Amita Ka Amit 29th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Amita Ka Amit 29th October 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 29th October 2013 Written Update

AA are cleaning the kids’ room. They both insist that neither of them would be able to pull one certain mattress alone but none of them is ready to hear the other. In the end, Amu ends up falling over him with the mattress in between them. An eye lock ensues. She gets up and stands first on his stomach (as she is standing on the mattress) then his legs and finally steps aside apologizing profusely. She puts it away. Amit is finally able to get up. They both look at each other and cant help laughing over the incident. They both have cartons in their hand that they want to keep outside the house. They try the door but it is locked. She offers to call MIL as she keeps an extra key. She calls out for everyone but no one is around. The number is unreachable. She tries others’ too but

every cell phone is out of reach. Amit says everyone locked us in the home and left? Amu is confused. How can they? I will call MIL again. He tells her to let it be. I am sure this isn’t a coincidence that only we two are at home but a well thought out plan. She still doesn’t understand a thing. He explains that they think that by spending time together like this our distances will go away. Everything can be like it was before. She says but that cannot happen this way. He asks her what she thinks. The carton opens and all the paper scatter on the floor. She is upset. We had so much to do already now there is more. He says this has happened because of me so I will do it. They both argue they will do it and Amit’s finger gets cut somehow. She is concerned immediately. She scolds him that he doesn’t listen to anything she says. He assures her it is a small cut which will heal soon. He is surprised by her concern and worry. So much blood is coming out. She rushes to get the first aid kit for him.

Kirath and Fallu were shopping firecrackers for the kids. They both have done ample shopping for the kids. Kirath suggests going home but she wants to give out some more time to AA. Hopefully everything will be fine by the time we would be home, right? He assures her God will set everything right.

Amu is scanning the almirah for the first aid box. I cannot find a thing here. He must be in so much pain. Amit comes and takes out the box on his own. She apologizes to him. I was worried so dint see it. She wants to do it but he stops her. I know you can do it but don’t try to show you worry about me. You don’t care a thing. If that would have been the case then you wouldn’t have left me…he corrects himself….wouldn’t have left this home. She agrees with him. My fault I accept. Give me the band aid I will put it. He tries to deny but she is insistent and takes his hand. She applies the band aid. Are you feeling better now? He nods. He is saying something but she gets up and leaves from there without even hearing him. He looks at his finger.

Amu comes in the kitchen. She recalls his words….how hurt he was that she doesn’t care for him that is why she left him / his home. Composing herself she gets ready to make coffee for him. Iktara plays as she recalls the happy time they just had while picking up the mattress; time in ashram; all their past moments. He comes there to drink water. She asks him if he wants coffee. He denies. She explains I was making it for me so thought to ask you. I am not making it especially for you. He denies and leaves from there. Amit is heaving headache. He is speaking to himself. This will kill me. Only a coffee could save me but Amit Shah nothing can work when it comes to your ego / stubborn nature. Amu comes there with coffee for both of them. He declines yet again. She reminds him how his head starts aching when he is hurt. When you shave and get a cut then only you need a coffee because of the headache. He applauds her memory. Yet you don’t only remember your own mistakes! If it would have been that way then we wouldn’t be in this state today. She tells him to have the coffee or it will get cold. He finally takes it. She too sits down on the sofa. They both look at each other.


They both start speaking at the same instant and then they both go quiet. He tells her to say it first. Fallu and everyone else announce their arrival. AA get up immediately. Fallu teases them that they are enjoying having a date at home only. Nani teases Amit. Look at his face….looks like we have caught him with his girlfriend. Everyone smiles. Amu looks at the kids a little sternly and they go quiet. Amit clears it that things aren’t like she is thinking. I had a headache so thought to have a coffee. Anyways you dint have to lock us like kids and go out. Fallu feigns ignorance. Why would we lock you? We had gone to do shopping. Rohan agrees with her. Rohan and Kirath take Amit aside to show their shopping while Fallu calls Amu for the same. AA keep glancing in each other’s direction instead of focusing on the shopping. Fallu notices both of them. She asks her about some bangles. Amu absentmindedly appreciates them. Fallu brings her back to reality and smiles so does Amit and the kids. Amu snaps at the kids. They all get up and go upstairs. Amit asks her how she is behaving with the kids. She retorts they don’t even know what they are smiling at. He says you don’t even know how to talk to the kids. Nani tells them to agree to it that they both are unable to live without each other. You both were focusing on each other just now. He asks her what you saw. It is not what you are thinking. Mom, all your planning and attempts are a waste. The distances between me and Amu are exactly the same way like they were when she had left this home. So please stop building castles in the air. Amu agrees with him. It is only distance that can happen between us. Everyone is shocked. We cannot be together ever. Our ways are separate. She leaves from there.


Baa calls them both stubborn. I don’t think they would agree this easily. Fallu agrees. We will have to think something big now. Kirath says I think we will have to somehow make them both realize that their behavior with each other is not right. Things wont be all right till they have a fear of losing each other. baa wonders what will happen this way. The distances between them are already so big. Kirath offers the option of divorce. They are all shocked. He assures them this is the only plan that can bring them back together. Fallu raises a doubt what if they take it seriously? I don’t want to lose my DIL again. Kirath says we are doing the best we can. Rest its up to their fate. If this fear of separation doesn’t bring them back together then maybe that is the better option for both of them.

Amu apologizes to the kids. I know I shouldn’t have scolded you all. Please forgive me. She gives chocolates for them. Pintu compliments this. You should get angry with us once in a day we wont mind it as we will get to eat chocolate afterwards. Amu jokes next time if I don’t give you chocolates then get upset with me. All the kids smile. Fallu comes there wanting to talk with Amu.

Amu and Fallu go out of the room. Fallu says it is about you and Amit. I don’t know what’s going on between you two but there is tension in the house because of your arguments. Amu nods. I know but you only tell me what to do. We both end up arguing with each other even if we don’t want to. Fallu suggests divorce. Amu is shocked.

Precap: Kirath gets a lawyer and divorce papers for AA to sign. AA look at the file in a shocked way and then at each other.

Update Credit to: pooja

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