Amita Ka Amit 24th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Amita Ka Amit 24th January 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 24th January 2013 Written Update

Preeti calling Amita, all four friends on conference, all asking Amita about what has happened. Aarti says that if Suraj would have choosed Preeti it would be fine but he had choosed Amita as his love, she asks her that what Sooraj had confess her. Amita stiched her lips and didn’t even uttered a single word. Jigna scolds Aarti as Amita had cut the call, Jigna asks Aarti to say sorry to her. Four friends again on conference, Aarti asking for sorry to Amita. Amita tells that there’s nothing to tell about. Aarti asks her to make a list of what she had to tell.

Amita’s parents worried about Amita, her dad asks whether Amita had told anything or not. Her mom replied that she tried every possible things, but Amita is not telling anything, she added that Suraj will not choose an innocent girl like Amita, he’ll choose a girl like him. Amita listening all this. Her dad says that good girl like Amita is not in Suraj’s luck. He’ll choose a better boy than Suraj for her princess. Amita asks her dad about what they were talking. Her dad changes the topic. She asks her parents to take a break from this topic for some time, and asks about what to gift Jigna for her Gaud Bharai. And again asks to leave her marriage’s topic.

Atul’s fiance at their home asking Atul’s mom to marry Amita as soon as possible so that she can marry Atul. Here Amita getting a call from Suraj she gets happy after seeing the display name, but she got remembered about the earlier day about what Suraj has confessed. She picks it up and Suraj asks him whether she had said anything to Preeti or not. Amita denies, Suraj asks her to talk soon. Amita got sad.

Atul’s fiance wears Amita’s slippers, and when Amita asks her to get back, she asks Amita to get marry so that she can come in the house, as Atul will marry her after her marriage.. She adds that Jigna is married, Preeti will get thousand boys for her looks, and Aarti is of no use, she asks Amita to learns something from Preeti. In other words she is under estimated by the name of Preeti by everyone. Atul and her mom listening all. Her mom changes the topic saying that Amita has to get ready to go at Jigna’s place. Atul scolds her fiancee of talking rubbish. She feels bad and goes in Amita’s room and asks for sorry. Amita says she need not to ask for sorry, she hadn’t done any mistake. She adds that she’ll make ready her for the function and suggests her a pair of earings saying that she’ll look like Preeti and leaves from there.

Amita trying to prove that she is better that Pretti and doing some work. Amita grandfather arrived at her place and says that he had to do an important talk with Amita. Amita’s life is going to take a new turn.

Update Credit to: awesum_life

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