Amita Ka Amit 22nd July 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 22nd July 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 22nd July 2013 Written Update

Jiggi gifts Fallu a saree. She likes it. He comments that only she has the fashion sense like him. He wants to show her more gifts but she excuses herself as she needs to talk to Kajal. He agrees hearing Kajal’s name. She is a short staying guest while I am a long staying relative (lol…new English coaching lessons have begun 😉 ). She leaves.

Tina meets Fallu on the way to her room. Fallu notices her looking worried. Tina tells her not to ask her again and again as she wont be able to tell. She says tell me when you feel like. She is about to go meet Kajal when Tina stops her. She spills the beans how AA lied to her. I know how bad it feels when your own children lie to you. I still cannot get over what Rohan did with us. I haven’t forgiven him for the same. It hurts a lot. Kajal

came here after she had a fight with Atul. She wont go back till the issue gets sorted. Fallu is shocked.
Amit and Amita come there just then (this is called…calling for troubles 😛 ). Amit shares how their tension is relieved now. ammu can stay with Kajal while I can sleep with Jiggi. Its anyways a matter of a few days. Fallu questions about Jiggi. Would he not be bothered? Amit declines. He is after all our family. plus, Kajal will go back in 2-3 days. Fallu gets super pissed off. Do you think if you wont tell the truth to me then I would not know it? I know Kajal has had a fight with Atul and would stay here only. The problem is Amit that you lied to me. Tell me why you lied to me AA? Ammu says we dint want to but…Amit says, she was about to tell you but I only lied to you as you would get worried (this is called adding fuel to the fire). Fallu points out that he might be lying again. At least Ammu could have told me. tina tells her not to think so much. The kids must have thought of something. Fallu disagrees. If they would have thought then they would have understood well that relations become weak after staying far from each other. If you feel you are doing right for Kajal then you both have gone nuts.

Ammu gets Hemant’s call. Fallu takes the phone from her shocking all of them. She assures him not to worry about Kajal. She hands over the phone to Ammu and leaves after glaring at her. Tina too leaves after her. ammu assures her dad that Fallu is ok with Kajal being here at Shah House. It is only a matter of few days. Kajal will be back soon. Assured, he disconnects the call.

Fallu is in her room when Ammu knocks. She tells her to close the door after her and come inside. Ammu obliges. She apologizes to her mummy ji. I know I should have taken permission from you before bringing Kajal over. I know you are upset. Fallu retorts she isn’t upset over Kajal but the condition in which she came here. Every house has rules / obligations. Till date I haven’t taken any decision without asking Baa or Ma. It is called giving respect to them. Another rule here is that we don’t let the guest feel any problem. I want you not to repeat this mistake ever. Ammu nods back. Fallu asks when she is leaving. Ammu answers in 2 days. We will get things sorted in these 2 days only. Fallu asks for her word. She should go from here after 2 days (and your time starts now…tic toc tic toc 😛 ). Ammu agrees though is tensed.

Ammu and Kajal in Ammu’s room. She asks if Fallu is upset. Ammu comforts her. kajal compliments her on being lucky in getting such in-laws (you too are dear…change your perspective). Amit is good no doubt plus your mother-in-law is best as she has no problem with me staying over. She could as well have said that as Jiggi is here then Kajal can be asked to come after a week or so but she dint (bang on!). ammu diverts her indicating her the cupboard where she can keep the clothes.
Amit knocks. I want my clothes. Kajal goes to freshen up. Ammu offers to get the clothes for him. amit too tries to help her but their hands touch and they get into a cute romantic eye lock. He takes her hand in his and they both smile. Kajal calls out to Ammu asking for face wash. Ammu tells her where it is. Ammu gets upset blaming herself for everything. Amit reasons out. Why do you always take the blame of everything on yourself? (Our point 😉 ) It looks similar to some tv serials where the protagonist takes the whole blame of everything wrong going on in the world – like Main Tulsi Tere Aangan Ki (lol). At least their fight has not been because of you? She nods no. and Main Tulsi Tere Aangan Ki is the name of an old movie not some serial. He asks about Fallu. Ammu tells him I apologized but she still seemed angry. We should get things sorted in 2 days time. Amit assures her they will have to ( 😉 ). Kajal watches them from behind. You can talk openly. I will go out for some time. Amit stops her. I came here to ask what food would you like to have (such a host I tell you 🙂 ). She asks him if her staying over isn’t creating a problem for them (I want you to go…we want the AA romance 😛 ). Amit praises Jiggi. I like his company plus anyways its just about a few days. He leaves with his clothes while Ammu smiles.


