Amita Ka Amit 21st February 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 21st February 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 21st February 2013 Written Update

Amit and Snehal meet and and are about to engage in conversation.As Amit prepares to sit on the chair which has glue stuck on it by Aarti and Kajal.. in rushes Amita preventing the same… Amita lands up in Amit’s arms and colddrink spills on Snehal’s saree…

Amit is furious and blasts Amita though Snehal takes it sportingly as an unfortunate accident.. Amita’s friends try to intervene but are not allowed to do so by Amit. Amit and Snehal leave the place. Amita is very annoyed at her friends as the practical joke had hurt someone’s feelings..Her friends try to manao her but she is not in a mood to listen and proceeds to apologize to Amit. Aarti cautions her against doing so as Amit will further insult her.

Amit and Snehal have a cute chit chat before she enters

the washroom and Amit’s falling for Snehal continues unabated .. As Amit waits for her with a smile ,Amit once again reaches there and tries to enter the washroom to help out Snehal..

Amit’s anger again gets the better of him and he gives a piece of his mind to Amita.. Amita tries to explain that she was trying to prevent Amit becoming a victim of the prank that was to be played with the glue.

Amit refuses to believe her and demands to know who wanted to carry it out..Amita the good natured soul cannot bring herself to implicate her friends.She says sorry again..Amit retariates his desire to not interact wth Amita ever and Aarti who had arrived on the spot tells that same is the case with Amita..

Amit and Snehal leave to carry on with their conversation. Amita too leaves angered at Aarti’s smile. The realization had not dawned on Arti that the thin line of not hurting anyone with a prank had been crossed.

Amita’s friends realizing her hurt cheer up their dhakan livewire and soon the lovely smile is back on Amita’s face.

Amit Mr. Nice Guy, a perfect husband material but not the right guy for Snehal…

Snehal tells Amit he is a perfect gentleman.. a guy with whom it is very easy to discuss matters..but the chemistry of instant connection is missing between them.. Snehal has a special someone in her life called rajeev. She met Amit at her mother’s instance.To give this proposal a fair chance. In the course of her meeting with Amit she understood that Rajeev is indeed the perfect guy for her…

Amit is shocked but manages to mask his dissappointment. The talk over coffee creates a MU in the mind of Snehal that Amit too has some one in his life and the girl is none other than Amita. Amit is always tongue-tied in front of Snehal and it is of no surprise that he fails to break this false notion in front of her.

Snehal is impressed on Amit’s mature handling of the situation. Both part and Amit’s dreams of a happy life with Snehal shatters.. His perfect girl did not find him perfct.. The smile from his face dissapears as Snehal returns back to the wedding congregation.

Snehal informs Amit’s mom and Nani that she is not the girl for Amit. Amita is the girl that Amit considers as His dream girl…The news leaves them shell shocked.

Amit’s Nani in the meanwhile chances upon Amita with her grandfather and tries to awkwardly engage in a conversation with the intent of apologizing for Amit’s refusal of Amita’s alliance.. Amita’s dad butts in the nick of time and averts the truth being spilled in front of his father and daughter…

Precap: Snehal informs Amit that she has told Amita of her being the girl he desires..Phalguni confronts Amit on the fact that he has rejectedSnehal for another girl…

Update Credit to: sunshine99

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