Amita Ka Amit 28th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Amita Ka Amit 28th January 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 28th January 2013 Written Update

– Show starts from jigna’s house where everybody is making preparations for her baby shower. jigna tells amita to give measurements to the tailor as preeti has decided everything even decorations. (like what like color and fabir amita will use) but amita says no, she doesn’t like yellow and will wear silver. they try to stop her. amita tells them she also made a plan for decorations and her friends are surprised at this. they tell her to assist preeti but she declines and wants to do it by herself. preeti tells them let her do it. aarti asks amita if she’s sure she’ll do everything and amita answers positively.

– all of friends together are discussing about decorations, amita is confused. amita keeps saying no whenever preeti suggests something. aarti is still not convinced about amita doing decorations. amita suggets about candles and clayed-lamps(diyas) decorations. amita tells them to trust her just once. amita is really happy when all of her friends say they are with her.

– amita gets home talking on her phone. her mom asks her to eat something but amita says she has lots of work to do for jigna’s baby shower. her parents are happy seeing her like that. amita mom asks his dad how os she going to manage all of this as her grandparents are coming and they too want to spend time with her. amita goes to atul’s room to use his printer where he’s on his phone with kajal. amita gets suraj’s call, at first she ignores but when he calls her again she takes it. she tells him that she couldn’t talk to preeti yet, but soon she will. amita was just leaving with designs but atul tells her that their grandparents are here.

– scene shifts to the kitchen, where amita’s grandfather is doing some inspection in the kitchen and checking everything. it looks like her grandpa is really picky in everything. amita comes and greets them. she leaves them saying she’s in a hurry and will see them later. her grandpa looks at his watch saying don’t know when will she come as he needs to discuss something important with her. her parents looks worried and try asking him, but he doesn’t answer and leaves for his room.

precap: amita is doing decorations with decoration people. it is really windy and they guy gets mad saying he cant do it, if u want to do it then do ahead. amita tries to light up candles but one of the curtain catches fire. that guy tells her that he already told you to take advise from preeti, just then preeti and aarti comes running.

Update Credit to: mehak30

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