Amita Ka Amit 29th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Amita Ka Amit 29th May 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 29th May 2013 Written Update

Lal ji’s puja is going on in full swing. Everyone is happily enjoying it while Tina looks upset. Amit comes there and notices Amita (she is looking awesome in that saree) praying happily. He recalls his own harsh words to her. How can you be so careless so as to lose the jewels? I think you have made it your habit now. Next he remembers how Fallu had praised her. The family’s and my respect is intact because of Amita only.
Pandit ji gives a thaal to Fallu who in turns gives it to Amita to keep it aside. Ammu goes to keep it when Amit stops her saying he wants to talk to her. Nani comes and Ammu has to go to put the puja thaal. Amit wonders why it is so hard to apologize!

Everyone does the aarti one by one (as in couples). Amit glances at Amita who is completely lost in prayers.

He again tries to talk to her when the pandit ji announces that the puja is complete. Everyone praises the lord and Ammu smiles.

Amit and Amita are serving food to everyone. He keeps glancing in her direction on and off. He again stops her to talk to her when some relative asks for sweets and she has to go get them.

Amita is keeping sweets in the plates when he asks her to stop holding her hand. He looks upset and Ammu notices this by looking into his eyes. She tells him to leave her but he doesn’t. I wanted to tell you something since so long. I will leave you afterwards. Should I? She nods in agreement.
He apologizes to her. She is lost looking at him. He repeats himself. Sorry Amita. I am apologizing to someone for the first time in my life. I understood today how tough it is to apologize. I did a huge mistake in understanding you. I am stupid, fool but whatever happened I am really sorry about everything. She smiles and asks if he wants to say something else.
He nods. The mistake that I did today wont happen again ever. She pacifies him saying you were right at your place. You dint knew anything. Plus you even wanted to accompany me to the jeweller to which I only declined. He realises. Yes, I completely forgot about it. Its good that you reminded me. My sorry has gone to waste now. Give it back to me.
She is surprised and both smile heartily. Amit, is it necessary for you to go to the US? He says now how did US come in between all this? It is important to go that is why he is going. She tells him to at times follow what your heart says rather than your mind. He says he is doing that only. She says should I leave now? He replies in affirmative but gets confused when she asks how. She shows their hands to him which are entwined with each other’s. Mera mann plays in the background. Both smile and share a long eye lock. He lets her go. She takes the tray and stops to look back at him one more time. He too watches her go.

Kirath thanks Patel family for coming over in the puja. Fallu gives Kajal a gift as she has come for the first time. She too is like their daughter. Kajal sweetly says she is a daughter in her in-laws place when will she become a daughter-in-law. Atul jokes that he will tell his mother to treat her like a typical tv drama type daughter-in-law. Everyone breaks into a smile. She playfully hits him.
Ria and Tina notice everyone enjoying together and are very angry. Ria points out if Amit and Amita stay together like this then forget US he wont even go out of Mumbai. Tina tells her to see what she does now. They will have to choose their smaller steps very closely and the big card will automatically turn things in their favour.

Amit settles down himself on the couch and Ammu too lies down in the bed recalling Amit’s apologizing to her. I am stupid, fool but whatever happened I am really sorry about everything. The mistake that I did today wont happen again ever.

Amit tries to look at Amita. He is unable to do so from where he is sitting and gets up a little. Ammu notices him doing so. She too gets up asking what happened to him.
He stutters and finally asks for water. She shows that its kept near to him only. He is speechless. I dint notice it. Ammu smiles whereas Amit again lies down without drinking water. She gets confused. She reminds him that he wanted to drink water. He declines saying I am not feeling like. Both lie down again after wishing each other goodnight.


Nani and Fallu are running after each other trying to take hold of an envelope. Finally Baa takes it saying she will give it to Amita. Both smile. Amit and Amita come there.
Baa tells her that she has something for her. Ammu wants to know about it. Fallu says its a surprise. Amit asks her to tell fast as he is getting late for office. Fallu tells him to go for the surprise is not for you. Ammu takes out the slip from the envelope and becomes excited as it contains 2 days one night trip’s coupon for Lonavala. She becomes super excited and thanks everyone.
Amit tells her you should have asked me before planning it. Nani is surprised. Before planning a surprise we must tell him? He says he has to go to the US so needs to lots of preps before going. Kirath tells him to go as Rohan is here he will manage everything. Rohan nods back. Fallu says you weren’t able to go to your honeymoon so we planned it. You should thank your Tina kaki for this surprise. Tina apologizes for whatever happened yesterday. Ammu sweetly tells her not to as the atmosphere itself was tensed. She thanks her. rohan comments finally Amit is going somewhere. Now don’t start working there as well. I will take care of everything. Amit is a little upset but nods back. Amit and Amita smile at each other.


ANOTHER CUTE SCENE: (today it was a treat for AKA fans )
Ammu has laid all her clothes on the bed while Amit has already done his packing. He notices the amount of clothes she is packing and asks her about the same.
She replies I cannot understand what to pack and what not to. There is no space in my bag. I don’t have good clothes. He gets confused. On one side, you are saying you don’t have clothes while on the other side you are saying you don’t have space. How can both statements be said together? He notices her confused and lost. You have 30 minutes only. Take what you want and leave the rest. He starts taking his bag outside when she stops him saying if the clothes doesn’t fit in my bag then I will shift them in your bag.
He picks up 3 dresses for her saying pack these only. They will suffice for 2 days. He is about to go when she holds one dress asking if she should pick this. He compliments her saying she looks good in this colour. He goes out with his baggage while she smiles to herself.

Precap: Nani tells them that they should take care of each other well while they are on their way to their destination. Amit’s car breakdown (no petrol). She tells him she will show him how to take lift. She tries to do so when a car driving rashly passes by (guys shouting on top of their lungs). She falls in Amit’a arms. He calls her a fool warning her not to do so again while she is lost looking at him.

Update Credit to: pooja

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