Amita Ka Amit 25th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 25th July 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 25th July 2013 Written Update

Amita has a fight with her brother as she sees of her family off. Atul blames her for siding with Kajal and bringing her to the Shah mansion.

Kajal blames her for calling the Patels to take her home.Amita denies it . She had just spoken to her parents as she was feeling distressed at the situation. Kajal and Amu too end up having harsh words.. A visibly upset Amu reaches her room and when Amit asks what’s her problem she bursts out.. Amit tries to pacify her.. But his words lead Amita to form the conclui=sion that he too thinks she has caused the situation to worsen… Amit denies it. In his view Amita’ phonecall with her parents where she was tense led them to visit Shah mansion. Amita doesnot understand what great harm did she do by sharing her problem regarding Atul and Kajal

wit her parents.. Since it was very natural thing to do…

Amita and Amit leave the heated discussion as it is as Phallu had called Amu for kitchen work.

Amita is making mohanthal for jiggy as Phallu had asked her too…
Nani tells her in aankhon hi aankhon ki ishare mein to try and manage her issues with Phallu.

Phallu explains the reason why she did not allow Kajal to leave-she did not want Kajal to go out of the house in such a terse condition. and ontop of it it would also set tongues wagging.. Amita praises her MIL for being a thoughful person..

Phallu reminds her to get ready for Shiv Parvati vrath and chides her for forgetting the fact that she had too.

Amit is groveling to himself on Amita’s allegation that he doesnot understand her an decides to not talk to her but the next moment hides his charger to and call her aloud…Amita does not want to respond but has to as her MIL tells her too…

Amita finds the charger and Amit only thanks her.. she is not happy and asks will he not apologize? Amit is no mood to do that since Amita had given him a piece of her mind and still expected him to bend… ( na jee na.. a hubby has got his pride after all:P )
Amita leaves in a huff…

Amita helps Dadi in getting redy for the vrath and puja preparations… Dadi wants her to involve Amit but Amita is reluctant.. She decides to do the job herself without taking Amit’s help. But managing a bulk of banana leaves is not easy. She bumps mintomKajal and requests her help.. Kajal obliges..

Amu wants Kajal to do the vrath as she still loves Atul.. Kajal doesnot want to do the vrath as everyone else will think she is doing it for show..but Amu wants her to do it as she did every year before marriage…

Amita wants Amit’s help to get Kajal to do it.. But before they can come to an agreement .. there is their lovely and sweet bickering…(Iske bina toh inki baat banti nahi hai!!) I t starts with Amit trying to fold his clothes which annoys Amita.. and ends with mrs tubelight Shah( as Amit christens Amita)saying their arranged marriage is no less than a love marriage… since they met so many times before marriage unlike how people nI an arranged marriage do..

Precap: Jiggy gives his expert suggestion to Kajal for divorc e since she doesnot look averse to it and in a city like Mumbai she will get better guys to get hitched beside ‘s Atul spoke to her unkindly in front of all. Kajal is uncomfortable.

Update Credit to: sunshine

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