Amita Ka Amit 22nd February 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 22nd February 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 22nd February 2013 Written Update

Amit has a dream girl!! the news leaves dadi,nani and falguni in a state of shock. Amita apologizes to Snehal. Snehal instantly puts her at ease and also let’s the prized information out of the bag,Amit and she are not meant to be together.

Poor Amita is shocked and simultaneously stricken by the Misunderstanding fever like Snehal…Amita blames herself for the broken alliance as she is sure the glue prank that her friends played has surmounted to it.

Snehal on the other hand speaks on a different tangent ..she leaves hints to Amita that she understands the undercurrents ( nonexistent by the way) in the relationship of Amit and Amita… It was a classic case of lost in translation conversation.. each of them talking on a subject which the other had no clue and was drawing

the wrong conclusions… Before Snehal has a chance to spell out that she is aware of Amit having a soft corner for Amita… Amit drops in suddenly like a comic book hero and escorts Snehal to her car thereby clipping the conversation…

Snehal still encrusted in her land of misunderstanding tells Amit she did not let out in black and white Amit’s soft corner for Amita . As she knows he would prefer telling Amita himself… She even offers a helping hand of sending romantic video links to help Amit in the task… Amit bears the torturous conversation for the sake of his pride in front of Snehal… Kya se kya sehna pada humein Snehal tere pyar mein…(I am sure if Amit could sing he would hum this)

Phalguni’s building castles in the air regarding Snehal as Amit’s wife face an ouch moment when her friends come by to see her beautiful DIL in the engagement function.. She is unable to flaunt Snehal and on top of it Amit informs her of leaving the function midway to go home… Don’t mess with your mom lesson is up for Amit…

In the meanwhile a saddened and guilt ridden Amita too decides of returning home instead of staying back with her friends at Preeti’s residence. She shares the news of Amit’s break up with Snehal with them before leaving.

At home away from the world Amit unsuccessfully types away on his laptop trying to get Snehal out of his head…

Amita takes refuge in her dadi’s lap ..Her sadness is noticed by her dad. At his and the prodding of other family members Amita shares that Amit’s break up was due to her intervention of saving Amit from the glue prank .Amita’s grand father derives satisfaction from the fact that Amit too is back to the status quo of searching for a bride…As usual he tries to get Amita to drop her rejection for her ex suitor Amit without much success .Amita’s parents assure her that a proposal for marriage cannot go sour on such a puny issue and there is a bigger factor at play. They tell Amita to stop blaming herself..

Phalguni annoyed with the proceedings at the engagement ceremony tries to know the reason for Amit’s refusal of Snehal. She tries to elicit info about the mysterious girl Snehal mentioned to no avail.

Amit adamantly maintains the stance of no compatibility hiding the fact that he had been rejected by the girl he desired. Pride and ego get the better of him and he refuses to share the truth and forbades his mother to speak to Rujuta(snehal’s mom ) regarding the same…

Preeti,Aarti and Amita are at Sanjay’s residence enjoying the macaroni cooked by him..Amita shares the Snehal-Amit incident with him in the hope of getting to know if there is another matter at play for the break up…Sanjay tells her that Amit is a recluse and he only shares his thoughts if he deems fit adding that he generally visit Sanjay when upset. Noticing Amita’s discomfort at the news Sanjay informs her that Amit never visits him without a prior intimation.

The conversation is interrupted by the arrival of Phalguni . She had been informed earlier by Snehal’s mom that Amit refused the alliance because of his girlfriend Amita. (I couldnot fathom why Snehal didnot mention to her mom, that the not agreeing to go further with the marital alliance was a mutual decision between her and Amit. She too had a guy in her life.. )

Phalguni point blank inquires about Amita’s relationship with Amit .Amita vehemently denies the fact but simultaneously adds her prior info that Snehal’s proposal for marraige with Amit went kaput..In her bumbling manner she tries to add that she wanted to set things right…

Phalguni is extremely annoyed at Amita’s demeanor .The confusing replies further ingrains the fact that Amit and Amita indeed have something going on between them. Amit unable to concentrate in office comes to meet Sanjay and is confronted with Amita’s girl pals and his mom.. The misunderstanding deepens its root in Phalguni’s mind that Amit had come to Sanjay’s house for a clandestine meeting with Amita…

The hero,heroine and villain of the episode today was Mr.MU or misunderstanding…he made sure that Amit is tied to Amita instead of Snehal…Will the MU bring about a fresh proposal from Amit’s family for Amita? To know keep watching Amita ka Amit next week…

Update Credit to: sunshine99

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