Amita Ka Amit 30th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Amita Ka Amit 30th May 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 30th May 2013 Written Update

Amit is about to go when she holds one dress asking if she should pick this. He compliments her saying she looks good in this colour. He goes out with his baggage while she smiles to herself.

She doesn’t notice Jigna and Preeti coming in. Jigna loses bet to Preeti as Ammu hasn’t packed her stuff yet. They find her lost and Preeti makes her come back to reality. Preeti asks where are you lost. Ammu blushes. Amit said I look good in this dress.
Jigna very sweetly tells her to get habitual to such compliments as she is going on her honeymoon. Ammu dismisses her citing the packing excuse. Preeti and Jigna give her a gift to take along. She happily takes it and keeps in her bag.

Outside everyone is waiting for Ammu. Fallu asks him if everything is set. He agrees he is but

its already 3pm and Ammu still hasn’t come. I need to get the car refuelled too. Preeti tells him that she was coming but forgot her lip gloss so has gone back to get that only.
Amit jokes that they should send a beauty parlour rep too along with Ammu. All smile. Ammu comes out finally all set to go. Jigna tells her to hurry up or else she will miss the sunset point. Ammu jokes that the sunset point would be there itself only the sun will set. She laughs on her own joke.

Nani tells them that they should take care of each other well while they are on their way to their destination. They needn’t worry about the sunset. They should take care of each other well. Amit nods in agreement and Amita smiles at him.

In the car, Amit tells Amita to take out the notepad from the dashboard. She does only to find a to-do list mentioning the places to visit along with the duration of their stay at each place. She asks him if he always plan beforehand and follow the same. He replies in affirmative. She checks the list and thinks there is one error in your list. There is no time for love. Huhh! (Cute!)
She wonders why he kept only 15 minutes for sunset point. People don’t just go there to watch the sunset. He replies after sunset it will be dark. There would be no use staying there afterwards. She gets disappointed. He asks her about the first item mentioned on the list. She tells him – petrol.

They stop at a petrol pump. Amit tells him to fill the tank to the brim. But suddenly he notices the meter. He points out that the petrol rates decreased today only. He himself saw it in the news in the morning. The operator tells that they don’t have cable. They will give it on this rate only; if he wants he can get at this rate or else get it filled from somewhere else. Amit wants to speak to the manager of the petrol pump but the operator doesn’t let him.
Ammu gets down from the car. She reprimands him for speaking rudely with Amit. Amit stops her from speaking anything. This isn’t about petrol. This is about right or wrong. The guy taunts him for being so pesky about Rs. 150 when he has such a big car. Ammu gives him back nicely (or rather cutely). We will find another petrol pump. Let us go Amit. She shouts at the guy (as Amit tries to make her sit inside the car ) even if you sell kerosene we wont buy it. Keep that to yourself and make yourself a Taj Mahal (how this came into picture ). The guy tells her they don’t sell kerosene and asks Amit to take the madam. Amit is finally successful and they drive away (poor Amit ).

Amit jokes that as they have less petrol, if it gets over then she will have to push the car. Ammu makes funny faces. She spots one petrol pump and shouts excitedly. He is surprised and goes to the pump only to find that it is closed. She assures him not to worry. They will find another one soon (though she herself is doubtful).

The car breaks down. He tries to start it but in vain. He asks the passerby’s about nearest petrol pump but they answer that there is none. Ammu asks him what happened (wow so sweet of you). He tells her that petrol is over. The car wont start now. She tells him to try once again and he does. The car starts and she points out sweetly to him. BUT it stops in another 10 seconds AND she repeats her question. Instead of replying, he gets down annoyed. She repeats what happened. He replies my sweet wife has an interest in fighting that is why. If you wouldn’t have fought then we would have got the petrol.
She gapes because of me? You fought with him for Rs. 3. I am completely not interested if people talk to you like this. You think I would let them go easily? He says that guy fought with me. Would you do this always if someone behaves with me like this? She replies in affirmative. He asks her the reason behind it. Ammu says, because I…and stops realizing what she was about say and looks down. He anxiously waits for the answer. Ammu simply tells him that she doesn’t like it. I even don’t like fighting with you while standing on the road. He tells her to tear the list. I don’t think we would be able to reach there by sunset. She very sweetly says if my devotion to Kanha is true then he will definitely help us. We will get lift in 5 minutes.

Amit tries to stop car (but the way he is doing is useless). She watches smiling. He says maybe your Kanha ji is busy or maybe your devotion isn’t as strong as it should be. She retorts you don’t even know how to ask for lift or we wouldn’t have been stuck here for 2 hours. You leave it I will try. He motions her to go ahead. She tries to do so when a car driving rashly passes by (guys shouting on top of their lungs while enjoying booze). Amit immediately pulls her back and they share a long eye lock.

He is the first one to look away even though she continues looking at him making him nervous. He calls her a fool warning her not to do so again while she is lost looking at him. She says but Pooja Bhatt tried to get lift in Dil Hai Ki Maanta Nahi like this only. He asks her what happened afterwards.
She excitedly begins to answer but realises she dint watch the whole movie for the CD got stuck. He tells her she got lift from the wrong person.
She jumps in joy. You watched a movie and still remember it? He becomes uncomfy and looks away just replying in yes. I wont let my kids watch Indian movies. Especially not half movies. Ammu becomes shy saying kids? He is at a loss of words and focuses back on the road to find some transport to reach to the resort before evening. She happily says then what she is happy to be with him out of him. This is the first time when we are going out of Mumbai. He mocks wow. But what place is this? What is the name of this place? You are so weird. We are stuck here and you are smiling. She is happy to be stuck anywhere as long as he is with her. every place looks beautiful when he is around her. she was saying this while looking down but when she looks up she finds Amit talking to a person having a bicycle asking about the nearest petrol pump.

They get to know that it is 7-8kms away. Amit wonders how they will reach there as there is no auto or taxi to hire. Ammu notices the bicycle and says they would. He doesn’t understand and she points out to the bicycle excitedly. The guy doesn’t want to risk losing his bicycle so our smart Ammu hands him the car of the keys (not letting Amit to say anything) to him. She asks him to take care of their car and the guy relents (who would not). Amit is as usual at a loss of words.

Ammu and Amit are walking with the bicycle. He asks her how she could hand over the car keys instead of this cycle. What if he takes the car with him? She replies (brilliantly ) when there is no petrol and even they are unable to drive off, how would he! He doesn’t say anything else.
She notices them walking with the cycle and jokes earlier only two of them were walking now they are walking along with the bicycle. Why don’t you try driving it? You can do it. He asks if he should say something if she doesn’t feel bad. You don’t weigh 20 kgs. She questions him if she is fat? Don’t answer. Remember when you took pheras you took vow to fulfil all your responsibilities now do so. He obliges. She tries to sit on the back but the carrier breaks so he asks her to sit in the front. He is having problem driving while they both are sitting.
She tells him to drive fast just like Aamir Khan drove in Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar. He very sweetly replies that no Amita was sitting in front fof Aamir Khan’s bicycle. She notices him having problem in driving so she suggests him to think that he is gymming. He replies he doesn’t like going to gym (bouncer). She thinks again. Then think that I am not on the cycle with you. He points out that if she continues talking to him then he wont be able to think that. They come across a pothole and she is about to lose her balance when she hold onto his arm. He tells her to be careful as they will have to search for the doc too along with the petrol pump. She blushes and notices her hand on his arm while Khaabon ke Parindey plays. The epi ends on her happy face.


Update Credit to: pooja

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