Amita Ka Amit 23rd May 2013 Written Episode Update


Amita Ka Amit 23rd May 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 23rd May 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Rohan reprimanding Ria for hiding the file in the bin. What will we do now that Amita has found it? Ria tries to explain that she dint knew Ammu would be throwing things in the same bin. Tina asks Rohan to calm down. Whatever has happened has put things in our favour only. The distance between Kirath bhai and Amit has grown. The time isn’t far when that family wont be a happy family anymore.
Rohan is worried what if Amita tells Amit everything. Tina points out that he is a traditional mad. He wont go against his family. rohan smiles in agreement. Yes, he wont ever have a doubt on me for I am his brother. He trusts me blindly. But I am worried about that file. Tina assures him that Bakshi will never work with Shah Stocks and Traders ever. Our first plan has been

successful now its time to execute the next plan. They all raise a toast to their success ( :/ ).

Ammu is arranging the blanket in her room. She recalls her last night’s convo with Amit. My family members aren’t my enemy. Do you think Rohan and Ria are plotting against me? Rohan is my brother. I trust him completely. Ammu’s question, will you never trust me? Amit- not more than my family!
Amit peeks in from the bathroom. He asks Ammu to hand over his blue shirt to him. She doesn’t respond and gets back to her work. Amit sternly tells him to get it for him and calls out to her thrice. She turns angrily to face him. How can you trust me that I will give you blue shirt only and not red / green or any other colour? (Kudos!) Come and take it for yourself. How can you ask someone who you do not trust? She gets back to her work. Amit closes the door angrily and comes out after wrapping a towel around him.
He takes the blue shirt and comes to her. it is good that only 18days are left for me here. Then this daily tantrums and irritations wont be a problem anymore. We both will be happy in our own worlds. Amita looks at him dismayed. He leaves from there.

Kirath is speaking on the phone and is disappointed on getting a negative reply. Fallu asks him why he sounds so worried. Amit enters. He says, papa I am going to meet Mr. Bakshi. I will apologize to him. It was my fault. I don’t want you to be ashamed because of me ever. I will make him agree somehow. Kirath mocks him. You are going to make me proud.
Fallu asks him not to say so. But Kirath doesn’t budge. I just received a call from office. Mr. Bakshi is never going to work with us again. He has done a partnership with another company, firstly you forgot to submit the cheque and now the file got misplaced. I have gained this respect with a lot of hardships in last 30 years. Now I think that it would have been better if I would have given this responsibility to Rohan. Amit is sad hearing this.
Fallu tries to stop him from saying something but he doesn’t relent. I am saying the truth. If you use a same style of work in the US then you wont get success there either. Amit asks him are you happy that I am going to US? Kirath replies earlier I wasn’t but now I am. At least you wont be able to create more losses for us here. He leaves from there angrily. Fallu tells Amit not to take his father’s talk to heart. Amit assures her that he is fine and leaves from there.
Ammu was cutting some veggies when Fallu walks up to her with anger. It has become final today that Amit will certainly go to the US. All thanks to you. This has never happened before. There has come a huge gap between Amit and his father just because you misplaced a file. You are his wife. It is your responsibility to support and stand by him not create problems for him.
Ammu tries to tell her that it wasn’t her fault. Fallu says even if it was not still it was your responsibility to take care of the file.

Nani and Baa come there and watch them. Baa rues if you will talk to your daughter-in-law this way? Differences are bound to happen when so many people live under roof. But this mustn’t happen in a family. There have been so many disharmonies at home off late so I have kept Lal ji’s puja. Fallu agrees saying if all goes well between AMit and his dad then surely do it.
Bas instructs her to get the jewelleries of God clean for the puja. Fallu nods she will like every year. Baa and Nani look assuringly at Ammu who smiles back at them thankfully.

Ammu comes to Amit who gets up angrily from there and starts working on his lappy. Ammu again goes to him. Ammu says to an upset Amit, papa is angry right now but as soon as he will calm down he will understand that it wasn’t your fault. Amit shouts back angrily. I am not a kid that you can brighten my mood just like that. Do you think that only by thinking or caring about the relation, it will become better? If you think so then you are wrong. Our relation is just for another 18 days more. You don’t need to do anything about it.
Ammu is heartbroken and throws stuff angrily. She takes Amit’s photo to throw too but looks in time and softens. She takes the photo and speaks aloud.
Why do you want to go far from me Amit? Why don’t you want to include me in any of your problems or sadness? I want to support you in all your sad and happy times but you don’t understand what’s in my heart? Why don’t you understand that I love you a lot? Why do you want me to distance me from yourself? Why are you going leaving me alone? I want to be with you. Please don’t go leaving me. She sits on the floor and cries harder. Please don’t go leaving me alone.


Ammu is sitting holding the photo when Nani walks in calling her. check the halwa and tells me if it is ok then I will make this for the puja tomorrow.
Ammu turns and tries to excuse herself to go to washroom (to clean her face). But nani catches her and notices her red eyes. She asks her if Amit said anything to her.
Amit enters and Nani tells him to check Ammu’s eyes. He initially says that she will be fine if she splashes water on her face but Nani insists. I have so much work to do for puja otherwise I would have checked it myself. She goes out telling them to come outside fast.

Amit goes to Amita and tells her to show her eyes. She declines. Amit turns her around and starts checking her eyes. He blows air in her eyes. She looks at him and sad darmiyan songs breaks in in the background. He tells her that nothing fell in her eyes.
She says yes she knows because she had been crying. She goes and sits upset. Would you not ask why I was crying? He replies wont you tell? She says if you don’t want to ask then no need. Nani calls out to Amita. Ammu tells Amit, even if I would have told you, you wont understand.
Amit says if you think I wont then don’t tell. He goes aside. Ammu looks at him and thinks are you knowingly trying to not know or understand it? How easily you said that there are just 18 days left for you to go to the US. Did you not realize how would I feel? You dint even says sorry for once!


Baa is instructing Nani to arrange the puja thaal her way. Amita and Amit come. Baa notices Amita walking in front of Amit. She tells Amita not to walk ahead of Amit. You two have to do all the necessary preps for the puja.
Ammu tells her Amit has so much office work to do. I will take care of everything. Baa tells her not to take so much side of Amit. Ammu smiles and so does Nani. Nani agrees with Jamuna behen (Baa) and tells them to get the puja utensils from her room.

Ammu and Amit come to nani’s room. Amit tells her he will do it but Ammu steps on the stool. He notices and tells her to get down. She taunts him. If you can do it on your own then I too can. You are anyways leaving in 18 days so I should get used to working on my own. I don’t need your help. Thanks! Amita is about to trip when Amit holds her in time. They share an eye lock and sweet music plays in the background.


Update Credit to: pooja

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