Amita Ka Amit 26th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 26th July 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 26th July 2013 Written Update

Nani gives flowers to Kajal to put before God. All ladies gather there minus Tina and plus Amit ( 😛 ). AA signals each there something. Ammu asks Nani the reason for this katha. Nani understands. It tells the story of unbreakable love of a wife for her husband. Kajal tries leave from there but Fallu tells her to stay put. Amit tries to leave citing some work but Baa tells him to sit too. It isn’t about a wife’s love only but a husband’s love as well. They all sit. Nani begins with the story. It is the tale of what all struggles Parvati ji had to face to get Shiv ji. Kajal gets sad while Ammu asks for details. Nani explains how Parvati ji gave up everything to get her lord and how Shiva’s heart finally melted for her. Loving someone and living it with someone is different. Most important

is to make sacrifices in / for their love. kajal questions if all the sacrifices / problems are to be faced by a woman only. The fasts are kept by women too. Is there no responsibility of a man? Is a guy not equivalent to a girl? nani shares how a woman is even much greater than a man. It is written in scriptures. If a man gets down to take care of a house then everything will go wrong. All smile including Amit. If we get into thinking about who is greater then our love would deduce. Shiva too used to take care of and love Parvati ji. Kajal rues how all this happens only in stories. Not everyone is as lucky. She leaves even though Ammu tries to stop her. fallu is unsure if AA’s plan to make Kajal realise would work.

Jiggi knocks at Kajal’s door asking for his t-shirt. She tells him to search in the almirah. He tries but is unable to. He asks her to search for him. She goes to search keeping the book on table (I Too Had A Love Story). He looks at the title….love story what kind of a book is that. Atul shouldn’t have spoken to you like this in front of everyone. I was surprised! He is living in such a large city yet some people’s mentality doesn’t change just like my aunt and grandmother. Kajal gets uncomfortable. What are you saying? He talks of divorce. If one cant fulfil the relation then what is the point of staying together forcefully. I don’t think you have allergy from divorce. You have big thoughts just like me. Plus there is no dearth of boys in a city like Mumbai. Where will you stay after divorce? She gets miffed. Who spoke about divorce? I agree we fought but it happens. Is it not the case in Rajkot? He agrees with her but adds that people don’t leave home like her in Rajkot. It happens only in movies and Mumbai that is the reason why I like Mumbai. She curtly tells him his t-shirt isn’t here. Sensing her mood he excuses himself. Kajal wonders how dare he…Atul would have broken his face by now.

Everyone sit for puja. All the gorgeous ladies turn up in sarees. It is Ammu’s first Jaya Parvati fast. Fallu tells her to do a ritual which is done by a newlywed. Ammu thanks the Lord for giving her a husband like Amit. Agreed we fight at times but he is too good. I just wish he loves me like this forever and I also want Atul and Kajal’s misunderstandings to clear soon. Fallu speaks about Kajal…I wish she was here too. Just then Kajal turns up surprising them all. She too joins them for the puja and does the same ritual like Ammu. Ammu asks her how she changed her mind. She tells her not to act innocent. You were asking about the details of the katha. They smile and get back to puja.

Everyone is seated at the dining table. Ammu asks Amit how she is looking. He looks at her and says, just the way you look every day. She pouts did you not notice any difference? He nods. You are wearing a saree. You look daily every day and are looking good today too. She thanks him. I have to ask you to compliment me. He tells her she looks good to him in every attire whether it is a saree or a dress. Eye lock!

Jiggi comes there with stuff that they can eat I fast. Fallu praises him for his idea. He goes to give it to Kajal too but she curtly declines. He suggests something else for her but she gets upset. I told you I don’t want anything don’t force me. She leaves from there angrily while Fallu is annoyed with her reaction. She asks Ammu about it who leaves after Kajal to find out.


Kajal is sitting upset in her room. Ammu comes there telling her she shouldn’t have spoken with Jiggi bhaiya like that. Kajal rues thinking what he had said would upset anyone. I know he is Amit’s cousin all love him but I don’t like him. ammu supports Jiggi saying he does speak much but he is a very simple person. Kajal tells her how she knew no one would believe her. ammu insists to tell. Kajal finally tells her everything. He was asking me what I would do after divorcing Atul and if I was searching a guy. Does any decent guy talks like that? Ammu still tries to tell he is a simple person. Kajal explains it is different between being simple and showing being single. A simple person keeps himself busy with his work only and not pokes in everything. Ammu thinks of talking about this with Amit. Kajal tries to dissuade her but Ammu is sure Amit would understand.

Amit is on call with the mobile recharge guy. He is shouting on the phone to make him understand that he needs to get put the money in Kajal Patel’s number his is post paid. Fallu comes there. She tells him to take Jiggi out to have chaat. He hasn’t even eaten breakfast yet. Amit cites his office work. She tells him not to make any excuses. You have time for Amita’s bhabhi but not for your own brother. Amit promises to take him out in the evening. She isn’t interested in any of his excuse. Don’t forget you are not only on Amita’s hubby but our son too. Amit nods as she leaves from there.


Amit is searching his file in the cupboard. He finds make up stuff there instead. Ammu comes and gives it to him. Kajal must have put it. He finds Kajal’s clothes in his almirah too and wonders why they haven’t been sent to the guestroom yet. Ammu tells him she might have forgotten. She shares what Jiggi said to Kajal about divorce. Amit is unperturbed. Why should she react when everyone knows Jiggi says anything without thinking? She still objects saying Kajal is our guest. We cannot ignore it. He asks him if she can insult his guest. She stays put. This isn’t about your or mine guest its about right and wrong. Amit finally agrees to talk with Jiggi.

Scene shifts to Jiggi explaining how he was only asking about the book. She looked sad so I thought to talk with her just to divert her mind. Amit very sweetly tells him to let Kajal face her problems on her own. We must not interfere in between. Jiggi apologizes. Amit puts it on the situation. He tells him to be ready at evening for they would be going to Juhu Beach to eat his favourite chaat. Jiggi gets happy. Don’t rush complete you work and then we can go. He leaves.

Amit turns to Ammu asking if she is happy now. She is not sure if Jiggi has shared the full story with them. He gets angry. You are only worried about Kajal. You don’t see my guests’ insult. What’s wrong in that? Kajal should be at Atul’s home right now instead of being here. Which husband and wife don’t get into arguments? If she cannot face it there then she should make herself strong enough not to let anything bother her if anyone says anything. She reminds him it was the only who brought Kajal to Shah House. Plus if she is worried then would any stranger come and say anything to her. He shouts at her telling her Jiggi isn’t an outside. I spoke with him like you had asked me now you tell me do you want to throw me out? Ammu leaves from there angrily. Epi ends on Amit’s upset face.

Precap: Kajal wonders why did she keep the fast and for whom. Ammu says for Atul. But Kajal is sad. What’s the use? He dint come right! He don’t even know its my fast. Anyways you tell me what Amit said to you. He must be angry on Jiggi right? Ammu tells him to go back to her home. Kajal turns towards her stunned.

Update Credit to: pooja

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