Amita Ka Amit 21st January 2013 Written Episode Update


Amita Ka Amit 21st January 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 21st January 2013 Written Update

– Amita reaches at Preeti’s house where all three of her friend’s are chit-chatting and planning Amita-Suraj’s honeymoon. Amita becomes mad seeing them together and asks them the reason of not coming to the picnic. All three of them are shocked to see her there and explains her the reason. Then, Amita excitedly starts giving details about the picnic when they ask her. She tells them she’s scared to go home now.

– Back to Amita’s house, her mom is telling her dad that he shouldn’t have left Amita all alone with Suraj. While they are still arguing to each other, Amita gets home. She’s really scared and nervous.Her voice is shaking and her dad yells at her and wants to know why her friends cancelled the plan. They are shocked to know that Amita had coffee with Suraj before without telling them. Her dad is super angry while her mom tries to calm him down, Amita is crying badly and keeps saying sorry. She tells her parents about Suraj’s invitation about the lunch tomorrow with her friends. He’s surprised to know that they are going to meet again for lunch tomorrow. Amita tells him she never met him alone. He calms down a bit and asks her to sit down. He ask Amita if she likes Suraj, her mom tries to interrupt but her dad stops her and ask her again if its a yes or a no. Amita starts crying while looking down, her dad understands its a yes so he tells her to go to her room.

– At night, her parents are discussing about Suraj and Amita’s alliance where her mom tries to stop her dad saying may be its too early. Her dad is so happy and looks a Amita’s picture on his mobile and kisses it.(awww sooo cute)

– Amita’s room, she’s sitting on bed all sad and depressed when her dad enters. She tells him sorry again and almost crying Her dad is regretting for shouting on her. Both hug and patch up , he allows her to go to lunch tomorrow. Now all friends are on phone together and are discussing about her marriage. Amita’s is scared about this marriage thing.

– In the morning, Amita and her dad are having breakfast, She leaves the table when Preeti calls. Amita is smiling while getting ready, on the other hand Suraj is getting ready and looks happy. Meanwhile Amita’s dad leaves for Suraj’s house. Back to Amita’s house, her mom is restless and going back and forth.

– Amita’s friends reach at the restaurant, they start teasing her. Amita gets a call from her mom who tells her that her dad went to Suraj’s house to talk about their marriage. Amita is shocked to know it and ask her why she didn’t stop him.

– Suraj says hi to Amita and starts checking out Preeti. Amita tries to send away her friends so that she can talk to Suraj and tell him about her dad but she couldn’t speak a word. Finally, Suraj ask her friends to give them a minute alone so that he can discuss something important with Amita.

– Back to Suraj’s house, both dads are just discussing about usual stuff and old days. In the meanwhile, Amita is trying to tell Suraj that she likes him but she’s finding it hard. Suraj tells her, he also needs to tell her something but you go ahead first. Amita tries it a lot but after sometime she tells Suraj to say it coz it might be easier for him. Suraj tells her to get ready coz you might be shocked to find out about it and i wanted to tell you this from so long poor Amita starts blushing Amita is waiting, suddenly he starts looking at Preeti and says I love your friend Preeti very much. Her smile disappears and she’s shocked to know it.

– Amita’s dad still trying to talk to Suraj’s dad on the other hand, Suraj seeks Amita’s help. Amita is trying to smile while Suraj is talking about Preeti.(i really feel like he used poor Amita, he was neva clear) Suddenly Amita remembers her dad went to Suraj’s house so she excuses herself from Suraj to make a call.

– She goes to the washroom, she’s crying really badly while controlling her tears, she tries to call her dad. Her dad disconnects her call at first but then takes it when she calls again. She tells him not talk to Suraj’s dad about their alliance When her dad ask her the reason, she says ‘kanha ji ki kasam’ and cuts the call. Amita starts crying loudly (i feel so bad for her) and starts remembering all the moments she spent with Suraj. She’s crying non-stop sitting in the washroom.

– Finally, Amita’s friends notice Suraj is standing alone and Amita is missing. Suraj and two of her friends goes to the restaurant while Preeti goes to look for Amita. Preeti tells her to come out, Amita tries to fix her make-up while crying. Amita comes out and Preeti tells her she also wants a boy like Suraj. Preeti ask her if she told Suraj that she likes him while removing her extra make-up from her face. When Amita says no, Preeti teasingly ask her if she should go and tell him ‘i love you Suraj’ from her side. Episode ends on Amita;s sad face.

PRECAP:- Amita’s friends ask her what did Suraj say while she’s eating. Suraj tells Amita next time we meet, u tell what u wanted to say. At home, Amita’s dad asking her why did she stop him and Amita’s mom ask her why, what happened. It looks like she’s about to cry.

Update Credit to: mehak30

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