Amita Ka Amit 30th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Amita Ka Amit 30th October 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 30th October 2013 Written Update

Amit is also stunned as Kirath suggests divorce. But why? Kirath replies why not. You might not have noticed but you two always keep fighting with each other like divorcees. If you both cannot live with each other for another minute then it is no point to live this relation for namesake. Amit tries to argue but Kirath cuts him off. I only want to say that this will be good not only for you two but for the whole family. Or your mom will keep trying to bring you two back together and you cant imagine how sad she would be to see all her efforts failing. Amit asks him if Amu has talked about taking a divorce.

On the other hand, Fallu tells Amu what it matters if Amit hasn’t talked about this or not. You both want this only right. If you two don’t love each other then how would

be able to be with each other? Amu gets sad and thinking. This isn’t the time to think but take a decision. Till how long will you live like this? Kirath says things have gone way out of hand. Plus I don’t see any point in dragging things like this. I want you to fulfill all the legal formalities in front of me only. I have spoken with the lawyer. He would come soon with all the legal papers. Till then you can decide although you only have to sign. Kirath leaves. Amit is sad meanwhile Amu too sits down on the staircase sadly. Amit thinks, she knows about divorce yet she dint even come to talk to me. Amu thinks, this means he has agreed for the divorce. Amit says she can do anything she feels like. Amu says he must be thinking to put all the blame on me. I wont let it happen. She goes downstairs to talk to him.

AA meet in the lobby area. He says so you came to know? She agrees. You too? He too nods back at her. She wants to say something to him. If you we decide to take divorce then I want to take Kanha ji’s idol with me. Couldn’t take it last time so dint feel good. He agrees for it. You can take whatever you want to and since you have come back you have started eating lots of sweets. Lessen it. She nods. You too have started driving without wearing a seat belt. You never used to do that before. He says circumstances / situations have changed a lot. With them people’s habits too change. Amu tries to say something and then they both take a step closer towards each other. kirath coughs so as to gain their attention. AA are shocked to see him with a lawyer.

Kirath says you both have to sign on these divorce papers. Amu is shaking while Amit looks on sadly too. AA look at the file and then at each other.

Everyone is gathered in the living area with the divorce papers spread on the table between AA. They are literally holding their breaths. Lawyer gets up and gives the pen to Amit to sign. AA look at each other. he keeps the pen down. The lawyer suggests leaving both of them alone for a while as they are going to take a very big decision. Plus the procedure anyways demands them to be alone for some time when they have to take such decision. Fallu tries to speak against this but Kirath cuts her off. We all should go to some other room. He tells the same to everyone loudly. Let AA sign on the papers by taking their own time. They all leave from there. Amit is very nervous while Amu looks sadly…near tears. They recount their wedding in reverse. They both get up and decline to sign on these papers. He cannot understand from where mom dad gets such ideas. He tears the papers. She is surprised. Means you dint ask for it? He asks her if she doesn’t know him at all. You think I will think of such things? You think I will divorce you? Without whom each day passed like a year….heart stopped beating…and the aim to breathe was to find you somewhere and see you once and you think I will do it? I will divorce you? She says this means your anger and hurt was all a lie? If that was the case then why dint you come to take me back? He says why should I? When you left this home did you think about me for once? Why should I? She replies as because you love me. He says you too love me yet left me right? She calls herself mad. I do anything without thinking but you are the smart one. You should have stopped me as you love me a lot. When you love someone then you forgive all the mistakes of the one you love. He says he couldn’t as he felt bad / angry. You want me to get down on my knees and apologize to you? She declines. You don’t have to do anything. They both move closer to each other and get lost in each other’s eyes. He wipes his tears all the while shaking his head at her indicating at her not to cry. She says I love you to him. He kisses her forehead and confesses his love too. They both apologize to each other hug and make up.


Everyone is happily working towards decorating the house for Diwali. Fallu comes out Amu pointing out that the sweets will be less. We will have to make more. Amit interrupts it isn’t a wedding but a puja. Amu stops him. Mr. Amit Shah MIL is right. The gang of kids will eat like anything. Amit remembers that. He agrees with his mom now. Amu takes her MIL aside. Why does he interrupt in everything? Fallu makes a joke over it and they both laugh. Amu comes back to where she had kept the plate full of colors for the rangoli but finds it gone. Amit is hiding behind the pillar waiting for her to come to him. She spots him and goes and asks for the plate. He denies. This is your punishment. You were having so much fun while ganging up with mom against me. Now go and have fun. She decides to call MIL then. He covers her mouth to shush her. They both get into an eye lock. Nani and Fallu come there and cough up to divert them. Amit quickly moves aside. Amu runs off to make more laddoos. Fallu tells him not to bother Amu whereas Nani takes his side. Go ahead. He tries to walk away from there feeling shy. But Fallu tells him to go and help Amu in the kitchen. He nods. I was going there only.

AA get romantic in the kitchen. A few kids come running in the kitchen and they both get conscious. They ask her for laddoos and are told they will get it after the puja. Go out and play. But the kids deny. We wont go anywhere. We will stay here near the sweets. Amu smiles. He tries to send them off but they want to see how the sweet is made. Amit nods at Amu. Show them. He is muttering to himself as he goes to clean his hands. She realizes his mood and goes near to him. I will come to you in some time but then agrees to come faster. He agrees finally. I am waiting for you. Come soon. She nods with a smile. Amit stops as he forgot to tell her something. Nani was telling me that not only me but there is another thing as well that’s waiting for you….our almirah. He goes out telling the kids to have laddoos.


Amu very quietly comes to take her luggage from the kids room’s almirah but then the kids come running to her. A girl asks her where she is going with the bag. She declines. I was only taking out my clothes for Diwali. Another kid tells her to let it be. We are kids but not stupid. Pintu comments she is shifting in that khadus uncle’s room. We also know that you are married to him. Why did you hide this from us? When we hide something from you then you punish us for sure. Now it is your punishment that you will stay with us only and not with khadus uncle. She readily agrees. I am not going anywhere.

Amit is waiting for Amu in his room. He keeps the rose he was holding under the pillow and heads outside.

All the kids have circled around Amu wanting to play something. She suggests hide and seek finally. She decides to take the den. She counts till ten all the while telling them to hide nicely. She is heading towards her room when Nani stops her. Where are you running off to? Amu fumbles for answers. Nani smiles. Go Amit is also looking for you. She pats at her head sweetly. She is going when Amit pulls her aside. Where were you? I have been waiting for so long. She apologizes. He says I only don’t like this thing of yours. Your cute smile makes all my anger disappear. Let us go in our room. She agrees but just then Kirath calls out to Amit. She tells him to go meet dad or he will come here searching for him. He agrees.

Kirath says I was thinking of going to office to distribute the sweets but home minister (Fallu) has ordered me to put on the lights. Now you will have to go to office. Amit is taken aback. I can do the lighting you go na. fallu declines. He sets lights very nicely. He will do it like he does every year. Kirath says this is a good chance. Go and meet Mr. Lakhani too. Give sweets wish him and try to sort out the issue. Amit has no option but to agree to go. Amu who was listening to their convo waves bye to him.

Precap: Amu was going quietly to meet Amit when he coincidentally meets her near the stairs and shushes her mouth. He picks her up in his arms and they both come to their room. Romantic moments on the cards!

Update Credit to: pooja

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