Amita Ka Amit 30th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 30th July 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 30th July 2013 Written Update

Ammu comes in her room and sadly recalls her MIL’S words….now you have become so smart to create a rift between a mother and a son? Amit looks at her. He is browsing through some of her papers and wonders why she has so many copies of her documents. She tells him it is for she had scored so much in her B.S. and so on. He calls it wastage of paper. She says, you don’t like anything which I say right. Do one thing throw these papers out….delete them from laptop as well. Amit is surprised. He asks Ammu why she is so upset. Whatever was to happen has happened. Kajal left for her home and Jiggi too left for good. Ammu says, he saw it with himself then why is he asking what happened. Things have started turning bad from here on. Mummy ji is very angry with both of us. She loves Jiggi bhaiya

a lot. He reminds her, his mother’s anger goes away in the same speed as it comes. Ammu declines. Mummy ji hasn’t eaten anything since morning. Amit is taken aback. Its 9pm and she hasn’t eaten anything? Ammu nods in negative.

Fallu is keeping some stuff in her almirah when Amit enters her room and sits on the bed. She asks him what happened and next asks if his feet are clean. He shows her his feet. You remember in childhood you used to check my feet before putting me off to sleep? She replies it was different in childhood. Back then you used to listen to me but now you have grown up. You don’t listen to me anymore but someone else. She stands by the window. Amit comes there and says I know what you are talking about. I dint follow anyone’s words. I had pointed out Kajal too when she was wrong (Ammu comes and listens from the door) and now when Jiggi is wrong then he is wrong. I saw it with my own eyes. You know I don’t say anything other than truth. She tells him at least he came to his mother to tell her this. Nowadays you don’t have time for me. Have you ever thought what this mother would be feeling when she notices that you have time for everyone else but not for her? He asks her to have food…so that she gets strength to fight plus there is no point in dieting now as no effect will happen on this figure. She very cutely tells him to go she will eat. AA smile. Amit leaves.

Next morning, Amit is looking for his red file while she is getting ready. He is getting late. She tells him she is looking for it (without moving away from the mirror 😛 ). She is busy getting dressed and he looks at her intently. Why are you getting this ready? Are you going for some wedding? She reminds him of the puja (again :O ) plus mummy ji is as it is upset with me. He assures her Fallu isn’t upset with her but he would be if she doesn’t find that file for him. She makes a sad face which doesn’t go unnoticed by Amit. He sweetly asks her to help him. She points out he might have misplaced it while checking her papers. He agrees but still asks her to help. She goes to check.

Ammu tells him to message her after having food while handing over the tiffin box. He nods and turns when she asks him to message her telling if he liked the food. He nods again. She stops him again. If you miss me then you can message me as well. He agrees and she starts telling him to message her as soon as she reaches office. He obliges….I don’t go to work in office I go there to message. Shall I leave now? They both bid sweet bye to each other and he finally leaves for office.

Ammu comes to Fallu offering to help for puja as Nani watches. Fallu says I have done everything already. What else will you do now? She leaves from there. Nani signals Ammu to go after her.

Ammu goes to her MIL (who is making preps for the puja). She tries to talk to her MIL somehow talking about puja preps, lunch. Fallu tells her she has already made lunch with the help of Baa. She moves away to clean the puja utensils. Ammu offers to help but Fallu curtly declines it too. I am not that old that I wont be able to do it. Baa asks if the taunt isn’t directed at her. fallu declines but she says if Ammu is asking so much than take her help. Every MIL is worried that their DIL’s don’t do any work and here things are altogether different. Fallu turns to Ammu telling her to make rangoli for the puja. She readily agrees to make Murli Manohar (Kanha’s) rangoli. Tina objects as it is Jaya Parvati’s fast. Ria browses on internet and shows one (very difficult) to Fallu. She asks Fallu if she would be able to make it. Ammu nods without looking at the pic. All go their separate ways and Ammu checks the pic. She wonders how she will be able to make it as it is very difficult but will make it for sure.

