Amita Ka Amit 2nd October 2013 Written Episode Update


Amita Ka Amit 2nd October 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 2nd October 2013 Written Update

Epi begins with Amit shouting out for Amu – this isn’t out baby! Everyone turns to look at him while Amu looks at the baby shock all written over her face. Very slowly he walks up to her, takes the baby from her and gives it to the nurse. She cannot take her eyes off the smiling baby. Amit repeats for her. This isn’t our baby. Our baby is no more. Everyone is sad. Amu sits on the floor staring blankly ahead of her. Amit finally breaks down seeing her like this.

Amu comes back to Shah House with her family. varsha gets up to go talk to her the minute she sees her. She hugs Amu who replies I am ok. Amu immediately goes over to check out the sofa, cushions telling her MIL they are dirty and needs to be cleaned / changed. They all watch it completely taken aback. Amit leaves from

there while Amu continues talking. Amu herself takes over the task of making breakfast for everyone and leaves from there. Varsha cries seeing her daughter’s pain. Fallu tries to comfort her but Varsha says I cannot see Amu like this. She prays to God to return their own chirpy bubbly Amu back.

Amit is sad looking at the almirah which Amu had stuffed with gifts for their baby. He closes it abruptly as if he cannot bear to see it anymore. Nani is watching him intently. He too sees her. Nani says I know this time is very tough not only for Amu but you too. But this is the right time to fulfil your responsibility as a husband. She wont be able to hide her pain for long however much she can try. She had been waiting for her baby for 9 long months….now when she will hear her own cries instead of her baby’s then what she will be going through we cannot even begin to imaging that. Your love and support will bring her back only. When her brave act of feeling no pain will pass then she will completely break down. You will have to revive her spirits. You will have to make her feel lively again. Amit nods sadly. She leaves after giving him a gentle pat on his cheek.

Varsha tells Amu to go and rest for some time. I will do the kitchen stuff till I am here. You don’t have to worry about this. Amu says this is everyday’s work. I will be out soon. You can tell me if you want something special. She gets back to cooking. Varsha wants to help but Amu tells her to sit her MIL outside. I will join you very soon. Varsha is very sad as Amu declines her offer of help.

Everyone is talking in a group when Amit comes and asks his mom about Amu. He is told that she is making tea for everyone. He is surprised. Just then Amu comes there with tea and everyone’s favourite breakfast for them. They are all in a big shock to see the food she has cooked. Amu tells each and everyone separately what she has made for them.


Amu prods everyone to eat so they sit down to have it a little reluctantly though. Everyone is holding their plates confusedly. Amu tells them to eat and tell her how it is. They all take a bite and compliment her with a smile. Amu smiles a big smile back at them.

Amu is wiping the clean utensils with a dry cloth. Amit wants to talk to her. She says she is all ears. He asks her if they can go for a walk. She declines citing work in the kitchen. We can talk here as well. He denies. It is very important for us to talk about whatever happened. She rejects it outright…nothing happened. He agrees….maybe not for you but you can go out for my sake…just one walk. She nods and leaves to freshen up.

Amu is eating ice cream as they are walking. She loves it….dint eat it for so long. He reminds her she was preggy that’s why she dint. She asks her if he wants it and he denies. They both sit down on a bench to chat. She is busy eating her ice cream while Amit looks at the little kids playing around them. He draws her attention to them. We too were about to have a baby and. She cuts him mid sentence. I am very hungry. Ice cream isn’t filling I want something yummy. Let us go home. He tells her to have it from here only if she is hungry. But she insists she wants to have something homemade….aaloochat made by MIL. He agrees to go. They get up and a lady gives Amu a leaflet inviting her for Dandia dance program. She sits down again looking at the leaflet. Amit tries talking again. I know we have been through a very tough time but it isn’t the right way out to try to show like nothing happened. We will have to face it…especially you. Don’t you think so? She replies…I think we should go for Dandia. Dance, music…it would be so much fun. The whole family can go together. He agrees to talk to them after he gets over the shock of what she has just said. She gets up and tells him to come as she is feeling hungry. He smiles but is deeply worried inside.

Everyone is sitting in the living area. Amit tells them I am not joking. She seriously wants to go to this function. Tina interrupts him. She has just come out of such a serious problem and will play Dandia now…no, she wont. Varsha offers to talk to Amu but Nani stops her. Amit expresses his concern to her. How will she go for this function in this condition? Nani agrees with him. She is not in such a state to go anywhere but we will have to get the function here. Amit and everyone exchange a confused look. She explains we will have Dandia for her here only. There is no solution for the shock she has been through. She will have to learn to accept and live with it. Maybe she is trying to do that only. We should support her. it is anyways better to let her sit alone and cry all the time.

