Amita Ka Amit 25th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 25th February 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 25th February 2013 Written Update

Amit’s Mom leaves in a huff misunderstanding that his son has come to meet Amita.

Amit tries to stop his mom but fails.He leaves informing Sanjay that he will meet him and Batuk later on…

Sanjay, Preeti Amita and Aarti are taken aback at what ensured infront of them.Sanjay assures he will find out the real reason on what is going on. Amita assumes that Amit’s mom is annoyed at the glue prank. Sanjay is skeptical and states that the issue is a far serious one than what Amita is thinking.Amita is left wondering what else could ber the reason of Phalguni’s rude behaviour with her.

Amit tries to reason with an angry Phalguni..but she is in no mood to hear his reasoning. Phalguni blasts him for rejecting the alliance of Snehal and then later trying to meet Amita

in a secretive manner after rejecting her.She orders Amit to come home and explain himself.

Next the Shah’s darbar is in session. Amit is asked to explain himself on why he went to Sanjay’s house.Phalguni tells Amit that she felt insulted tohear from Rujuta that Amit like Amita.Being a mom she was caught unaware of her son’s inclination which led to her loosing face in front of her friend. Amit faces the volley of questions on why he rejected Snehal when he was so excited for the proposal earlier.
Amit tries to skirt the issues with unconvincing replies that Snehal was to careerminded for him.He requess his familyto halt the marraige issue for the time being.

On hearing the entire proceeding the head of the household Sr. Shah( Amit’s Dad) pronounces his judgement “stock market mein stock ki keematein ek nischit samay tak upar rehti hai.Uske baad girne lagti hai ” According to him both Snehal and Amita are nice girls and as Amit seems to like both of them he has to decide within a day whom he would like to marry. The family wants everything to be done with the approval of Amit but they cannot keep two families with daughters hanging in the lurch for Amit’s indecisiveness.

Amita and Varsha have a conversation regarding the behaviour of Amit’s mom.Amita explains to her mom that her rejection of Amit must have hurt Phaluguni and on top of it the next poposal to went dead. Varsh remembers her husband’s words of not letting Amita know thta Amit had rejected her.She therefore suggests Amita to not get to involved in the Shah affair as it is a closed chapter for them. Amita leaves to go jewellery shopping for Preeti’s wedding.

Finally we get to meet the third musketeer of Amit’s friend’s ki toli-Batuk.The guy who has all answers to his friends problems.. Batuk tells Amit that his ego came in the way and he didnot clarify that Snehal had rejected him.Both Sanjay and Batuk try to help Amit see the good qualities of Amita… that she was a nice girl who took the blame of Aarti’s prank on herself. Batuk quoting his marital experience that marraige needs adjustments and not looks. By what he has heard about Amita fits the bill better than Snehal.. The Amita v/s Snehal canvassing by Amit’s friends was funny as they kept reminding Amit time and again of rejection by his perfect girl.
Batuk finally throws a clincher to Amit stating that the perfect girl might have rejected him but he can shape Amita to be his perfect girl.
Amit’s dad had given mit a deadline to come up with his decision regarding Amita and Snehal. Snehal was not an option as she had rejected him therefore the friends try to change Amit’s mind regarding Amita.
Amita has Bapuji to push her towards Amit and Amit has his friends to do the job.Wink

Amita is engrossed in jewellery shopping when Sanjay enters with Amit and Batuk. Amit is awed by seeing Amita who was looking pretty while trying out jewellery.

Amita and Amit are shocked to themselves in each other’s company once again. A friendly chit chart ensues where Batuk compliments Amita on her pretty smile to the discomfort of a stiff Amit. He makes an excuse and decides to leave for home. Batuk sees him out and questions Amit as to why he gets so annoyed whenever he spots Amita Even though he steals a glance admiring her looking pretty in a jewellery set..
Amit evades the issues as usual and reaches home to be greeted by his parents asking him to tell his descision.

Precap: None

Update Credit to: sunshine99

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