Amita Ka Amit 23rd October 2013 Written Episode Update


Amita Ka Amit 23rd October 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 23rd October 2013 Written Update

The epi begins with Amit telling Amu that they will have to vacate this place for a few days. Everyone is shocked. Till then I will try to find some way out with Mr. Lakhani. Amu wonders as to where will these kids go. Amit says I know one place. As I am responsible for all this then I only will find out a solution. Till I don’t sort this issue with Lakhani these kids will stay with me in my home. Everyone is happy including the kids too who heartily thank Amit. Amu isn’t so happy with this.

Varsha tells Amu to pack her luggage and come along with them. I cant believe that everything is settled so soon. I am so happy that you are going to stay with your family (Shah Family) again. Lets go. Amu points out that Amit has only asked for the kids to come along. Hemant says you

are saying as if you don’t know him. He is so shy so do you expect him to say it out loud in front of everyone telling you to come along. He is doing all this for you only then why would he leave without you. Fallu comes there and gives Amu a hug. Come Amu, your time to come back to your home has come. I am so happy today. But don’t do something so foolish again ever. Amu nods. She wants to go and talk to Amit first.

All the kids are sitting with Amit asking him if they can bring their things along with them. Amit nods happily. Amu watches all this happily. The kids and Amit are really enjoying each other’s company. Pinky calls out for Amu didi. She tells her how Amit uncle has helped them pack their bags. Another little girl tells her how uncle has promised them that they will get a room full of toys. Amu smiles. She calls Amit outside as she wants to talk to him about something important. He agrees.

Amu thanks Amit for she knows that he is doing all this for her as he knows that she loves these kids a lot. But if you don’t feel like then please don’t pressurize yourself to do this. You thought this much for my sake and came to this decision….this only is enough for me. He asks her if she feels that the world revolves around her. I am doing all this for myself. The kids have lost their home because of me. I don’t want to live with this burden. I have already made a mistake once and am trying to rectify that only. She is taken aback. This means you want to take the kids to our…sorry your home and you don’t want me to come with you. He says I am taking them my home. Rest its up to you. You dint ask me while leaving that home then why are you asking me about returning? She says I thought you might need my help to handle them. He denies. They are my responsibility. I very well know how to fulfill my responsibility. I don’t need you. Amu is sad. Agreed I will go and talk to them. He says he wont decline if she wants to come along. She counters who told you I want to come. He nods. Your wish! She leaves from there. He wants to stop her but does not.

The kids don’t want to be without Amu. She makes them understand that there are so many people to take care of you there. They will love you all very much. Pinky asks about that khadus uncle. Amu assures them he is very good. He will love you too. Bittu asks her if she will come with them or not. She snaps that she wont. I cannot come with you. She gets emotional so moves to a corner. You think I don’t have anything to do except running after you all? The kids understand that she is acting thus so they don’t pester her to come with them. If you cant go then we wont force you. We will go with uncle. Amu goes and hugs them tearfully.

Fallu asks Amit why he is not asking Amu to come with them. Your fight was over this ashram which you are anyways trying to sort out then what’s the issue? He tells her that now there is no issue. I only feel we shouldn’t be staying together. Kirath tells him to think. How will you handle all these kids without Amu? Amit tells him not to worry over that. I very well know how to take care of them and I will show it. I know I can do it.


Amit brings all the kids to Shah House. All the kids are gaping at the big house. This is almost twice or thrice bigger in size than our orphanage. How many people live here? Amit says only Shah Family and now you all will stay here too. What will you have in breakfast? They all say in unison – cornflakes. Amit is happy that it isn’t tough to handle these kids. I don’t see any problem here plus they want to have one thing in breakfast only. All the ladies are surprised. I don’t see any trouble in future too. He tells the kids they can watch tv if they want to in their spare time but a girl surprises them by saying she doesn’t like tv. Amit excuses himself as he has to go to office.

Fallu charges at the kids. What are you all doing? Fallu and Baa try to calm her down. Fallu calls them fake kids. I wont keep such kids here in my home. They apologize if they have made any mistake. She clears that they aren’t behaving like kids since they have come here. You can act like the way you act in ashram. They start narrating their demands and Shah Family members are more than happy to oblige. All the elders are tired after handling them. Kirath wonders as to how Amu alone could handle these many kids in one go. She is something for sure. Fallu agrees with him. We have to make Amit realize this only.

Amit is in his office talking to Lakhani over the land issue. I agree we do business for profit but it doesn’t seem nice at times that we are only worried for profits. Think about those kids. Lakhani doesn’t agree with him. You can do all the social service you want to but I wont. I am not going to leave this land. Amit gets a call from Bittu who apologizes to Amit as he broke his tv’s remote. Amit tells Lakhani they can work together in some other deals too but leave this one. He gets another call by another kid who wants help with multiplication sum. Amit helps him sweetly. He apologizes to Lakhani for the disturbances. He tries talking about next deal but Lakhani stays put on this one. Amit offers to buy him a nice piece of land on his expense but Lakhani doesn’t want it. I want that property only. Amit is visibly upset.


Varsha asks Amu why she isn’t picking any call. The kids want to talk to you. She denies. I don’t want to talk to them. They too should learn to live without me. Varsha tells her not to act stubborn but Amu says I am only doing that what Amit has told me. He said that he will handle everything. He doesn’t want my help. Why should I trouble him for no reason? Plus the kids can get habitual to things in no time. Varsha doesn’t understand what the problem between AA is. Looking at you both one can see very clearly that you both want to be together again. If either of you says it then you wont be small. Anyways I shouldn’t say anything or you might leave home again. Do what you want to. She leaves from there. Amu is unpacking her stuff. She comes across the drawing which one of the kids had made of her teaching them dance. She recalls all the happy moments that she has spent in the ashram with those kids and gets emotional. She picks up her phone and calls Shah House. Amit who was just returning from office happens to pick it up. He cannot see anyone around and wonders about the same. Amu goes quiet as soon as she hears his voice. He too realizes from the silence that it might be Amu. They both disconnect it.

Nani is telling the kids some story when Amit comes there. The kids keep interrupting the story and tell Nani what their Amu didi has told them. Amit is happy to see this. The kids are missing their didi. She is not even picking our phone. Please take us to her. He gets thinking and his smile disappears.

Precap: Amu asks Amit about Bittu’s health and advices him to not send Bittu outside to play. Amit says I called you to tell you that the kids are missing you a lot. Plus I was thinking if you could come home to take care of them then it will be good.

Update Credit to: pooja

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