Amita Ka Amit 24th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Amita Ka Amit 24th May 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 24th May 2013 Written Update

Amita and Amit are busy with the preparations of Lalji ki Pooja. Dadi tells Phallu to take the jwelry meant for Lalji to the family goldsmith for polishing. Amit volunteers to do it instead. Kiritbhai wants Amit to do a presentation for him saying Phallu can take care of the matter.. Amit prepares the presentation and as he is about to show it to his dad, he is shocked to know Rohan has already made the same. Kiritbhai is impressed with Rohan’s skills and filled with appreciation for his nephew.He doesnot look at his son’s hardwork rather gets busy with Rohan to fine tune it.. Amit is very hurt at this.

Dadi is annoyed at Phallu for giving the jewelry for polishing to a different jeweler. Amita is trying to get Amit apologize to her for his rude behaviour.. She even writes that he

needs to say sorry to her in the list which has his duties for the puja preparations enlisted.

Amitdoesnot see it as a phonecall from a client informs him that his share of work has been done by Rohan at the instence of Kiritbahi.. Amit is devasted at being sidelined by his dad…

At the dinner table…

Amita trys to finds out if Amit has read her list but a pareshaan Amit doesnot sprak to her properly.

Phallu is informed that she cannot have the jewelry as the shopowner had gone for tirthyatra and they have to wait for his return as Phallu didnot have a receipt to claim the same..

At home Amita is making a beautiful Rangoli and is complemented by Nani. She calls up Phallu at the suggestion of Nani as her sasuma was not home yet making her worrisome..

Phallu returns home looking very disturbed and faints…

The driver informs Amita that she appeared uneasy after her visit to the jeweler.

The doc informs that Phallu was unconscious due to a rise in her BP.. He advises that someone needs to be there with the patient 24/7 and she should be kept away from stressful situations. Amita volunteers for it.

Amit suggests cancelling the puja…Kiritbhai and all the other family members are not in favour. Dadi wants Tina to take over the preparations in place of Phallu. Tina agrees but cleverly makes an excuse that she cannot fast due to a low BP problem..The question arises who will take the mantle of responsibility for the puja..Amita volunteers again.

Amita tries to probe Phallu for the truth…Phallu tells her everything and breaks into tears..

Amita promises to set things right and tells Phallu to not share this info with anyone and that she will not let her sasuma’s aan, ban shaan bite the dust…

Precap:Amit and Amita promote Mahrana Pratap the new show on Sony.

Update Credit to: sunshine

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