Amita Ka Amit 2nd December 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 2nd December 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 2nd December 2013 Written Update

Amita tells Kajri that she will expose to her to everyone. Kajri asks her if she still thinks that everyone will believe her? Amita asks her why she is doing this with her. She didn’t do anything bad to her. Kajri says to take revenge you always don’t need someone to do bad with you. She then says that Raunak is not Amita’s son, but her son and his name is Suryansh. Amita says seems like you have gone mental.. I am going to go to Amit and tell him everything and then see how he throws you out. Kajri goes and closes the door. She tells Amita the more she speak against her, farer she will go away from her family members. Amita is terrified seeing Kajri talking like this. Kajri finally lets her go out of her room.

Amita comes to her room running and tells Amit about

Kajri. As expected, Amit doesn’t believe Amita and apologizes to her. He tells her that he understood what problem Amita has. She requires his support and love. He says, we have decided to show you to a doctor. Amita says, so you also think I am mental? Amit says, it’s not that.. we all just love you and care about you. Amita recalls Kajri’s words that no one will trust Amita now. Amit asks her what happened? Amita says to give her one day to prepare herself for this treatment. Amit says, you can take as many days you want. Amita says, no.. I just want one day. That will be enough for me.

Next morning, Amita goes to Kajri’s room and places a camera there.

Later, everyone is in the living room. Nani and Amit’s dad say they are thinking too much. Amit’s mum says now even Amita is ready, then what’s the problem. Kajri hears it and is shocked. Raunak doesn’t stop crying. Amit’s mum tells Kajri to go and prepare milk for him. Amita gives Raunak to Kajri and tells her to give him milk as well. This surprises everyone.

Kajri brings Raunak to her room. Amita quietly gets in too and hides. This time, Kajri gives bottle milk to Raunak which leaves Amita surprised. Later, Kajri opens her closet and takes out a bag which has lots of jewelries and money. Amita is shocked and says, she is also a thief. Kajri takes out some cash and tells Raunak that her mother will be back soon. Kajri leaves. Amita says she couldn’t record Kajri feeding milk to Raunak, but she can expose Kajri by showing stolen jewelries and money to everyone. She checks the camera and nothing is recorded as she forgot to press the record button. She is angry at herself. She then looks at Raunak and tells him, people with no bad intentions reach their goal no matter what.

Amita follows Kajri. Kajri comes to a slum area and gives money to someone. Amita sees it and is confused.

Precap: Kajri tells Amita that she has two options. First one is to give Raunak to her. Amita doesn’t show interest. Kajri then says, then get ready to get separated from your husband and son together. Amita is shocked.

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