Amita Ka Amit 22nd October 2013 Written Episode Update


Amita Ka Amit 22nd October 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 22nd October 2013 Written Update

AA bring Bittu to the hospital. Amit is holding him in his arms all the while calling out for the doc. He explains the complete situation to him. Amu accompanies Bittu to the OT inside. Amit keeps repeating to himself that nothing will happen to Bittu. He recalls how he had scared the little kid when they had thrown ball in his room intentionally; warning Amu about signing the papers and how Bittu had wet his pants. A nurse comes and he asks about Bittu. She tells him that he is fine. Thankfully he wasn’t hurt deep. He thanks her. Its been a long time since I heard some good news. She remarks that looking at you it doesn’t feel like your son would be this old. He immediately backtracks. He isn’t my son and in fact, I don’t like kids at all. She leaves after giving him a weird

look. He stands confused. I really don’t like kids? If that is so, then why am I feeling the way I am feeling? He sees a girl passing by from the corridor who waves at him and he smiles broadly.

Doc comes out of the OT. Amit is relieved knowing that Bittu is fine. He wants to go buy the necessary medicines but the doc stops him. First go and meet Bittu as he wants to meet you. Amit nods….with mixed emotions and leaves to meet Bittu. Bittu lists out the stuff he wants to eat to Amu. Bittu tries to get up as Amit enters but Amit tells him to lie down and rest. Amit sits near him on the bed. AA are quiet. Bittu hands him a ball with thanks written on it. Amit is very happy. He even compliments him on the idea but how did you get the ball? Bittu tells him didi (Amu) can do anything any minute. Amit thanks him. I want you to keep this ball. I would love it if you would play with it but be careful don’t break the windows of someone’s house. Amit gives him the ball and excuses himself. Amu looks on as he leaves. She too follows Amit outside.

Amu fumbles but then tells him about the list that Bittu has given. Amit takes it and agrees to go but she stops him. She tries to give him the money to get the things but he declines. I have money. He is good to go but she stops him again. She thanks him for whatever he did today. I wanted to say a lot but right now wont be able to say anything except thank you. Kabira starts playing in the background as they share an eye lock.

Amu comes back with Bittu telling him to take rest for a few days whereas everyone has done a small decoration for Bittu welcoming him back safe and healthy. Kirath compliments him for the way he plays cricket. Bittu asks him if they won the match. Baa decides to tell the results as she was the umpire. She reiterates the condition and then announces that the kids have won. The kids cheer loudly. Father says these kinds of decisions cannot be taken through kids’ matches. This place has been bought by Amit so only he has to decide. Amit has indeed taken a decision. This orphanage is the home for these kids. It wont go anywhere. I cannot do any housing project here by breaking this building. Everyone is happy with his decision. All the kids thank him. Kirath is proud of him. You have become a good human being too. Amit tells the kids that he has spent ample time with them but now he will have to go back to Mumbai with his family. Amu is surprised and so are all the elders. Fallu and in fact Father too advises him to stay for some more time but Amit has made up his mind. My work here is done. Now we will go back to Mumbai. Bittu will miss him. Amit too says that he will miss them all. You all are lovely kids. Amu is sad.

Fallu tells Amit they shouldn’t leave without Amu. He doesn’t want to talk over anything in this matter. Fallu wants him to talk it out. Baa too agrees with Fallu and everyone else too. Kirath tells him to move on. Nani tells him he cannot stay without Amu and I could see her state too when you announced that you are going back. She looked sad and you look upset too. Stop acting stubborn. Amit shakes his head. She has chosen this life on her own. She left that house on her own will. I have no right to ask her to return her to her old life. Fallu asks him then who else will tell her if not her husband. He agrees he is legally her husband but that relation has gone haywire as a storm came in our lives. But things change afterwards. If she wants me to stop and you all want her to come along with us then this time she will have to make the first move. They are all speechless.

Amu says how to make the first move. Maybe you are forgetting that it was me who left his home. Who knows what if he hasn’t forgotten me yet? Or his love has turned into hatred? Or maybe he wants that the more we stay away from each other the better? Varsha denies. Amu says we came face to face after so long but he dint show any hint that he wants me to come back with him and things go back to normal like they were before. We have nothing to talk except arguing with each other. You tell me how do I say it to him? Hemant says I don’t know what’s going on between you two. But one thing is for sure that a marriage isn’t a joke. The relation between a husband and wife is very pure. This is why I feel you must try once with all your heart before things go out of hand completely. This time it was your fault. You left him, his home and his family. Still don’t you feel that this time you should take the first step? She gets thinking.


Amit’s family is thinking to stay back for a few more days. Kirath asks Hemant if they are going to stay back too. Varsha asks about Amit. He will stop right? Fallu replies now it is only who Amu can stop him. Everything depends on her. Amu comes there running to meet Amit who comes there holding a bag in his hand. They look at each other sadly. She asks him if he is going. He tells her he has some work in Mumbai so has to go. She wishes him luck. She tells him to take care of himself. He nods. Amit starts walking towards his car while Amu stands there pulled by varied emotions. Just then, Mr. Lakhani comes there in a car with a few more men. He asks Amit as to where is he leaving. The property is still not vacant. Amit says I was leaving for Mumbai to talk to you about this matter only. Lakhani cannot understand as to what the problem is when all the paperwork is done plus the property is theirs too. If you cannot do it the right way then I know the other way too for which I have brought these men along with me (goons basically). I will vacate this place today only. Amit tells him to come aside so that they can talk alone. Lakhani is reluctant but agrees. Kirath doesn’t like this man. He has done business with us previously too. He is not going to agree so easily. Everyone watches worriedly as Amit and Lakhani discuss the matter. Lakhani comes back and leaves in his car. The kids have come out to by now. Amit goes to Amu who wants to know what decision they have come to. He tells her they haven’t agreed but I will talk to them. Due to some legal hassles I have to interfere. For a few days you will have to leave this place. Everyone is shocked.

Precap: Amu comes to thanks Amit for she knows that he is doing all this for her as he knows that she loves these kids a lot. But he tells her he is doing all this for himself. The kids have lost their home because of me. I don’t want to live with this burden. I have made a mistake and am trying to rectify that only.

Update Credit to: pooja

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