cook ghevar for the udyapan puja. Ammu was thinking it would be mohanthaal this time too but is surprised hearing ghevar. Ria comes there to ask her if she dint count the grains of rice well as they were lesser than they were supposed to be. Fallu looks disappointed with her. Ammu suggests counting them again but Ria tells her to work there and she will go do it. She leaves. Fallu asks her if you don’t know how to make it then tell me in now. Ammu says I have never made it before but I can make it well if you tell me the recipe. Fallu scares her all the more that her one mistake can ruin the whole Prasad. Ammu nods hesitant.

Ria gives the grains of rice to Tina. They both are happy as this action would infuriate Fallu all the more against Ammu. She will start trusting Ammu lesser. Ria shares how Ammu is slowly losing her own confidence. They both share a wicked smile.

Fallu reminds her that she is taking a huge responsibility onto herself for this Prasad goes to Amit’s office as well. Ammu assures her she will make it right. She confirms one more thing about making it after which Fallu makes an exit from the kitchen. Ammu gets down to business and thinks of what Fallu had told her. I should make it on medium gas.

Everyone is sitting in the living area. Kirath rues why they gave an off to the servants for now they will have to do the work themselves. Baa teases him….as if you will help. He tries to avert saying I will do all the work on the day I take off from office. Right Fallu? Fallu begins telling him what all need to be done. Kirath stops her. It is better to go to office. All smile. Amit asks his mummy why they need to do so much of cleaning. Our home is clean as it is. She points out it is Ammu’s first puja in this house so will have to do it. Ria takes on the task of calling up the priest and confirming his timing. Baa teases her. She took such a big task. Rest all will Fallu do all by herself? Nani takes Ammu’s name which doesn’t go well with Fallu. Ria jokes Ammu will not be able to do so much. Baa says if she is making the Prasad for puja then she can do all this as well. Ria repeats the same smiling (joking kind of way).

Ammu is preparing ghevar. She tells herself to calm down don’t be nervous. You are anyways the daughter of a sweets maker. She gets confused between adding cashew or raisins first and continues working. Tina comes there. She notices the mess and points out the same to Ammu. Fallu bhabhi wont like it. Ammu realizes. I forgot while making ghevar MIL will be upset. Tina notices the gas (on medium) and thinks of something. I cook it on slow gas. Ammu counters with what Fallu had said (about cooking it on medium gas). Tina repeats her point. Rest is up to you. She leaves from there. Ammu finally turns the gas low. Amit comes there. She gets scared thinking it might be MIL. He asks if she thinks his mom to be scary. She pouts. You think me to be such a daughter-in-law? I don’t have such values. He compliments the Prasad….it’s looking good. She teases him he is saying it as if he is a cooking expert. Go you like everything that I do you put me on the high all the time. I have lots of work to do. He adds another work….to send the husband out. Before she can say anything, he says – now you will say hawww you think me to be such a wife? She pouts and he leaves. Ammu cleans up the whole mess when Fallu is back in the kitchen. She asks about the ghevar and notices that she is cooking it on the slow level. She removes the lid and is shocked. What is this? And we see that the ghevar is ruined. ammu is super shocked.


Everyone is sitting tensed. Baa tells Fallu not to stare at Ammu like this. If you have to stare then stare at Tina. Why did you say that to Ammu? Tina plays innocent. I told her what I do but she too must use her own mind. Ammu apologizes but Fallu cuts her off. You shouldn’t be sorry. Amit should say it for he only insisted to give this responsibility to you. He tells her not to make such a big issue out of this. I know a good halwai I will get it from there. Fallu questions him on his own words. You said you only support truth then why are you siding with Amita today? Is it because you think she is right and it is I who is stretching it? He tries explaining but she is gone by that time. Tina and Ria enjoy it thoroughly.

Ammu is staring at the ceiling with blank expressions. Amit comes and tries to talk to her but she tells him to switch off the light and she turns the other side. He too lies down sensing her mood.

Fallu is mopping / cleaning and dusting the whole house. She is also coughing and sneezing too. Everyone wakes up to a noise and come out to see Fallu working. They notice all the work she has done alone. They all ask her since when is she awake. Fallu tells since 4 am. Ammu says you too kept the fast then why did you do it. Fallu sarcastically remarks that there was too much to do and after knowing what happened yesterday I cannot depend on anyone else. I saw the outcome of depending on someone else. She moves from there but has a fainting spell. All rush to her.

The doc is checking Fallu. You shouldn’t take so much stress in this age. Amit agrees with the doc. What’s the point of doing all the work on your own? Tina speaks up. No one has an interest to do everything alone. But when she would have felt that no one wants to help then she must have thought to do it on her own. She clears her stance looking at everyone’s faces. Don’t misunderstand me. Doc writes down the medicines for Fallu. You all have to take care of her very well. She needs rest. Keep checking the temperature in every hour. Ammu nods agreeing to check. Amit takes the responsibility on himself.


AA are going outside to drop the doc. She confirms about Fallu’s health. He says it is only exertion. When she will have to do so much on her own then she will anyways fall ill. She needs to have salt so that she doesn’t feel dehydrated. Ammu says she cannot open her fast like this. Doc tells her to make her do it. Her bp wont be normal otherwise. The responsibility is on you both. He leaves. Ammu turns to go tell MIL she will have to open her fast. Amit stops her saying Nani will do it. She questions him why can I not say it. You feel I will again make a mistake in telling her this? He says she is misunderstanding it. This isn’t the right time to talk about this. He starts leaving to get the medicines when she stops him. What is going on in your mind? He tells her clearly that it is no point talking to mom right now. She gave you this responsibility after a lot of thinking. You should have been worried about it. I know whatever happened was intentional but if you would have been careful enough then she wouldn’t have to do all this after getting miffed with you. And you know her nature she is more stubborn than the kids. She will do what she has decided to do. Anyways all will be fine hopefully. I will go get the medicines you tell Nani about what the doc has said. She nods sadly. She is heartbroken as he leaves.

Precap: Amit asks Ammu how much quantity of sweets is needed as the one she had made is ruined. He notices the change in her facial expressions and stops. Nani comes to tell him Ammu is making Basundi for Prasad. He is surprised. You know how to make it? She reminds him she had made it a few days back only did he forgot? He recalls and appreciates her skills. I was anyways getting worried. It is very easy and you can easily make it.

Update Credit to: pooja

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