Amita Ka Amit 29th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 29th July 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 29th July 2013 Written Update

The epi begins with Kajal checking out some sarees brought by some Pinky. She appreciates the collection. Pinky suggests a few which Atul bhaiya will like for sure. She tells her I want to buy them for myself only. I wont be wearing it to show it to anyone else. Pinky asks her if she had a tiff with Atul. (Ammu joins them) Would you be staying here at Ammu’s in-laws place? Its not good actually. Kajal gets hyper. I am feeling peace here for now so don’t know. And now you would tell me what I should do? Ammu has flashback of Amit’s words. Which husband and wife don’t get into arguments? If she cannot face it there then she should make herself strong enough not to let anything bother her if anyone says anything. Kajal tells Pinky to take her stuff for she wont buy anything from her. Ammu

questions her behavior. Kajal points out the way Pinky was talking with her. Ammu takes Kajal with her to her room. I want to talk to you.

In her room, Ammu repeats her question. Kajal wonders why did she keep the fast and for whom. Ammu says for Atul. But Kajal is sad. What’s the use? He dint come right! He don’t even know its my fast. Anyways you tell me what Amit said to you. He must be angry on Jiggi right? Ammu tells him to go back to her home. Kajal turns towards her stunned. Amit said so? Ammu declines. I am saying so. Kajal understands her point. I know my coming here has created problems for you don’t worry I will go from here. I will go to my college friend Majari’s home. She lives alone. Ammu comes to her. Maybe you dint hear me clearly. I told you to go to your home….to your hubby’s home. I know you wont be happy anywhere else. There is no place like home. I know Atul did wrong but you only added to it by leaving your home. I agree he has got busier with work now and is not able to give time to you but you also did the wrong thing by leaving PH. He is bad but loves you a lot that is why he tried to take you back home as well but you acted stubborn. Kajal reminds her it was Atul who started the fight. Ammu very sweetly tells her to be the first one to end it then. You brought the whole thing out in open for people to see and speak at. Forget about people you tell me are you happy staying away from Atul? Kajal points out a few things but doesn’t answer her question. Ammu smiles. I know you cannot stay away from him. kajal tells her she hasn’t left Atul for forever. Ammu gets serious. The way you have chosen is showing sign that that day isn’t far away when you both will be away from each other for always. I just hope that what Jiggi bhaiya said today doesn’t turn true in future. Kajal gets a little scared. He wont divorce me. ammu says, when you have so much trust on Atul’s love then why are you running away from him. You both love each other since so long. Atul remembers each of your mails word by word. You very well know he cant sing but in your best friend’s wedding he sang a song on stage for you….he loves you so much. You took this decision of walking out of your home in so much vigour. You are moving from places to places. Our home is after all our home. It is my fault that I brought you here or you would have solved you misunderstandings with Atul by now. kajal tells her not to take blame for her mistake. You have always been with me instead I used you. They share a hug as Ammu apologizes. She finally agrees to go back to PH. Now I will go back to my rightful place and set things right…for you and Amit. They share another hug.

Ammu is doing Kajal’s packing. Kajal points out Amit dint call / sms Ammu since morning as he usually does so. Ammu says he might be busy. Kajal hands her the phone to talk to Amit.

