Amita Ka Amit 27th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 27th February 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 27th February 2013 Written Update

episode starts with call bell ringing… And its amitas father… Once they shut the door again bell rings n before opening the door dadaji reveals its amits family all others mouth wide open… Jai Sri Krishna greeting done n varsha n dadi gets in kitchen to jyada adrak chai…

inside kitchen, varsha talking to dadi about what could be the matter and dadi says don’t be stupid if they have come with sweets n stuff it is for alliance only…
in the living room, all folks talking n dadaji saying its still not believable. Tat all thus is happening
amits nani says that he first rejected so they though matter close n now he himself agreed… N his father says he is at times like this but his mom says hi is a stupid too in themidst of this vemant asks his father to come

aside as he wanna discuss somevthibg imp.

inside room, serious discussion amitas papa reveals the truth that he dnt reveal this to Amita n Amita doesn’t like Amit. But dadaji says that she is kiddo so she knows only to see dreams… So its their job to take right decision they have a serious emotional discussion..
finally vemant n his father crib mes out n asks for sorry that they took a bit time in discussing… amits fathers says that as its a delicate issue even they can understand as girls father has to think twice in taking such decisions… And his father says that he is very well aware of the fact that their sn once rejected n then okayed its a bit awkward but asks them to take some time to give a green signal… Finally the scene shifts to a shocked Amita who is witnessing the ppl there … They all welcome her shevgreets

phalguni as her grey matter stuck with snehal she sees her perfect bahus face in amitavfor once her face blossoms… N realises that itsvamita n face dulls…

finally Amita sits n phalguni starts that amitvmifht have shared every thing with her as they met in sanjays house to discuss this matter dadaji n amitas father gets surprised vbut varsha clears confusion that it was an unexpected meeting.

finally all smiles n gets up… While blessing Amita, phalguni searches something on amitas shoulder… N her granny sees price tag b all smiles n leaves.

scene. Shifts to shah darbaar

Amit looking at a book.. And his glance falls on snehals pic on a magazine forva sec drools n immediately amitas face flashes n he comes out of drooling… N here comes phalguni n her hubby
Amit asks how come they returnedvso soon n his father replies that… All said n done… Phalguni adds that even Amita is there now she might be jumping out of happiness that she got her son…

he just ignores her words n finally his father asks tht did he confess Amita about his likibg… N Amit looks like kaha phass gaya yaaar

now scene at amitas house pariwar sitting in living room discussing about Amita n Amit n atul says that how come all of sudden this proposal knocked their doors when Amita never liked Amit … He expresses his view that daal Mein kuch kala hai… N vant asks Amita that does she really like Amit… Dadaji asks vemant to shut up as as she a girl she wont be able to share all this openly…
vemant says that dadaji is putting pressure on Amita but dadaji doesn’t listen

Atul and kajal takes Amita n asks her what’s all this but kajal says that its amitas luck that this alliance knocked theircdoors given amitaas profile… Atul tries to stop kajals flow of words but she replies that though its bitter its better to accept the fact…

Episode ends…

Precap: Amita calls Amit n lovely sweet n awkward expressions on both faces … Amita blurts out in her confusion that kya hum kal milsakte hai? Screen freezes on Amits face..

Update Credit to: Sreearabhi

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