Amita Ka Amit 28th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Amita Ka Amit 28th October 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 28th October 2013 Written Update

Amit tells Amu that the shower in the bathroom isn’t working but I will get it fixed. Rest everything is ok. The drawer is all clean too….so that you can keep your cosmetics there. She denies…that is not needed. I have only come here to take my luggage as you had told me very well that you have called me here to handle the kids. I have come here to do that only. You can keep the stuff back at its place I don’t want to move around anything. He suggests he will keep her luggage in the room where kids are staying. She denies. I will do that on my own as it is it isn’t heavy. Amit gets angry as she picks up her luggage and is all set to go. He throws the magazine on the sofa in frustration.

Tina, Fallu and Nani are in the kitchen. Tina says the house has become so full of

life because of the kids. The day passes by just like that. Fallu agrees with her. I love their antics too…especially when they trouble Amit. All smile. Amu comes there. What are you all doing here? I am here I will do everything. Fallu nods. But it is just the matter of few days after which I will sit and relax and rule like a MIL. Amu says why after some days. Nani says as we want you to spend some time with Amit only. Tina teasingly asks her what all did she talk with Amit yesterday. Amu gets serious. Fallu tells her not to ask such questions….Amu got all shy. Amu denies. I slept with the kids yesterday in their room. Fallu points out that she had kept her luggage in AA’s room then. Amu diverts the topic to the kids and leaves. Nani says we will have to do something to remove the distances between them. Fallu all the more agrees with her. The festival is around the corner. I don’t want to see them like this. We will have to think of something.

Amit is taking two kids for a bath who want to go out with Nani. She agrees but tells them to be careful. Rohan comes and tells her he wants to use this bathroom. He has an urgent meeting and Riya is using their bathroom please take these kids to Amit’s bathroom. She agrees. Rohan calls Nani as soon as Amu leaves from there. Tina meets Amu. She too stops Amu from using her bathroom and instead suggests her to use Amit’s bathroom. The kids too suggest that that is the only option.

Amu is on call with Mr. Lakhani. He is upset as Lakhani has called his lawyer without even asking him. You dint even ask me. He ends the call as he doesn’t want to get into any argument with him in the morning. Where is my towel? Its not even a day since Amu has come and my stuff goes missing. While he is muttering to himself he realizes that he has wrapped the towel around his waist. Amu comes with the kids just then. They both get conscious immediately. I want to use the washroom. He denies. I have an important meeting. The kids request him. We have to go to the temple with Nani. They give yummy sweets in prashad. We will get them for you too. Amit tells Amu he is getting late for the meeting. Use some other bathroom please. She insists the kids have to go urgently too. Instead of debating with me here you should let me do it. She heads for the bathroom with the kids. Amit stands outside waiting. Nani brings in Pintu. Tell Amu to get him a bath too. He has not taken a bath from the past 4 days. Pintu calls himself clean. Amit too agrees with him. He does take a bath but after everyone is done then only. Amu comes out and holds Pintu’s ears sweetly. I was wondering where you were. Amit stops him. If he doesn’t want to take a bath then you cannot force him. She tells him to leave it or he will have to do that. Amu takes Pintu whereas Amit stands there trying to tell her to stop. First 2 kids come out. They tell him to watch a movie to pass time. Pintu takes a lot of time. Pintu runs out of the bathroom and Amu comes to catch him. Pintu makes an excuse….red shirt instead of green one. Amu tries to seek Amit’s help but he feigns as if he is not able to understand. She leaves to get it and tells Amit to make sure Pintu doesn’t leave from the bathroom. Just as she leaves, Pintu comes running out of the bathroom. Amit stops him. Pintu suggests him this way the bathroom is empty. Amit likes the idea. Amit tells him to take left as Amu can catch him easily if he takes a right turn. Amit goes inside to take a bath. Amu comes back with the shirt and heads straight to the bathroom. AA are shocked. What are you doing inside? Just then they hear Fallu bringing in the kids to their room for a bath. Amu goes outside. Fallu teasingly comments on the situation. They all laugh. Amu tries to deny. Amit comes out of the bathroom. The elders make the kids leave. Amit wears his shirt. Amu points out that there is still some soap left on his ear. He rubs it and asks if its gone. She moves ahead to clean it herself but then stops. AA get awkward. Amu tells him to see in the mirror and clean it. He nods. Couldn’t take a bath because of the kids. I am going to meet the lawyer now lets see what happens. She is confused. We have to get this ashram for the kids right. She nods. He asks her to go out as he has to change. Amu leaves.