Amita calls Amit. He tries to keep the phone down citing an important meeting but she insists for 2 minutes. Excitedly, she tells him about Kajal agreeing to go back to PH. Amit happily turns to tell the same to Atul who is standing behind him. ammu gets excited Atul is there? Amit tells her Atul came to give jalebis to him as it is her fast today. ammu shouts I LOVE YOU in phone (very cute scene <3). Amit gets embarrassed as he was standing next to Atul. He tells her not to say such things on phone. Atul asks what she is saying but Amit dismisses it. They both leave for somewhere. Ammu comes running in her room and tells everything to Kajal who gets equally excited over the fact that Atul remembered her fast. She always breaks her fast after eating his jalebis only. Kajal is taking blessings from everyone one by one. Fallu tells her to come here next time without fighting with Atul. Ammu asks why did she not tell Atul about her coming back to PH. Kajal calls it a surprise for him. ammu jokes. You know how Atul is….he always asks to tell about the surprise from before so that he can be ready. They both break into laughter. She wishes they both always remain happy with each other. She excuses herself for a minute when Jiggi walks in. Kajal puts her hand forward toward him for friendship. She tells him she is going back home. He takes her hand and doesn't leave it. It was nice meeting you….I will always remember you. Your hands are so soft. Kajal gets uncomfortable. Amit who was just entering notices the awkward situation. He recalls Ammu’s words about Jiggi behaving awkwardly with Kajal. He shouts Jiggi’s name. Jiggi lets go of Kajal’s hand abruptly. -Break- Kajal leaves for PH. Jiggi too is about to chicken out when Amit points out at his cheap antics. Jiggi feigns ignorance but Amit tells him not to lie. What were you doing with Kajal? Jiggi declines but Amit points out he saw it with his own eyes. Fallu and everyone else come there hearing the noise. Fallu questions Amit is this the way to speak with guests? Amit tells her how Jiggi needs to learn a few things. Amita interrupts to let the matter be. Jiggi tells her to let Amit speak as only she has poisoned his mind. Amit tells him to be careful as he is speaking about his wife. Fallu again demands to know the reason. He tells her to ask him favoured Jiggi. He doesn't know how to behave with girls. I saw with my own eyes how he was behaving with Kajal. Jiggi again feigns innocence. Amit tells him not to lie. Ammu asks Jiggi to apologize for Amit will forgive him. There is no point stretching the issue. Kajal has gone back to her place now you can apologize too. Jiggi plays innocent. I dint do any mistake so why should I apologize. Do what you want but I wont apologize. Amit too tells him to do what Amita is saying. Jiggi blames Kajal. She only offered her hand for friendship. I dint do anything I was only going for my interview. Ammu takes Kajal’s side. She cannot do it. Jiggi asks if he can. Amit nods agreeing. Jiggi plays her massi (Fallu’s) name card. Do you think the values given by my mother & massi would let me do this? I know how to give respect to ladies. (Tina and Ria are enjoying the whole thing and giving special attention to the fact that Jiggi has been pointing out Amita the reason behind the fight between 2 brothers) Fallu thinks it might be a misunderstanding. Jiggi again blames Amita for poisoning Amit’s mind. Amit is about to say something when Fallu asks him to behave. Brothers do fight but Jiggi wont go anywhere. Amit has never disobeyed me in the past and today too he wont. Amit, apologize to Jiggi and end all this right now. amit stands upset. Fallu shouts his name asking him to do it but he shouts back rejecting it. Everyone is taken aback. He tells Fallu he doesn't want to fight with his brother too but I wont accept any of his cheap antics. Jiggi says let it be Amit bhaiya only pay heed to Amita bhabhi’s words. Amit retorts at him. You must not speak rubbish. If you wouldn’t have been my guest / brother I would have told you right now how to behave with women. He leaves in a huff. Jiggi too leaves even though Fallu tries to stop him. Now only bhabhi (Amita) can change Amit bhai’s mind. Tina smiles while Fallu glares at Amita. -Break- Fallu is sitting upset in her room. Ammu comes there with fruits for her. She switches on the light and smiles at her MIL but she doesn't smile back. Ammu tries to feed her but her MIL cuts her off. Don't do this drama in front of me. Amita is completely startled. Her MIL tells her she knows everything by now. You do all you want by acting simple / innocent. I know you want to snatch my son Amit from me. ammu is surprised. I don't intend to do any such thing. Fallu points out this is the first time when Amit dint listen to her. You do remember when Amit dint even used to talk to you, you used to come cry in my lap. Now you have become so smart to create a rift between 2 brothers? She walks away angrily while Ammu stands disbelieving her MIL’s words. Precap: Amit asks Ammu why she is so upset. Whatever was to happen has happened. Kajal left for her home and Jiggi too left for good. Ammu says, he saw it with himself then why is he asking what happened. Things have started turning bad from here on. Mummy ji is very angry with both of us. He reminds her, his mother’s anger goes away in the same speed as it comes. Ammu declines. Mummy ji hasn’t eaten anything since morning. Amit is surprised.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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