Ammu gets down making the rangoli. She tries making it but is unable to. Ria and Tina watch hiding and enjoy her plight. Fallu comes there to check shocking Ammu. She looks at the rangoli. Where is the rangoli? This isn’t it. She picks up the phone saying this doesn’t matches with this one. I know it isn’t possible for you. She walks away from there. Tina and Ria hi-five. Ammu clears the rangoli while crying. Fallu comes there with a phone call from Kajal for her. She enquires about the rangoli. She thanks her for what she and Amit have done for her. Atul is feeding me fruits right now. Atul takes the phone and teases Kajal. Why did you send this problem back home so soon? She is a very cute problem though. Ammu smiles. She asks for Varsha. Kajal tells her she will make her talk to her later as she is busy in the puja preps. Ammu disconnects the call sadly.


At night, Ammu is lying in her room with lights switched off. Amit comes trying to wake her up. Are you ok? She declines and please switches off the lights. He wonders it isn’t so. When you get a sneeze you sms me right away; call me when you get a headache asking me to come home early. Not only this ma too calls me 10-15 times for the same but today nothing as such happened. This means you are fine. She exclaims what she will do by being fit as there is no work to be done by her in home. He points out it is puja today there will be loads of work at home. She tells him mummy ji did everything own her own I couldn’t do anything. He asks for the reason of her worry. She rues that MIL will do all the work even after I am home. You think I am such a kind of daughter-in-law? She is still upset with me regarding Kajal and Jiggi bhaiya. He tries reassuring her. I have spoken to her myself. She isn’t upset with you. She tells him MIL isn’t upset with you but with me. he guarantees she dint do anything. It wasn’t she who said anything to Jiggi. You sent Kajal back home and did what you were supposed to. If you want more work then I will make this whole room a mess and you can continue cleaning it till morning.

Everyone is seated at the dining table. Nani is happy that the puja was a success. Baa points out that it would be as Ria slept only twice during the puja. Tina takes Ria’s side. She wasn’t sleeping but concentrating in the puja. Leave all that. The puja has been well taken care by Fallu bhabhi. All appreciate Fallu. Baa asks Ammu to serve the food to everyone. Fallu stops her and starts doing it all by herself. Tina wants tissues but is again stopped by Fallu. Amit also notices the tension. Ria and Tina enjoy the situation. Nani senses it too. She tells Ammu to take her out to temple tomorrow as it has been many days. She nods. Fallu says Ammu has a lot to do tomorrow so I will take you. Amit asks Fallu which important work is it that she cant take Nani to temple. Fallu’s smile disappears. Ammu supports her MIL and apologizes to Nani.


Fallu and Nani are working in the kitchen. Fallu rues about the cook disappearing today itself when he was needed the most. Nani comments someone is just a call away ready to help you but you aren’t doing it. What can one do as you are interested in doing the work all by yourself? Fallu goes quiet. Amit enters. I too am trying to make ma understand the same thing but she isn’t. She tells him not to interfere in between. Nani questions her if she alone will be speaking everything. Let him speak at least. Amit begins. Why are you not letting Amita do any work? Fallu sarcastically calls him a lawyer ready to fight for his wife. He asks Nani to make her understand as she isn’t listening to me. nani says she doesn’t want to come in between a mother-son’s talk. She goes out to have her kheer. He tries to stop her but in vain.
Fallu gets back to her work. He says I know you are still upset about Jiggi issue that is why not allowing Ammu to do any work. She declines. I am not letting her do anything for she doesn’t know anything. He cross questions her as to how can it be you yourself praise her so much. She states I used to in the past but not anymore as she used to really try hard in doing something. But now her doing something means doubling the work. I told her to make a simple rangoli but she made it such that had to get it all cleaned and get a new one instead. He agrees with her accepting Ammu’s mistake but this doesn’t mean she doesn’t know anything. Everyone makes mistakes and similarly, Ammu too did a few what’s the big deal in that. Fallu agrees to let Ammu make the Prasad for udyapan puja. He gets happy.

Precap: Fallu has kept everything (ingredient) ready for Ammu to cook ghevar for the udyapan puja. If you don’t know how to make it then tell me in now. Ammu declines I will make it. Fallu scares her all the more that her one mistake can ruin the whole Prasad. Ammu nods hesitant.

Update Credit to: pooja

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