Everyone is seated at the dining table when Amit too comes there. I can tell from the fragrance that ma has cooked food today. she replies very curtly to him. It has been ordered from outside. Ammu notices her mummy ji’s mood while Amit again attempts to get things better with his mummy. I will sit beside ma today. She stops him saying Jiggi will be sitting here. Amit gets up. He asks Ammu if someone is sitting alongside her too. She sweetly gestures saying no. fallu taunts her son’s sense of humour (he is at least trying to…you too should try). Kajal comes there apologizing for coming late. She sits on the chair meant for JIggi when Ammu points out the same to her. fallu tells her to sit. Amit gets up to get more chairs when Fallu tells her Tina wouldn’t be joining them for dinner so Jiggi can sit at her place. JIggi comes there talking to someone on phone about meeting Shraddha as she lives nearby. Ammu asks about the girl with whom he is planning to jog early morning. Jiggi tells her it is Shraddha Kapoor of Aashiqui 2 fame. Rohan points out that she doesn’t live here when Jiggi comments that they don’t focus ( 😛 ). I have addresses of all the large heroines (lol….large 😛 ). Everyone wonders about large when Jiggi corrects them…big! Right then, Tina comes for dinner. I am sorry I thought I wont have dinner but the fragrance brought me here (wicked!) Ria questions her about not being hungry. Tina answers her trying to signal her (jahan drama wahan Tina aunty uff!). Now everyone is wondering where Jiggi would sit. Kajal suggests her place when he assures her that he would enjoy food at sofa only. Though Fallu and AA are in contemplating mood.


Amit is messaging Ammu when JIggi takes his phone. Your marriage has happened till when you will look at bhabhi. There are other fishes in the pond too (ahaan…lover boy). Amit tells him to focus on the work which he has come for. jiggi smiles. Work is just a tag for coming to Mumbai. I have come here for fun and to meet Mumbai girls. Keep this secret PRESSED in your heart (he he he…pressed). amit gets confused and our Jiggi explains. Amit agrees to keep it pressed and leaves to meet Ammu.

Kajal sits on the bed upset. Atul hasn’t even called me yet. You look busy will talk tomorrow. ammu keeps the phone aside. Now there wont be anymore messages….just when it beeps ( 😛 ). Atul too must be feeling the same way like you. He too would be thinking that you would call first. Kajal points out she only called the last time as well. Ammu says, big deal. Atul is anyways stupid but you know he has a big heart. Kajal dials Atul’s number when Ammu quietly leave to meet Amit closing the door of her room quietly behind her. AA meet each other and are surprised. Ammu asks if he was missing her. He denies (you look cute when you lie). I was just going to the washroom. Ammu sweetly says, its weird. I am here since months yet I dint knew of any secret washroom. They both smile at each other. He asks her if Kajal is talking with Atul. Ammu is happy that things will get better now. they hi5 each other just when they hear Kajal shouting at Atul not to talk to her again. You neither understood me before and nor would ever do. Ammu rushes off to support Kajal while Amit stands helpless.

Kajal is crying. Ammu comforts her. I told you he will never change. Don’t ask me call him again. Ammu recalls her promise to her mummy ji (2 days!) and epi ends on her tensed face.

Precap: Amit tells Ammu to get Kajal out somehow while he will bring Atul and they can make them talk to each other. Everything will be solved that way. AA and Kajal, Atul are in a restaurant. Atul leaves in a huff while Amit tries to stop him. Kajal cries in Ammu arms. I wont go back to that house ever. AA look at each other.

Update Credit to: pooja

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