Amita Ka Amit 21st October 2013 Written Episode Update


Amita Ka Amit 21st October 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 21st October 2013 Written Update

Amit tells his family members how they will have to switch on the geyser an hour in advance in case they want to take bath. Food is available in the mess where all the kids eat too. Rest I am going outside if I am going out, in case you need something, do tell me. Fallu asks him if he is going to buy cornflakes for Rohan. He recalls what all Amu had told him. So you are spying on me? Nani affirms. But what are you doing and for whom? Fallu points out he has never bought cornflakes for Rohan earlier then why now. Nani says you are doing it for Amu has told him to. You still follow what she says then this means you still have feelings for her. Fallu adds you guys act as if you are strangers when you come face to face.

Hemant and Varsha are trying to make Amu understand the same

thing. Amit is your husband. Amu cuts him off. Everything is over. He is not that Amit with whom I got married and fell in love. Amit says she (Amu) only thinks about herself. She can go to any length to make people agree to whatever she wants. Amu says he lacks heart. Amit wonders what she is so proud of. Amu calls him stubborn. Amit says I cannot tolerate Amu for even a minute. Amu too doesn’t want to talk about him. They both walk out of their respective rooms and come face to face but then go on their separate ways.

Both the families discuss everything. Nani says I thought they had grown up. We will have to think of something now. Varsha and everyone are confused. They don’t even want to see each other’s faces. Kirath says I feel that the orphanage is behind all this fight and maybe this only is the answer to it too. The kids outside are shouting and enjoying. Rohan asks Kirath if he is thinking the same.

Kirath goes out and catches hold of the ball. The kids come running to him asking for the ball. He starts instigating them and they put up their best to outsmart him. The kids are sure they wont take much time in winning over him. Rohan comes there adding fuel to the fire. They are kids they will be out in 2 minutes. The kids start challenging them to show it. Amu comes there and shushes them down. Is this how you talk to elders? Apologize! Amit too joins them by now. He cannot believe his father could get into something like this with these kids. Rohan agrees for the match. Amit still cannot understand it. Anyways do whatever you want to I am going to court. Amu tells him to go. I am not scared of you. He too affirms he isn’t warning her in any way. I was talking to Rohan not you. They get into a verbal duel but Kirath interrupts. I have a solution for you. Rohan has already announced the match. Amita and the kids will be in one team while I, Rohan and Amit will be in the other team. Whoever wins the match will get the orphanage. Amu likes the idea whereas Amit calls it rubbish. The kids ask him if he got scared. Amit reminds them of the story whereas they give him tit for tat reminding him of the itching powder in his shirt. They have the upper hand. Amu teasingly tells them to be quiet as uncle is feeling bad. Amit agrees for the match. The kids are sure this place will be theirs only.

Both the teams are ready for the match. A kid points out at Amu that her parents are standing in Amit’s (khadus’s) team. Why so? Kirath replies as we have lesser players. Plus stop calling Amit khadus. The girl calls him a magician. He can hear anything and everything. Amit interrupts…if you have to talk amongst yourselves then do it after the match. I have a lot to do. Amu says we will be winners then. Show this attitude to someone else as I have my own lot too. Amit says start valuing time too maybe it will help you. She too tells him to be a little gentle then it might help him too. Nani tells them to go for the toss. Father throws the coin in air. Amu wins the toss. She decides to bat first. Baa is the referee. Amu isn’t able to hit the first 2 balls. The other batsman (kid) comes and whispers something in her ears. She looks at Amit determinedly.


Amu hits the next ball for a sixer. She hits a few more sixes and then her wicket is down. The game continues. Amu’s team has made a total of 65 runs. Father announces that Amit’s team will have to make 66 runs so as to win.

Kirath and Hemant decide to bat first. Rohan hits many sixes which troubles Amu somewhat. Amit is the last one to bat. Amu boosts the kids as they set to bowl out Amit. Amu decides to ball.


Amit bats well. Father announces that this is the last ball of the match and Amit needs to hit a six if he has to win. Amit and Rohan discuss their strategy. Amu tells the kid (who is fielding) to be very careful. If we lose, we will lose this orphanage.

Varsha says I am praying that we lose the match and we all go back home. Kirath nods. But this Amit is acting like a fool. He doesn’t understand if he wins it he will lose everything. The kid prays that the ball gets heavy so that khadus uncle (Amit) isn’t able to hit it for a six. Everyone prays and watches with bated breath as the kid bowls the last ball. Amit throws it high in the sky. There is a kid named Bittu standing there who is trying to catch hold of the ball. He gets hurt on the head on the steps. Everyone rush towards him. Amit is the first one to reach there followed by everyone else.

AA take Bittu in the car towards the hospital. Amit keeps boosting Bittu’s morale all the while. Amit rues it is all because of me that Bittu is in this state. He is in this state because of me. I shouldn’t have agreed to play. He asks for the punishment but if anything happens to Bittu then I wont be able to take it. Amu is moved to see his state. Amu assures him Bittu will be fine. Life has tested him since his childhood and he has passed every exam. For him home represents this orphanage. He has been in this orphanage since he was a kid. We don’t even know who his parents are. AA assure Bittu nothing will be fine. Amit applauds Bittu for the way he plays cricket. You play it better than me. You should be a cricketer when you grow up. Amu gets emotional.

Precap: Amit is leaving. He tells Amu he has some work in Mumbai so has to go. She tells him to take care of himself. He too tells her to do that. Amit starts walking towards his car while Amu stands there pulled by varied emotions.

Update Credit to: pooja

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