Amita Ka Amit 24th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 24th July 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 24th July 2013 Written Update

Ammu comes to Fallu’s room. She apologizes of Kajal’s behalf. She mustn’t have spoken that way. Fallu says she did as you made her meet Atul today. ammu gets surprised. How do you know? Fallu explains as you dint take Jiggi along with you when you were going out today. It has never happened before that when you & Amit are going out you dint take anybody along with you. I understood it that’s why I let you go. I dint say anything but it doesn’t mean that I gave you the permission. Ammu tries to say something when Fallu cuts her off. I am not done yet. Now listen to me very carefully. One should take responsibilities of only the work one can do. You think your childish acts can save relations? Ammu says she is trying her best. Fallu points out how she is thinking about 2 people

only while Fallu is talking about 2 families. So much is at stake do you even realise this? Neither of the families is happy. Did you take care of Jiggi since he has come here? You are only thinking about Kajal and Atul plus now you have involved Amit too in all this. I have to hear so many taunts of Tina because of this do you have any idea how I would be feeling? Ammu tells her Amit is not at fault for any of it. Fallu agrees. I am upset with you plus I am worried about you too that I why I am trying to make you understand. As far as I know Kajal, she has seen a pillar of support in you. She wont go from here till she knows you are there for her. You should have let her stay there (Patel House – PH) only. A problem’s solution can be found out by staying together as well. Its not necessary to create a distance between people (what a sound advice…m back to loving Fallu 🙂 ). Ammu is still clueless as to what to do (seriously :O ). Fallu points out if you heard me clearly then I have already suggested what can be done. Rest is up to you. She leaves while Ammu stands worried.

