Amita Ka Amit 2nd May 2013 Written Episode Update


Amita Ka Amit 2nd May 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 2nd May 2013 Written Update

Amit is trying to sign the visa form but his pen isn’t working. Ammu comes there and offers him a fountain pen. The form might tear this way. He denies. But since its not working, he takes it and signs the form. He thanks her. She smiles and goes aside.
Fallu enters. She hands him the invitation from the Millennium Youth Club. Amit looks at it. Fallu tells Ammu to go to parlour in the evening. She nods. She tells Amit that she will get a new shirt for him tomorrow. Amit asks for what. She replies for the function tomorrow.
Amit flatly denies. You know I don’t like going to such places or participate in such functions.
She says yes I do know. But if you don’t go then how would you two win the best couple award? Both of them are starled. Amit asks best couple? I wont go. Have

I done anything similar till date so I will now? She smiles. Yes because you weren’t married before. See you have taken all the biggest decisions of your life on your own…..your marriage, your decision to go to America. I dint say anything. At least let me enjoy these small happy moments. Amit goes away.
Fallu tells Ammu, I know you both are trying to hide things from me. But I know for sure that his decision to go to America is because of you. Ammu declines. Its nothing like that mummy ji.
Fallu asks if you think I am stupid. If you dont become a good wife then how will you participate in the competition? Amita this is your chance to prove yourself to Amit that you are the right choice for him. If he sees respect and acknowledgement for you in others’ eyes then he too would appreciate you. Till now he is just trying to hide your mistake.
Amita agrees and accepts to take up the challenge. I promise I will do anything to prove myself. Fallu reminds her that this time the competition is with Ria. She musn’t forget this. Last year she and Rohan had won the competition. This time she will have to prove herself better than Ria. Ammu is thinking and Fallu looks determined.

Tina is making custard. Ammu comes in the kitchen to get gram flour and turmeric to make face pack. Tina looks at her in jealousy. She advises her to add rose water instead of water. Tina insists to add the whole bottle but Ammu says this is enough for the first time. She goes away. Tina is pissed off. Amita has become very smart but bhabhi you must not forget that brass metal can never turn into gold. Only Ria will win this competition.

Ammu is applying face pack at night. She recalls Fallu’s words. This is your chance to prove yourself to Amit that you are the right choice for him. If he sees respect and acknowledgement for you in others’ eyes then he too would appreciate you.
She comes to Amit who was trying to sleep on the couch. She calls out to him and apologizes for waking him up. He asks what she wanted to know. She asks him about the people who come in the club to attend such events or parties. I have never attended any club event.
Amit replies they are fake, hypocrites, people who like to show-off, lonely from inside, sad but show to the whole world that they are very happy. But they are all alone and unhappy from inside.
Ammu asks like us? He stares at her. You can say. But we don’t have to show for our whole life. We just have to show to everyone for one month. Then everything would be fine.
She says I just wanted to ask if you only hi-fi people come there. He nods yes. They are quite literate and show off them self and their partner. I dont understand. When ma had asked for going then you were standing quietly. Now at 12o’clock you are wearing this face pack. You forgot I have to go to office tomorrow too. She says sorry. You please sleep. He lies down again but she calls out to him again. He asks now what. She asks him if he will come directly from the office. He says what else you expect me to do. I wont come back from the office and change and then come there. It would be a nothing but a waste of time. We aren’t going to win it!
She thinks we can. We can win not only tomorrow but always. She smiles and goes away. She is reading GK book to learn about the daily news and topics. She is also practising their etiquettes and manner of talking and greeting people. She falls asleep on the sofa while reading the book.

Fallu welcomes and thanks the beautician who she has called to get Ammu ready. Ria is scared to see it but Tina assures her that she doesn’t need one. She is already beautiful. They both hug happily.
Fallu comes and finds Ammu asleep on the sofa. She wakes her up. Amit has already left for office and you are still sleeping? Ammu says what to do and blabbers the GK that she has learned from the book. Fallu is taken aback to hear her blabbering about global warming, inflation, etc. She wonders what she is speaking. Ammu replies that there will be hi-fi people there na so thought to get some ideas about things. Fallu smiles looking at her. She introduces Kiran to her.
Ammu offers her hands and speaks in a stylish ascent. Then apologizes looking at Fallu. She smiling replies in a similar manner making them all smile.

Kiran is doing make up of Amita. Manicure, pedicure, face massage and hair. Tina comes asking for the hair dryer. Fallu turns to look at her. Tina gets a glimpse of Ammu and is taken aback.


Ria is lying down having cucumber on her eyes. Tina comes there angrily. She asks her to act fast and do make up touch up so that she doesn’t lose out.
Ria mocks if she is going to lose out to that football? Ria disagrees to do anything. Tina gets furious with her. Ria calms her down and assures her that she will do as she says. Tina suggests they will have to think of something big.

Fallu is checking out Ammu’s clothes. She asks for modern clothes. Ammu declines having any. Fallu says she will go to market to buy one for her. Ammu becomes happy. Should I accompany you too? Fallu declines or else her hair and makeup will get ruined. She will send a suit to Amit’s office too. I thought you would make him agree to come home, change and then head for the Club. Still.
She goes to get the dress for her.

Ammu comes to Nani and asks if she is looking beautiful. Nani smiles yes you are. If Amit troubles you in any way then do tell me about it.
Amita’s phone rings. Amit asks him why you sent me the suit. I told you I will come wearing office clothes. I dont like it. Could you not understand this much. She is a little disturbed thinking about Nani, who is sitting next to her only. Ammu says, mummy ji has sent you. I too liked it. Please wear it. He disconnects the phone angrily. Amit thinks do as you wish to. You only have 30 days.
She thinks about Nani sitting beside her and fakes continuing talking to Amit. Yes dont worry I will reach on my own. I will come in the other car don’t worry. She smiles at Nani he cares for me a lot.

Ria comes there wearing a traditional dress. She fakes that the contestants have to reach the Club before time. Ammu looks at her clothes. You will go wearing this? She says yes maybe she is confused. The theme is not western but Indian. Ammu says if you are saying then it must be so. I will call mummy ji once and tell her not to bring dress for me. Ria smiles seeing her plan working while Ammu and Nani head to Ammu’s room.


Ria tries the western dress. Tina compliments her on her beauty. Ria says there is only one problem. What if Ammu calls Kaki? Tina shows her Fallu’s phone. Both smile and hug thinking of their victory.

Fallu is checking out the dresses. She finally likes 2 and decides to call Ammu to check which one would she like. She checks her purse but realizes she has forgotten the phone at home. She tells the lady to pack both the dresses.
Ammu wears another traditional dress, checks herself in mirror and smiles. She checks with Nani who appreciates her too. She is worried for she couldn’t get in touch with mummy ji.
Tina comes asking why she is still here. She hurriedly makes her leave. Ammu leaves in the car. Just then, Fallu enters. She looks at the car and wonders who is going out at this hour.
She comes inside calling for Amita. Tina informs her that she has just left for the Club. Fallu is taken aback left? But what did she wear? Tina assures her that she wore a very beautiful dress just like the one she had in her childhood. Fallu is not pleased.

Precap: People inside are mocking a girl who is standing outside wearing a traditional attire at this event. Even the guard is looking at her curiously. Amit is listening to their convo. He gets a call from Ammu. She tells him that the guard isn’t letting her in. He tells her to wait there. He goes out and sees that it is Amita who is standing outside wearing suit.

Update Credit to: pooja

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