Amita Ka Amit 28th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Amita Ka Amit 28th May 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 28th May 2013 Written Update

Amit is looking at the Kanha ji idol all upset. Ammu comes to him. I know whatever happened wasn’t right but the puja is tomorrow. If we remain upset then what about the elders? Nani is calling everyone to help her in the preps (making laddoos).

Amit shares how he used to be extremely excited about the puja when he was young. He used to sing along Fallu and also used to request dad to get me a loudspeaker so that I can match my mother’s voice. But where’s all that in today’s puja? There’s no happiness or excitement today. I feel like we are here to pay condolences to someone. And you want that I put on a fake smile in front of everyone? I cant do that. I agree that mistakes happen but losing the jewels of Kanha? Could you not take care of them for one day? He leaves from there

upset. Ammu thinks how I tell him what the truth is.

Next morning, Baa is upset that this is the first time that they will be doing this puja without lal ji’s jewels. Tina adds salt saying what we can do Ammu lost them. But don’t worry as Ria has gone to get the jewels from her home. We all shouldn’t be suffering because of Amita’s mistake. Kirath supports her and tries to make his mother feel better. Baa and Nani discuss about the 56 bhog to be made for the puja.

Amit and Fallu enter. Nani asks her about her health. Fallu replies in affirmative. Nani tells Amit to call Amita. He is surprised and says he thought she was with them. Kirath denies. Amit and everyone else wonder where she would be.

The jeweller’s son (Umesh) is speaking to someone on phone when he notices Ammu entering. He tells her not to waste his time. The jewels aren’t with me. Should I call the security? Atul becomes angry seeing his behaviour. Hemant tells him to cool down.
Hemant smiles at Umesh. I am Amita’s dad. My daughter told me that she gave you the jewels yesterday. I understand mistakes happen. You please search once again you will certainly find them. I will wait for you. Umesh retorts I told you they aren’t here. Who are you by the way? I am not a thief. Atul gets restless. Hemant tells him to calm down. He smiles and shows his card to him – I am the Secretary of the Retail Association here.

Amit is trying Amita’s number but is not able to get through. Baa says first she misplaced the jewels, now she herself is missing. I am sure she must have gone to her parent’s house. Baa rues it isn’t good to marry off your son / daughter in the same city. The girls immediately leave to their parent’s house for every small reason. nani and Fallu don’t buy her point.

Amit calls Patel House. He informs everyone that she had indeed gone there but left sometime back. Baa says see I told you. Tina praises her daughter-in-law Ria and taunts Amita for being so careless when there is such a big at her own house. Fallu suggests starting the puja without Ammu only. The auspicious time cannot wait for anyone. Amit is upset that this puja will be for namesake only.
Fallu denies. It will be like we do every year. I am also feeling better now. Amit is thinking and is angry too while Tina smiles.

Umesh stops shouting and asks for the receipt. Business is done on the basis of trust. Umesh retorts you will teach me about trust now? Hemant shouts you need to learn it. Get the jewels or else they will complaint to the other merchants. They will blacklist you.
Umesh in turn warns them that he wont leave them. Should I call the police for you? Hemant notices the CCTV Camera and tells him to call the police. I can bet the jewels were and are here only. Let them come. They will search on their own and the truth will be out in the open. Umesh starts sweating now. hemant tells Atul to call Mahesh bhai. Umesh gets scared on the mention of his dad. He sends his manager to check it one more time. Maybe the jewels are here only. He asks if they would need anything. Hemant very sweetly replies jewels! He goes from there while Ammu hugs her father out of happiness.

Fallu asks Amit if he scolded Amita yesterday regarding the jewels. Did you say something extreme that drove her out of the house like this? Amit replies she was reprimanded for that wrong she did. Why are you taking her side when she has ditched her responsibilities of the puja? The guests must be coming. She is nowhere to be seen and yet you are upset with me?
Ria comes with Rohan and the jewels. Baa is sad that for the first time they will have to make lal ji wear someone else’s jewels. Nani very sweetly says that Kanha is hungry of dedication and love, not jewels. Tina tells them that Ria tried so much to get the jewels. We shouldn’t let her hard work (as if!) go to waste. Baa thinks if lal ji wishes it then this must happen.
Ammu enters holding the jewel box. No lal ji will wear his own jewels today. Everyone is surprised while Fallu is overjoyed and tearful. Baa smiles at her. You found them? Ria is confused (and you call Ammu dumbo…now its clear who is what).

Amit calls Amita aside. Where were you? Everyone was so worried about you! Ammu apologizes citing she dint have time as she needed to get the jewels before mahurat time. Hemant smiles. Amit asks how you found the jewels. Hemant replies for her. The very same thief, who took them, returned them.
Baa tells Nani, I told you that Ammu would come but you insisted that she has gone to her parent’s house. Nani is surprised while everyone else smiles at Baa’s words (except Tina and family). Baa apologizes to Ammu (in her ears). If I say it aloud in front of everyone then no one will be scared of me anymore. Ammu smiles. No one is scared of you as you are so cute. Baa tells her to butter Kanha instead of her. All smile.

Tina accuses Amita. its so weird that yesterday when you had gone to your parents house and misplaced the jewels. Today when you had gone there, you found them again. Hemant is taken aback. Tina explains her point. Which thief is so good in this kaliyug to return the expensive jewels intact? No one would believe this story let alone me. Amita, you can tell us the truth we wont scold you. Fallu is super angry with Tina’s comments. Everyone waits anxiously for Ammu’s answer WHEN Fallu says Tina, you want the truth. I will tell you the truth.


Ammu tries to stop Fallu but in vain. The truth is that our family’s honour and respect were saved by Amita today. Tina doesn’t understand what has jewels t do with respect.
Fallu confesses her mistake. You are right. It is about respect for the jewels were misplaced by me and not Amita. amit glances at Amita in surprise. Fallu continues, I had gone to Mahesh bhai jewellers and his son lied to us. We see the flashback of the whole incident where Fallu comes worried about the jewels and shares everything with Ammu. Rest, Ammu takes over and their sweet emotional talk yesterday. Amita took all the blame on herself to save my respect. Next time when you try to find fault with Amita again, do remember that I wont listen to any of it. Nothing! (Bravo)
All smile with proud while Tina feels completely humiliated. Amit smiles at Amita.


Tina looks at everyone and apologizes for her mistake (she is super pissed off). Anyone can make a mistake. Fallu counters anyone can, you and I can but not Ammu because she has a clean heart which can never make mistakes. Hemant and Atul smile and Ammu has tears of happiness in her eyes. Fallu asks Amita about the jewels.
Hemant explains how Umesh gave it back to them after getting scared of the police. Actually it was lal ji’s blessings that Umesh realised his mistake before it was too late.
Fallu seeks forgiveness from Baa. Baa very lovingly caresses her head. Did you not trust me enough to share this with me? You would have got scolded only but the jewels are nothing in front of you. You are more than a daughter to me. Fallu tells her that she was very scared.
Baa jokes on Tina. She is scary enough and when you don’t get scared of her than why me. Fallu smiles and so does everyone.

Amit looks at everyone and recalls how he had lashed out at Amita yesterday. He thinks I misunderstood her. I should apologize to her.

Precap: Amit is trying to talk to Amita when Nani comes and Ammu has to go to put the puja thaal. Amit wonders why is it so hard to apologize!

Update Credit to: pooja

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