Amita Ka Amit 27th May 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 27th May 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 27th May 2013 Written Update

Amit enters while Amita was heading to the jewellers. He stops her and asks about Fallu. She tells him that mummy ji is fine. He again stops her noticing that she looks worried. She dismisses it and tells she is going to the jewellers to get lal ji jewels. He offers to take her but she declines. She taunts him. When you don’t trust me then what is the point of coming along? She thanks him and leaves from there. Amit keeps calling her but she leaves without listening to him.
As Ammu steps outside she apologizes to Kanha ji and Amit mentally. She then leaves for Mahesh jewellers.

At the shop, both the manager and jeweller’s son deny having the jewels. The manager insults Ammu saying first your mother-in-law and now you came to get insulted here.
Ammu retorts that because

of you my mother-in-law has high bp now. You must be ashamed of yourself. Just because she misplaced the bill you took the jewels. They are ancestral jewellery. I know that she made a mistake but this doesn’t entitle you a chance to take hold of the jewels.
Mahesh bhai’s (jeweller) son comes there. Ammu says I know you must have gotten swayed by seeing the jewels but if you give them back to me Kanha ji will probably forgive you. The son rudely tells her off. He warns her that if she doesn’t leave then he will call the police. She leaves wondering what she should do now.
She receives a call from her dad and tells him that she has gotten into a big problem.

Nani comes to Fallu. She tries to calm down Fallu saying Ammu has gone to market and not on a war. She is smart enough. Tell me what is bothering you?
Fallu hugs her. I am scared….very much. Till date I kept my family and their needs ahead of mine so that no trouble can reach them. I am scared what if my one mistake hurts them? Nani is clueless. I cant understand who will you hurt and how? Fallu dismisses the topic saying I myself cannot understand what I am saying as I am unwell. Let us go out.

Amit reprimands the driver for dropping off Amita midway. He tells that he tried to hold her back but she insisted to get down at the market. The driver goes away.

Fallu and Nani come out. Fallu asks everyone why they look so worried. Ria motions Tina to add fuel to the fire. Tina tells Amita has gone to get the jewellery. She sent the driver back home plus she is not even picking her phone. Fallu becomes super worried.
Amit tells her to rest but Fallu dismisses him. Tina tries to create rift pointing what could be more important than getting the jewels? But Fallu supports Amita saying it must be something important. Baa too adds that Ammu shouldn’t have gone alone.
Fallu is about to tell everything when she has flashback of Ammu telling her to trust her. I will get the jewels mummy ji but you mustn’t tell anyone anything. Fallu decides to keep quiet. Amit suggests going and checking but Fallu stops him.

They hear a door opening and all guess it to be Amita. But Kirath enters. He asks Fallu about her health. Tina answers for her. She is fine but now there is another problem as Amita has gone to get the ancestral jewels all alone. Kirath taunts Amit if he forgot again? Ria and Tina smirk.

Ammu enters. Fallu sees her first. Amit questions her about her whereabouts. Why were you not picking your phone? We all were so worried about you. Baa asks her about the jewels. All wait anxiously for her answer.
Ammu replies I lost them. Fallu doesn’t believe her and says the same. Ammu explains that she forgot them in the auto when she was heading over to the Patel House. Kirath is surely upset and so is everyone else. Ria taunts her. you couldn’t take care of such a small responsibility. How would you be able to take the responsibility of the puja? You wont be able to do it. Leave it.
Fallu again tries to counter Ammu. Tina too tells Ammu to tell the truth as no one will scold her. Amit answers for her. When she is saying she left them in the auto then how would she know where they are? Amit asks if she remember the number of the auto. She denies. read full updates daily with pics only at Fallu tries to say something but Ammu takes all the blame on her. I am sorry. I made a huge mistake.
Baa is upset. Mistake! They were your Bapu ji’s blessings. They were so dear to me and you lost them? Do you even realise what value they had for me?
Kirath dials police. Amit cuts the call before he can say anything. He says, if they call the police then they will straight away head to Patel House and start questioning her family members.
Nani supports Amit. Fallu tries to say something but Ammu tells her to rest. Kirath too agrees on this stance.

Kirath tells Amit you shouldn’t have let her go alone. Amit has flashback of Ammu’s words. When you don’t trust me then what is the point of coming along? He looks at Amita and agrees saying it is his fault actually. Baa says but by this they wouldn’t get their jewels. The puja is tomorrow and they don’t have the jewels.
Ria suggests to get the jewels from her mom’s place. Nani agrees to it. Ria smirks and Tina looks proudly at her (what for???). nani hopes the puja goes well and Kanha corrects everything. Amit looks at Amita.


Ammu is in her room. Amit comes to speak to her (or rather shout on her). You asked me why I don’t trust you. You only tell me how do I do this? How can you be so careless to lose the jewels? You have made this your habit. At times I doubt if you are doing all this intentionally. How can one person make so many mistakes? Your 1 mistake made papa angry with me once again!
She retorts then why dint you tell him that I told you not to come along? He says because in front of the family they stand as one and for each other. I am tired now. I have given up hope. I understood that our relation can never become alright. I feel why there is so much time left for me to go to the US. I wish I could go to the US today only….away from these problems and especially YOU. Ammu looks hurt while he goes outside in a huff.

Tina and Ria are laughing over Amit and Amita. tina says we planned to ruin Amit’s image but his extra intelligent wife made a joke of herself. Ria agrees. She is such a cute kid. She came to Shah House so that our work becomes easy. She lost the jewels because of which I got the chance to get them from my home. Tina says very slowly Kirath bhai and Baa will support us. When mother and son will be by our side not only business but the home will be under our control too. They get back to mock the couple and laughing hard.


Ammu comes with medicines for Fallu who demands to know that happened outside. What was the need for you to take the whole blame on yourself? You dint even let me speak and now have come to give me medicines. She sits upset on the bed. Ammu smiles and comes to her.
Ammu says, its been 25 years that you are taking care of everyone and all the responsibilities related to everyone. You tried hard to keep everyone happy and made respect for yourself. You can lose it all by one mistake. Would you? No right! Fallu questions what about your respect? Have you thought whatever happened today, what will everyone be thinking because of that?
Ammu calmly tells her.i know the jewels were expensive but they can be made again. It wont take much time to mould the gold and make them. But the relation made by trust takes a lot of time. Your one small mistake can break the trust of everyone. I have come here just now. I will get many chances to make place for myself in everyone’s heart. They have a big heart. They will forgive me forgetting everything. You take your medicine.
Fallu looks at her amazed. You are so small yet you talk so big. Today I can tell you one thing – I can trust you blindly for lifetime. I always wanted a daughter. Today I feel lal ji heard me. She seeks forgiveness for behaving badly with her in the past.
Ammu tells her not to do so. If a daughter does some mistake then it is the right of a mother to get her back on track. Would a mother like to see her daughter fail? No right! I should say thank you to you. They both become emotional and share a hug.

Precap: Nani tells Amit to call Amita. he is surprised and says he thought she was with them. Kirath denies. Amit and everyone else wonder where she would be. Hemant is warning the jeweller’s son to get the jewels or else they will complaint to the other merchants they will blacklist you. The son in turn warns them that he wont leave them. Should I call the police?

Update Credit to: pooja

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