Amita Ka Amit 24th October 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 24th October 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 24th October 2013 Written Update

The kids are missing their didi. She is not even picking our phone. Please take us to her. He gets thinking and his smile disappears. Fallu too tells Amit how the kids have been saying the same thing since morning. I told them to wait till you return now you only handle them. The kids shout in unison wanting to meet Amu. He says she is a little busy at the moment so we cannot meet her right now. You tell us what you want we will do it. Fallu and Nani excuse themselves. Fallu gives and excuse for Tina and Ria too. They leave from there.

Amit sits with the kids. No problem we all will have loads of fun together. What do you want? The kids get excited and start telling him together. Amit tells them to go one by one. He is trying really hard to gel with them but they are all bored

by his acts. Fallu smiles seeing this. They all are watching tv together when a girl cries and hugs him saying she is missing didi. Amit switches off the tv.

Amit comes to Fallu trying to make her look after the kids for some time as he needs to make a ppt. but she declines. I have a lot of work to do. He looks at Baa next but she too denies. This is in fact their age to take care of me. Rohan too dodges it. Kirath and Nani too cite some excuse. Wow, I asked for a little help and no one is ready to help me. Tina says that is not the case. If you would have told us earlier then we would have taken some time out. He agrees to do it on his own.

The kids have made paper boats and paper airplanes. Amit asks them if they would be happy playing alone as he has to do some office work first. They readily agree. A kid shows him the paper boat. Amit compliments him but then looks at the paper which he has used. All the other kids are eager to show him what they have made. He checks the papers and is shocked as they are his official papers. He shouts at them. You have ruined my presentation. He scolds them. They are very sad. We don’t want to be here. We want to go back to ashram. He composes himself.

Amu is sitting next to the window. Varsha comes there with phone. She doesn’t want to talk to kids but Varsha tells her it is Amit. Amu takes the call. They talk about kids for a while. Amu advises him a lot many things about the kids. He stops her. I called you to tell you that the kids are missing you a lot. Plus I was thinking if you could come home to take care of them then it will be good. I wont be able to handle all this. She is a little taken aback. You want me to come back there for them? He agrees. She gets thinking. He tells her to think nicely and then tell him. They end the call.


Amu is still thinking. Varsha comes there. What did he say? Amu says he told me to come back and but Varsha gets excited listening half of it only. Amu tells her to stop it. He has clearly told me he wants me to come back to take care of the kids. There is nothing to be so happy about. Varsha says he would have said it for the sake of it. I know how much he misses you. The kids are an excuse only. Amu doesn’t know…I don’t know who to trust….you or him! I cannto understand anything.

The kids are shouting while eating their dinner. Shah members are enjoying seeing him thus. Bittu and Pinky get into an argument over a bowl. Amit tries to interrupt but the curry spills on his shirt. He scolds them. They shout back at him telling him they wont eat anything. Amu comes there and shouts at them telling them to be quiet…enough of it! Everyone is surprised (happily) to see her there. She has come with her luggage. All the kids rush to her to give her a big hug. She scolds them. Have I taught you all this? Pinky replies we thought if we get extra naughty then khadus uncle will call you. But he dint even call you. Amu takes Amit’s side. He only has called me here. He has given you his home to stay and you are bothering him only? Apologize! They all hold their ears and apologize to Amit. We wont trouble you ever till didi stays here. Amit forgives them. Now go and eat your dinner without making any noise. AA look at each other. He thanks her for coming here and then leaves from there.


Amu tells them to eat like uncle has told you to then we will read story together. Amu hugs Ria first who compliments her for taking care of these many kids. They all praise you like anything. Fallu brings in the aarti thaal and does aarti of Amu welcoming her back home. This home was so quiet without you. We all missed you so much. Amu too reiterates the same. She meets and hugs everyone one by one. Fallu calls out for the servant to keep Amu’s stuff in Amit’s room. She tries to dodge it but the servant says I only will keep it. He takes her luggage and goes to keep it in their room.

Amit has changed into his nice suit. He turns and sees Amu’s bag in the room. He has a slight smile on his face. He checks himself in the mirror and arranges his hairs and night suit a little. He hears a knock so hurriedly sits down on a chair pretending to read a magazine. Amu comes in when he allows her to. Iktara begins playing in the background as AA look at each other. They both recollect their past happy moments that they have spent together here.

Precap: Amit comes out after taking a bath and wears his shirt. Amu points out that there is still some soap left on his ear. He rubs it and asks if its gone. She moves ahead to clean if herself but then stops herself.

Update Credit to: pooja

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