The kids ask Amu to come along with them to the temple. Nani declines. She is going somewhere else. Amu is confused. Where do I have to go? Nani tells her to go to the lawyer’s office. Amu says what I will do there. Fallu says who else can explain the lawyer about these kids and the ashram better than you? You will have to go. Amit comes to tell his mom he will have breakfast later. She tells him that Amu will go with him. He goes quiet. She will? Amu agrees to go. He agrees. Amu leaves after telling the kids not to trouble the elders. They leave. Fallu and Nani give a thumbs up to each other.

Amit sits in the car while Amu is conscious. He lowers the window and tells her to sit in the backseat if she feels like. Just remove my stuff from there. She gets angry and sits on the front seat only.

Lawyer tells them that he has discussed the case with Mr. Lakhani as well as with other lawyers too. They all say that legally you and Lakhani have equal right on the property. Amu asks him if he can tell for sure how much time will it take. He says there are a lot many cases in the court already. Yet if you wish to know it will take a minimum of one year. She is taken aback. Amit tells her to calm down. This lawyer is very good. He will do his best. She counters this isn’t just about trying. The kids will waste their one year. He agrees but says it might take less time as well. She doesn’t want to take any chance. I think we should consult some other lawyer too. The lawyer too declines to fight their case. Amu angrily leaves from there. Amit apologizes to the lawyer and follows her.


Amit asks her if this is the way to talk to a lawyer. She says did you not realize if I wouldn’t have asked him about the time span we would have to be in and out of court every other day that too till when you have no idea. He gets upset. Why do you think only you are right? She tells him not to be angry over such thing. We will find another lawyer. He says it is she who will do that. She agrees I only will. AA stare at each other and sit in the car again.

AA are back home. Fallu asks them how come they are home so early. And if it was over this soon then they could have gone someplace. They all suggest some or the other idea. Kirath asks about the meeting. Everyone is curious. Before Amu can say anything, Amit says she fought with the lawyer. Next time I will do it on my own. She agrees with him. No one has stopped you. You anyways win. She leaves from there angrily. Amit too heads for the room. The elders are confused and surprised. Everything went wrong. Lets think of something else now.

Everyone is gathered in the living area when Fallu comes there shouting about Diwali approaching and if anyone is worried about anything. Nani tells her to calm down. Things go well every year then why do you get upset every year? AA come there. Baa says that is why things go well or Diwali preps can go on till Holi. Amit smiles. Fallu says what all can I do. Amu offers to do it. Fallu says what all can you do alone. Amit too offers to help. Everyone has a smile on their face. Fallu asks him if he is ready to Amu. Will you or should I start doing things on my own? He agrees to help. She tells them to clean the kids’ room first and then hers. AA nod. Amu tells him that she will clean the kids’ room while he can clean MIL’s room. He nods. Fallu points out this way you wont be able to do anything. Leave it I will do it. Amu stops her. We will do it together. Amit is all quiet. Kirath suggests her to keep the kids out of the room or they might get allergic. She nods. AA look at each other.

Precap: Amit says (to Amu) everyone locked us in the home and left? Amu is confused. How can they? I will call MIL again. He tells her to let it be. I am sure this isn’t a coincidence but a well thought out plan. She still doesn’t understand a thing. He explains that they think that by spending time together out distances will go away.

Update Credit to: pooja

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