Amu is filing her nails in her room when Amit walks in. She asks him about what everyone said for the Dandia function. He tells her no one is interested to go out. She wants to know if only they are going then. He explains no one is interested in going outside but they are certainly inclined to play Dandia. She gets confused. Before Amit can explain, Kirath and everyone comes inside. He tells her we can play inside only. Dandia nights in the house! Amu asks about the preps…in so less time. Rohan assures her everything can be done. Ria brings in the costumes for everyone. Amu compliments them. Fallu takes the credit of inviting guests. Amu suggests everyone to get ready asap then. She takes her costume and goes to get ready. The smile on everyone’s face disappears as she walks out of the room.

There are so many guests over at Shah House. But the mood is still sombre and more so sad. Amu comes out all dressed up for the function. She greets everyone cheerily and brightens the atmosphere. Music starts and everyone starts dancing too. Amu goes to Amit and they both join everyone on the dance floor. All the Shah members and Varsha too are busy observing Amu smiling away enjoying the function. Amit cannot put up with the act anymore. He recalls how Amu had started overlooking things as soon as she entered Shah House back again and how she tried to avoid talking to him in the park. He stands glued to his place all sad. Amu brings him out of his reverie and they start dancing again. Suddenly Amu stops in her tracks as she sees Batuk and Shilpa coming in with their baby boy. Amit too follows her gaze. Batuk meets and apologizes for being late. Baby wasn’t eating anything and it was really tough to make him eat his baby food. Amu looks at the baby feeling all sad and recalls the babies she had seen and played with while she was preggy. Amit is noticing her all this while. He is pained to see her pain. Shilpa gives the baby to Amu. She asks Shilpa if she can take the baby to her room for some time. Shilpa nods.

Amu is in her room with the baby. She gives him some of the gifts which she had kept for her baby. She is happily explaining things to the baby. Amit walks inside and asks her what she is doing. She says I am giving gifts to the baby…what use are they for us now? He counters….you aren’t giving away gifts but your hope. She wonders what he is trying to make a mountain out of a mole. He corrects her that she is trying to think its small issue but it isn’t. We both have lost our baby and you want me to accept it that you aren’t bothered at all? Maybe you might have taken this decision that you wouldn’t want to be a mother again. If you have, then tell me. Say it out whatever you have inside. Cry or scream whatever but (speak up). She cuts him mid sentence. What will happen by that? She walks closer to him. Will I get my baby back? No, right? Do you want me to cry / scream / shout and you will make things normal again? See, I am normal without even crying. You don’t have to do anything.


He asks her what she is saying. Have I not supported or was there with you in everything? You alone have not lost your baby. We have lost our baby. It was as much mine as yours. She retorts if that was the case, then you don’t have to remind me time and again that our baby has been snatched away from us. Its very easy for you right? As much easy as when you signed those papers on which my baby’s death was written! He is completely shocked. I have lost my baby. It isn’t a small thing. She shakes him a little and starts crying. He sits down on the bed dejected. I have nothing left to say to you if that is what you think about me after living with me for so long. Nothing! She continues crying. Nani comes there. Guests were leaving so I thought if you two were there too then. Amit gets up and leaves from there. Amu picks up the baby and agrees to be there. Nani is tensed.

Varsha tells Amu to take care of herself. She and Kajal hug her one by one. Varsha tells her to call her tomorrow. Amu is lost. Varsha asks her if he heard what she said. Amu nods. You people should leave now. She walks away from there abruptly. Tina wonders what has happened to her all of a sudden. She was happy a little while ago. Fallu is sure something is up between AA. Amit is sitting upset in one corner and she here. Don’t know what happens to them. Varsha assures her things will be fine soon. Time is bad.

Amu is staring at the ceiling. Amit watches her from afar and lies down next to her. She is still angry at him. She picks her pillows and gets up to sleep on the couch. Amit offers to sleep there but she is sure she can adjust as she isn’t pregnant now. Amit turns the other side and switches off the light clearly hurt by her remark.

Precap: Varsha is on call with Amu. Whatever has happened, neither you nor Amit is at fault for that. When you were in hospital you dint see his condition. He wasn’t at peace for a single second.

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