Amita Ka Amit 23rd July 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 23rd July 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 23rd July 2013 Written Update

Its next morning, Amit rings up Ammu to wish him good morning in her sweet voice and it turns out to be Kajal (ta-da). She tells him to come inside and speak to Ammu himself. Amit’s face is a must watch now ( 😛 ). He apologizes to her. I just wanted to ask if I can come inside to take my office clothes. Kajal tells him to come. He enters inside while Ammu too comes out of the bathroom. Kajal teases them to tell each other good morning while I will close my eyes. Ammu chides her. kajal wonders how Ammu gets up so early now. She never used to wake up before 10 am in her parents’ house. Ammu points out the difference to her. That was before my marriage now I have responsibilities. Now I am a daughter cum daughter-in-law cum Amit’s wife. I have to look after my family too. Amit comments

he has never asked her to wake up early you can sleep as much as you want. Kajal interrupts telling them not to fight in the morning itself. You can patch up now…romantically with words or without words ( 😛 ). Ammu chides her while she rushes out. Ammu tells Amit how she was saying all that for Kajal. I was trying to make her understand that she too is at fault. Amit realizes….you should have told me. She asks him to think of some way to get them closer again. Amit has a plan. She points out if that was what he has been doing all night for it looks like he dint sleep at all. He says, I was telling Jiggi how to talk with Mumbai girls. She gets surprised. What did you tell him? He decides against telling her saying its between guys (just like girls’ talks he he). He tells her the plan. You get Kajal out somehow while I will bring Atul and they can make them talk to each other. Everything will be solved that way. She gets excited and plants a kiss on his cheek after hugging him (how sweet <3). Amit is flustered (lol…so cute). What if Kajal would have seen? She apologizes. If you don't like it then I wont repeat it (aww such a cute face). He says it wasn’t too bad. He wishes her luck and both get set working on their mission! Kajal is getting ready when Ammu suggests going out for shopping. Kajal gets super happy. I had completely forgotten about it in my problems. Ammu assures her all her worries will be over soon. They leave from there. Outside, Jiggi compliments Fallu’s cooking skills. There is no difference in yours and my mother’s cooking. Fallu is all floored. Ammu and Kajal are going out when Jiggi enquires if they get dressed up like this every day or are going to ROTATE somewhere today (round and round and round 😉 ). Kajal shares their shopping trip. Jiggi offers to come along but Ammu declines. Fallu gets upset. She tries to send him along but Ammu tells her that they are not going to the mall but going for some roadside shopping. Finally Fallu agrees. Kajal tells her how she is planning to treat AA today (isi ki kami thi). Jiggi tells them he will go with them next time. NOW Ammu asks for her mummy ji’s permission which she gives…unhappily + super pissed off. They leave for shopping. Amit and Atul are in the restaurant. Amit says…must have come by now. atul wonders who. Amit diverts it to food. Atul points out that they dint even place an order yet how can the food come. Let us order something. Amit tells him to wait for there is no rush. Atul gets confused. You only said you are hungry and now you are saying there is no hurry? I am going to the washroom. Amit tells him to take his time (lol). Atul isn't getting anything. Amit wonders where Ammu is. She mustn’t have been shopping for so long. Right then, Ammu and Kajal enter. Amit questions Ammu for taking so much time. Kajal apologizes taking the blame on herself. Shall we order you must be hungry? Amit declines using the same dialogue…there is no rush. Kajal points out the same thing like Atul. Just then Atul comes asking if he has ordered or not yet. Kajal and Atul look at each other understanding how they have been tricked into meeting each other. Atul starts walking out when Amit somehow manages to stop him. ammu sighs relived yet tensed. Waiter asks for order. Atul is about to order for heavy food when Kajal taunts him how he has been weight conscious all the while. He taunts her back. I should go back home and ask my wife to get me some soup and salad but ah, she isn't at home anymore so I would be eating out only. Kajal thinks of ordering extra spicy chowmein when he points out she might get acidity because of that. The poor waiter asks for order again. Amit sends him away for some time. Amit is thinking hard when he picks up his mobile and goes out to talk citing network issues. Ammu too excuses herself to the washroom. Kajal asks about some order because of which they had this fight. Atul tells her he cancelled it because of all these tensions only. They get talking happily. AA watch them hiding and smile. Ammu hugs Amit. All four are enjoying food. Kajal and Atul are busy talking plus AA are lost in each other too. Amit thinks of asking for the bill. Ammu suggests ordering food as finally things have got sorted. Kajal asks her who said so startling all 3 of them. We spoke happily just because we are not staying together. We understand the value of a few things only after we lose them. Rest I am not going back to that home for he doesn't care to even listen to me. He doesn't have time for me. atul reasons that the time they get she spends in making complaints. Kajal agrees to go after her 3 conditions be fulfilled – 1. Every alternative day you will take me out; 2. Every weekend we will go on a holiday; 3. I want a tv in my room where I can watch anything as per my liking. Atul doesn't agree with her demands and she too stays put. The gets into another argument. Atul walks out in a huff while Amit tries to stop him. Kajal cries in Ammu arms. I wont go back to that house ever. You two will keep me with yourself na. AA look at each other tensed. -Break- Everyone is sitting in the living area. Jiggi is waiting or AA. A few jokes on Jiggi…nothing important. AA and Kajal enter. Jiggi excitedly asks them about their day out. Fallu notices Kajal looking lost. Amit gives a simple answer. Jiggi directs his question to Kajal. She answers in an irritated way. I don't know don't talk to me please. I am sorry but I am not feeling well. She leaves from there. Fallu doesn't like the way she spoke with her guest. Amit supports Kajal saying she is unwell while Ammu supports Fallu. Kajal shouldn’t have spoken this way. I will go talk to her. ria smirks. Tina taking the opportunity charges again. AA are made for each other. They act like a team and don't require anyone else. So sweet! Her words have a desired effect on Fallu. -Break- Kajal tells Ammu how she feels Ammu is supporting her brother only. Ammu denies. If that would have been the case then I would have been with him not you. It is your mistake too. Kajal agrees. I know I am sorry. But I don't know what's happening to me. You have done so much for me. my mind is somewhere else. Please forgive me. ammu tells her not to say so. This is because you both love each other a lot. Kajal cries. It is for the very same reason that I don't want to go back. I cannot see love turning into hatred. I cant see love for me in Atul’s eyes. Before wedding too we used to fight but we were together. Now when we fight both of us keep wondering who would initiate first to sort things out. At times even mummy papa has solved our fights. I know I am bad. You have done a lot for me. I am thankful to you for all that but not anymore. I cannot create troubles for you. Ammu tells her not to say so again. You will stay here only…with me. kajal rests her head on Ammu’s shoulder. Fallu comes in asking about Kajal’s health. If you need medicines then tell me. amita, give her turmeric milk at night. She leaves. Ammu goes after her. she tells her to come to her room to talk. Precap: Fallu tells Ammu that one should take responsibilities of the work one can do. You think your childish acts can save relations? Ammu says she is trying her best. Fallu points out how she is thinking about 2 people only while Fallu is talking about 2 families. Neither of the families are happy.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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