Amita Ka Amit 31st January 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 31st January 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 31st January 2013 Written Update

Amita’s grandpa tried to talk about her grand daughter and Amit when he got to know that Amit is in his wedding age. Here Amit is shown to have a meet with a girl, Neha, who came late and shown off on everything. Amits feels that she is totally different from him and denies to carry forward. The girl showed her attitude and says that she was about to reject him herself.
Amita and Preeti gone to meet Sooraj. Preeti again asks Amita to rethink about the meeting. Amita motivates her that Sooraj loves him a lot. Preeti got ready for the meet.

Amita ordering dosa meanwhile Preeti comes and tells her that she rejected Sooraj, she is totally different from what Amita told her. Amita doubts het that she had rejected him all because of her. But Preeti again says that he his not his type. Amita catched her that she is telling lie. Preeti told her that she can’t love such a person who had broken the heart of his friend. They huged each other.

Here at Amit’s house all were angry for Amit as he had rejected the girl on his face. All were discussing about the same. Meanwhile Amit enters after coming from office, all staring him. Her grandma asks him about Neha why she denied her. Amit explains everything that she is totally a waste. She firstly wasted time as she came late then she wasted money as she purchased a purse of Rs. 21000 and then she wasted food as she ordered many things and hadn’t ate a single. Then her grandma asks him how shoud be a girl like? Amit thinks and explains that the girl should be a good girl. His family takes the names of many girls but he finds faults in everyone. Then he carried on saying that the girl should be little beautiful, little intelligent, little smart, little educated and then she will be perfect in every sense. His grandma says she had such a girl in her mind (talking about Amita).

Amit’s grandma showing the pic of Amita to Amit. And Amit simply smiles seeing the pic.

Update Credit to: awesum life

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