Ammu is pacing in the hall worried thinking what to do. How to make Atul & Kajal meet? I dint knew it would be so tough. She calls at Patel House. Varsha picks up. Ammu asks about Atul. Varsha tells her he is in his room only not even talking to anyone. Ammu shares the same way how Kajal is. Varsha wonders how she is managing all this at her in-laws place. Is it not creating any problem for you? Tell clearly. Ammu gets nostalgic but tries her best to hide her pain. No there is nothing as such but her mother senses something is up. Ammu shares how she cant see Atul & Kajal like this. Varsha very sweetly makes her understand how life takes everyone’s test. This is their test and don’t worry they will pass for sure. Ammu is about to breakdown but Amit comes and takes the phone. Varsha asks about Ammu. He teases her saying since I have told her she looks beautiful crying, she keeps crying all the time (awww…so sweet <3). Varsha is worried about Kajal. He assures her that all will be fine you take care of Atul. They disconnect the call. Amit questions Ammu why you called mummy she must have got worried. Ammu says she felt like talking to her mother so called sorry. Amit side hugs her comforting her. I know you are worried but there must be some way. Kajal watches them hiding behind a pillar as AA hug. Kajal wipes a tear out of the corner of her eye and goes to AA’s room. Kajal picks up a pillow just when AA walk-in. They question her about the pillow. Kajal tells them she will be sleeping outside tonight for she cant see AA stay away from each other. Ammu declines. You cannot sleep outside but there is one place where you can go. Kajal wonders. Ammu answers – your home. Kajal leaves angrily while AA gets worried. Ammu rues this is all our fault. We shouldn’t have helped them. Amit teases her again. It is impossible to understand women (your sense of humour is improving 😛 ). Ammu pouts. He reminds her they have to focus on Kajal. They go after her. Kajal is all set to lie down on the sofa when Ammu tells her she wont let her sleep. Kajal too teases her. Say this to Amit not me. Ammu tells her not to joke about all this. Kajal says she doesn't want to be a burden on them. Amit tells her to come inside or everyone will wake up. Kajal declines. Amit repeats just when Jiggi comes rubbing his eyes. Why all this VOICE & why is Kajal ji holding a pillow in her hand? Kajal tells him she wants to sleep here today. jiggi smiles. You want to give AA loving-loving chance. Kajal smiles agreeing. Jiggi asks her to shift in his room. All are taken aback. Amit questions him. jiggi asks him to let him complete. I will sleep here while she can sleep in the guestroom. Kajal wonders if it is ok with him. He lies down saying I have made up my mind and once I do so no one can change it. All smile and leave for their respective rooms. Next morning, Fallu is sprinkling holy water in the house when she stops noticing Jiggi lying on floor wrapped in the carpet. She literally screams out asking him to wake up and if he is ok. Everyone else gather in the hall hearing her scream. -Break- Fallu realizes he is alright. She repeatedly asks him to get up. He tells her to let him sleep. I was about to wed Katrina Kaif in my dream. Why you interrupted in between? She asks him to get up. First tell me why are you sleeping here? Amit says as I slept in my room. She asks about Ammu who tells she too was sleeping in her…their room. Jiggi wonders if she is worried about the carpet being rolled up. I will set it right. Plus why are you speaking TALL WORDS (so loudly) in the morning? She tells him to keep quiet and turns towards Ammu for answer. Tina comments how no guest has been treated like this before in their house. Kajal tells them she is to be blamed. I was about to sleep here but Jiggi insisted. Fallu is angry why no one offered him a quilt. Amit tries to speak but Fallu tells him not to speak in between. Ria too turns to Ammu. You could have done this much at least. We do that with strangers even. Fallu is upset at Ammu’s carelessness. I understand others too could offer him a quilt but being a daughter-in-law this is your responsibility. I thought what I had said to you yesterday would have made some sense to you. But no it seems like you heard from one ear and dismissed it from the other. Servant comes to tell them Ammu’s family members have come. Ammu is tensed while everyone else is wondering too. Kajal wonders why they have come so early morning. All are seated. Hemant apologises to Kirath for causing him trouble. Kirath very sweetly says we are one big family. hemant tells them he will handle this issue now…his way. Tina compliments their timing. Right that you came Fallu bhabhi was very angry with Ammu today. Patel family members and Fallu is taken aback. -Break- Missed a minute because of electricity issue. Atul is angry with Kajal. Yesterday Ammu cried while talking with ma all because of you but not anymore. JIggi asks Ria if Kajal came here after fighting with her hubby. Ria nods. Hemant tells Atul to stop all this for this isn't the right time. We can talk at home too. Atul is upset. This is all because we have given you a lot of freedom. Ammu interrupts I am talking to Kajal. Atul tells her how she should have understood this that she has no right to stay here. When will she become big and realise she too should take up some responsibilities. Life isn't a joke always. She asks him if he ever tried to understand her. Have you ever thought that the Kajal who couldn’t stay away from you for a minute is staying far from you? He says we can discuss this at their home but she shouldn’t be here at Ammu’s home. She agrees to leave but also tells him she wont come back to PH. Amit tells Atul to calm down don't fight like kids. Ammu tells Kajal she is mature enough. Atul interrupts if she would have been then she should have been at PH. Kajal has decided she wont go with him. he gets super pissed off. If not there then you cannot stay here at my sister’s place too. Pack your luggage and leave from here. Ammu is in tears. What are you saying? Kajal turns to go when Fallu speaks up. All turn to look at her. fallu announces that Kajal wont go from here till their fight gets sorted. Varsha seeks forgiveness. I don't feel it would be good if Kajal stays here anymore. Fallu questions if she is worried about this house being Ammu’s in-laws place? Varsha tells her her heart is big but this is about their family. it should hamper our daughter’s in-laws. Fallu says Kajal’s staying over wont make any difference in Ammu’s responsibility towards this house. We are one family. We will solve it together. Don't worry Kajal will stay here only. Atul is not happy with this decision while Amu is in tears. Precap: Ammu & Atul get into an argument outside Shah House. She tries telling him Kajal’s point of view. I know things change after wedding but Kajal feels that you have changed. She doesn’t see her old Atul in you. He comments hearing you I feel you are her sister not mine. Ammu says she is only trying to help. He says you supported her in all this. I don’t want your help. Thanks for what you have done till now for me but not anymore. I will handle the rest on my own. Ammu is heartbroken while Hemant and Varsha witness all this worried..

Update Credit to: pooja

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